[Proposal] NounsDAO X The NFT Yearbook - We'd love to hear your feedback!

Hey frens,
Super excited to present this to you today, can’t wait to read your feedback. Huge thanks in advance to Nouns for taking the time to read & comment on our proposal.


:arrow_right: The NFT Yearbook is a 3D digital readable that comes with a physical 420-page, 6.9 lbs coffee table book featuring over 550 artists, collectors, founders, creators, and the community, including many Nouns.

Over the last year, we have reached over 750 hrs of recorded interviews, chronicling the web3 narrative from the eyes of those building it.

The book was co-written and co-curated by the community. Each interviewee nominated other participants for the book, focusing on diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

We added blank content spaces in the YB as rarity traits, for random NFT holders to be included in the final version of the book (digital and physical).

:arrow_right: We gave all artists a chance to profit from the project by creating a 1:1 cover for the book. These covers are being auctioned on SuperRare and 100% of the profits go back to the artists.

The 1/1 sales have reached 54Ξ in a month and a half. Moreover, 3 artists were invited to SR thanks to the NFT Yearbook.

:arrow_right: Our main collection of NFT Yearbooks is on OpenSea and we have sold 1273 so far out of the 3000 total units in the collection.

:arrow_right: The NFT Yearbook was already collected by libraries at Harvard University/HBS and the books will be placed in their permanent archives. That would place NounsDAO in two of the most meaningful libraries in the world, for the culture.

The proposal:

:arrow_right: Add the NounsDAO logo to the inner back cover of all the NFT Yearbooks - digital and physical ( print run of up to 3,000 units, and 75 1/1’s ) as core contributors to the NFT Yearbook with a paragraph about the DAO, and add a full page describing NounsDAO and key funded votes.

:arrow_right: Create a limited edition NFT Yearbook custom Nouns cover, as part of the 3,000 collection, exclusively for Nouns holders.

:arrow_right: Place 2 copies of the NounsDAO limited edition cover in the
libraries at Harvard University.

:arrow_right: Create & hold on to 5 additional NounsDAO limited edition covers to be placed in other major libraries/archives ( will be held as a separate vote ).

:arrow_right: Airdrop to all Noun holders the limited edition 3D NFT Yearbooks to NounsDAO members (1 NFTYB for each 1 Noun), which will include a physical 6.9 lbs coffee table book claim, with the limited edition cover. Shipping and taxes are included. Based on snapshot/wallet addresses to be provided 24h after the approval.

:arrow_right: In addition to receiving the Yearbook, all holders will also have the same chance of getting a blank space in the book and be able to send in their content (even more Nouns, baby!) in the final book (digital and physical).

:arrow_right: The NFT Yearbook will commission an artist from a developing country to create 2 optional versions of the limited edition cover, which will be brought to the DAO to choose/vote on.

:arrow_right: Create digital 3d readable NFTs for all NounsDAO book-related projects, current and future.

:arrow_right: Create “The Noun Yearbook” as a 3D NFT. We will create a portal where each Noun will upload their own content and images, we will offer 3 designs to choose from, or to upload a custom design. The holder will be able to purchase a hardcover for a reasonable fee, though it won’t be mandatory. This, in addition to all our NFT books, will have various compatibilities in the future such as gallery display, VR and AR.

0.1195 Ξ (public price book) * 670 Books
3 Ξ Commissioned cover

83.065 Ξ Total

About The NFT Yearbook - Digital & Physical
Public Price: 0.1195 Ξ

  • The NFT includes a future physical book claim (end of Q2).
  • NO taxes or shipping to be added.

Do you remember your 9th-grade classmates?
Probably not all of them. Time flies by, especially in the NFT space, and we figured that we’d want to connect with the memories we’re experiencing now, in the future. That’s why we’re co-creating the first-ever record of this space as an NFT and IRL physical copy, with the community.

:writing_hand: The creation process
First and foremost, this is 100% bootstrapped project. We are a team of 6 including
a writer, designer, production manager and 3 Co-founders. We have self funded the project up till mint.

We’ve spent the last year interviewing and collecting stories from the most amazing contributors to this space. Artists, collectors, shit posters, builders and prominent community members…including many Nouns.

We have over 750 hrs (!!!) of recorded interviews to date, from over 550 participants, chronicling the web3 narrative from the eyes of those building it. All of this amazing content is already being written for the book, secured to the blockchain, and can be read online or in the beautiful high end coffee table book that comes with it.

In true web3 fashion, the book was co-curated by the community. Each interviewee nominated other participants for the book, creating a democratic way of populating the book with amazing stories, while focusing on diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

:closed_book: Interactive 3D NFT Book
:closed_book: Physical copy claim
:closed_book: 420 pages
:closed_book: 6.9 pounds
:closed_book: Blank spaces for the community
:closed_book: Metaverse Publishing Genesis Token
:closed_book: 75 1:1 Artist Covers
:closed_book: Public price: 0.1195 Ξ

In addition to hundreds of pages of art, interviews, education, a memorial section for the artists and builders that left us too early, and more, we allocated blank content spaces in the Yearbook.

These blank spaces are scattered throughout the book, most being the size of a yearbook quote + pic, while some are paragraphs, half-pages, and even a full-page blank space.

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: We Want YOU in the book too!
These are rarity traits for random NFT holders! After the mint, whoever has a blank space will be able to send NFTYB their own content to be published in the digital and printed in the physical editions.

:art: SUPPORTING THE ARTISTS - The NFTYB 1/1 covers.
54 Ξ sales - all went back to the artists

The Yearbook gives all artists in the book the chance to profit directly from the project.
To do that, we formed a partnership with SuperRare and got our own page on SR.
All artists in the Yearbook were able to make a 1:1 cover (digital and physical), which will be auctioned off on the NFTYB SR profile, with 100% of sales going to the artists.
→ 75 covers
→ 32 collectors
→ 3 artists invited to SR
→ 53 Ξ in sales
→ 100% of profits given to the artists
→ 100% of the cost (3d design, render, gas fees, etc.) paid by the NFT Yearbook.

Dariush cover
1/1 NFT Yearbook Cover by Dariush

:pen: Autographs (NFTs)
Collect token-gated autograph NFTs from your favorite artist/creator and increase the rarity of your digital book. We believe the artists of today will be the Picasso’s of tomorrow and someday these autographs will be valuable.

:package: When do I get the physical copy?

  • The NFT book will reveal after the blank content traits content submission will end.
  • The claim for the physical book will start in Q2 2023

The Team
The book is created and published by Metaverse Publishing, a new web3 company lead by co-founders @CryptoForager, ex head of innovation at the Bank of Montreal, and @CryptoDashi who comes with a 10 year experience in e-Commerce entrepreneurship and DTC experiences creation.
Both been degening since 2017 :metal:

The third co-founder of Metaverse publishing is a storied IRL coffee table book publisher with 30-years of experience and 300+ physical coffee table books produced, printed and shipped globally -Global Village Publishing.

Metaverse Publishing
The NFT Yearbook is our first step, our contribution to this space.
This unique web3 + in-house IRL publishing capability positions Metaverse Publishing to create some real dope sh**, and it all starts with The NFT Yearbook.

Vision & Mission Statement:
Preserving written history by publishing books as NTFs, while building products for web3 based communities and implementing our proprietary tools to publish and empower the next generation of creators in web3, including you.


The Method

→ DAO to approve the proposal.

→ A snapshot of current holders will be created immediately after the approval of the proposal.

→ Based on the snapshot, 665 3D NFT Yearbooks will be airdropped, with a placeholder cover.

→ Holders of the 3D NFT Yearbook will have the same 1:5 chance all NFTYB holders have, of receiving a blank content space trait. The blank content space traits will reveal March 7th.

→ Within 3 weeks from the proposal, the 2 versions of the limited edition cover will be brought to be voted on by the DAO.

→ The limited edition cover will reveal with the rest of the book reveal, scheduled for 3-4 weeks after the blank spaces traits reveal.

→ Hodlers will be able to claim the physical copy of the limited edition cover at the end of Q2.

→ Within 3 weeks from the proposal, The Nouns Yearbook portal will open and the hardcover dimensions, with the different prices, will be presented to be voted on by the DAO.

The Impact

→ Spreading the love: Nouns logo will enter up to 3,075 new homes, worldwide.

→ Nouns go to Harvard Business School, forever!
The NFTYB was collected by 2 libraries in Harvard Business School and once printed, will be stored in Baker Library and the main Harvard library on campus. Plus, we will reserve 5 additional units to be collected by future libraries/archives.

→ Supporting the largest chronicling the NFT Space ever created, and contributing to the historical project.

→ Supporting an innovative bootstrapped web3 company, looking to path the way of publishing 3.0 and empower the next gen of creators on web3.

→ Create a new experience for past and future books supported by the DAO. We’re working on making all Metaverse Publishing books compatible in online galleries, VR and AR platforms, as well as metaverse platforms (for example, Deceentraland.

Distribution of the funds
3 ETH to commission a Nouns limited edition cover

0.1195 E per book (same as public price) to Metaverse Publishing, to produce and deliver the limited edition cover to all holders, including the 6.9lbs physical book claim, the worldwide shipping, and taxes.

Total of 83.065 ETH

The funds will be transferred to the Metaverse Publishing multisig Safe wallet.

Thank you for reading and considering our proposal!

Proposed Transaction
Transfer (83.065 ETH)

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Can’t wait to order one.

Thanks, Gili! If you’re a Noun holder and would like to help us sponsor, please feel free to DM our main twitter account.

Not a holder yet, too expensive, but happy to help if you need some design related assistance.
I’m working with my brother Yoni Alter, who is involved with some major publications project. Please check his website.
Thanks and good luck.
By the way, is Discourse is the only place you published your proposal?
Aren’t there better venues to get the attention of the nouns holders?