100 Days of Nouns (Coloring book)

Why Coloring Books?

  • It expands the current crypto native zone to a more mainstream audience.
  • All characters incentivize exploration, curiosity, or time for playing and learning.
  • Foster creativity and well-being, improve focus, and relieve stress.
  • Can create family bonding time if the activity is shared with relatives.
  • It makes co-creators, people who paint them will make their own version of the page.
  • Could prepare and draw the attention of the next generation of artists who want to make spin-offs based on Nouns.

A Coloring book series.

  • 30 days of Nouns (round 1, 2, 3).
  • 100 days of Nouns, a fourth book bundling up the past 3 versions plus the remaining nouns and bonus pages between all of them to divide the whole series inside the book and keep it organized.
  • 100 unique hand-drawn pages depicting the life of each Noun.

For the 30 days of Nouns, the project consists of 30 hand-drawn “mandalas” for a coloring book including 30 nouns per book plus a couple of bonus pages that can be painted as well. Additionally, each book will explain what NounsDAO is, what’s the main purpose of the community, and the goal of the organization.

Coloring pages examples

All pages are going to be free to download (high resolution .jpg format) from the main site of the collection I’m working on Nounsense.wtf

Physical Books:

A physical book will be developed to be printed on demand through Amazon and expand even further the public of Nouns. These physical books will be designed and packaged for convenience purposes (it could be gifted to friends and/or family members around the world, avoiding the hassle of printing all the pages and dealing with logistics by themselves).

Estimated delivery time:

I’m currently developing the whole series. The book cover is finished, I have done 3 final pages and the remaining 27 sketches of the first book + 5 sketches of the second book (Round 2).

Aside from the fact I’m working every day to finish the first 30 pages before the end of December, and just edit small parts of the book in early January, publish the first book at the end of the same month, and keep going with the development of the series to publish them on time.

This is the publishing schedule:

Funds Requested

  • The total amount for the project is 22Ξ
  • Every book will require 6.5Ξ (Except the 100 pages version: 2.5Ξ)
  • 0.2Ξ per coloring page + 0.4Ξ for the cover and bonus pages.
  • 0.1Ξ for design, formatting and editing.

Who’s Messhup?

I’m a Graphic Designer / Illustrator. I’ve collaborated with brands like Adidas UK, ExxonMobil, Penguin Random House, and Goliath Games in the past 6 years of my career.

I’ve collaborated with amazing people in web3 like Noadz, CreatureToadz and of course NounsDAO.

I’m currently developing 10 coloring pages for NounsDAO, and the community is enjoying each one of them so far (I’m really happy about that). In there I’m trying to make snapshots of how some Nouns live their lives, expand the brand in their own universe, and make entertaining stories for people who want to paint them. Those pages are completely free to download and you can see them here: LINK

At last but not least, I have to thank Noun22 for all the amazing support, help, and guidance on this! I’m always open to community feedback, thanks for taking the time to read this, Cheers!


Awesome! We have all been blown away by the coloring book pages you have been sharing with us over the last month or two, and I wholeheartedly support this proposal


Thanks so much! I deeply appreciate all the help and guidance you gave me so far. 🙇‍♂️

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Just created this Discourse account and definitely plan on participating here.

What led me here was I saw messhup’s link on Discord. I will just say that I have worked with him on 1 collab (the coloring contest for the Noadz community) and it went incredibly well. The community had such a fun time coloring it, and even got their kids involved.

Seeing the coloring book pages that he’s been dropping on the Nouns discord has been incredible to see. I’m 100% behind this project!


Thank you sir! I really appreciate your support :fist_right: :fist_left:

I love it! Looking forward to it. Best of luck :muscle:

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LOVV Messhup & trust he(?) has a strong vision for this-
Had some general thoughts on dao selling stuff…

  1. I wonder if we could all put some thought into novel distribution mechanics/utility that may make proposals like this sing even more.
    A couple hastily conceived:
    -Auction 1 book a day, forawhile
    -use the book as proof of personhood (limit one QR-coded book per physical address/cc etc ). could be used in dao activities where sybil resistance is wanted… eg as a ticket to participate in Fomo

  2. Has anyone bought something from Amazon that they deeply value?

  3. As the DAO decides whether to sell a particular product, it can also be thought of as a new issuance just like secondary tokens, bonds, stipends etc & considered critically in terms of the net systemic effect. What utility are the buyers gaining? If the purpose is proliferation and not revenue, is it an option to distribute freely? Should we be focusing on a specific audience with the product (as with the studio one strategy)?

Notwithstanding, Messhup=theTRUTH, none of the above has to matter for this & I am a buyer of the book wherever

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Can personally vouch for kids who know nothing of Nouns responding positively to these pages. Used them at the eye exam events and went over really well. Can’t wait for these books.

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I’m not a Nuon owner (unfortunately) but this is a very cool proposal. if they are created I will definitely buy a couple

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Thanks! you are sharing a lot of good ideas here :smiley:
For those versions though, I have a low knowledge to make those kinds of technical improvements haha.
But I understand what’s your point, really appreciate your support! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Thanks Joshua! really loved how those pages came out! :slight_smile:

@169 Thanks so much! I appreciate the support :fire:

Looks amazing. Lots of ppl in web3 have families with young children. Would make a great drinking game too.

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