Nounsies: My First NFT for Families

Nouns remind us of a time when information was simpler. It was friendly and familiar.
We believe the strength of Nouns is broader than the native tech and builders, it is an approachable medium that should be utilized to reduce barriers to education and onboarding.

Below is a look at the full project scope.
This proposal seeks 20eth of funding for Phase 1

1. Project Overview

A Nouns Story & Activities book with the mission to educate children through Nouns and encourage creativity through interactive lessons. Each chapter will included storybook pages with narrated paintings, an activity page, and a coloring page. Their adventure comes full circle as they illustrate their own Noun NFT using the template and guided by the story and lessons of the book. Families can then mint a kid-drawn Noun for free - these will be airdropped on Ethereum.

This book will go-to-market at only the cost of printing, $3.65
The point is getting families engaged with Nouns, learn, be creative, and ultimately to join web3.


Omni-channel marketing campaigns will drive awareness and distribution:

  • Audiences will be hyper-segmented based on demo, behavioral curiosity, and intent.
  • Multi-variate testing that produces optimized adoption rates.
  • PR: Establish word-of-mouth propagation by providing free books to child education leaders, connectors, and children’s centers


With templates provided for children to create their own Nouns, families can collaborate to mint a kid-created Nouns NFT, for free, using our website’s tools.

All creations will be added to an interactive online gallery.

Parents and children will continue to explore Nouns in a digital gallery along with a beginner’s guide and web3 FAQ walking parents through the process to set up their first wallet to mint (for free) their child’s first NFT, the Noun they’ve just created.

Parents and children will explore Nouns in the gallery and become part of the Nounsies community.

2. Phases.

We’ll launch the full scope of Nounsies in 2 phases

This proposal is to approve 20eth for phase 1

P1 - Get book in front of kids (duration 2mos)


  • Complete book minus final paintings
  • 5 page finished sample book for test group
  • Parent surveys
  • Website

P2 - Full launch

~150eth (current eth)

  • Book distribution at cost
  • Companion website with wallet tutorials
  • Free mint enabled
  • 6 months marketing campaign
  • 1 year website and community support


Introduction of a new technology can be powerfully accomplished by developing legacy, driven by participation of children with the support of their parents.

Just as Sesame Street brought literacy to children, it also introduced and reinforced pro-learning values with family participation.

Now, it’s our turn with Nouns.


  • Beyond joining the Nouns community, kids learn social acceptance through creativity - there are no wrong ways to do it
  • Everyone is unique with their individual imagination and artwork that makes every creation special.
  • There’s always a new world you can see with just a different set of glasses.
  • Your art is one of a kind. it’s your showcase to share your work with your friends and the web3 community. Courage not necessary.

5. Project KPI’s

Our targets for the launch of the campaign are to reach:

  • 10M impressions in advertising and PR campaigns
  • 6mos of at-cost books delivered
  • 5,000 family-created Nounsie NFTs airdropped

Books sold at cost

= $3.65 / book

Minting = free airdrop, 5k mints in genesis collection, new collection with free mint / gas claims after.


RYGA - Creative Strategist

6+ years crypto enthusiast, degen, art collector, early SharkDao member, active NFT community member.

I have a varied background from molecular genetics to marketing, I’m a 501(c)(3) Co-founder… and another fun obsession is expedition-lead on some bar raising, continent-crossing, ultra endurance expeditions.

I’ve spearheaded this project after thinking about fun ways to educate and engage little ones with Nouns, my 10month old twins top of mind.

Most of the team has worked professionally together. We are not ‘hiring out’ but have run corporate brand and advertising campaigns, launched brands and built product and ecommerce websites together for 5 years.

Cactoid Labs - Solidity Devs +
CryptoCactiod and Lady Cactoid

Full Stack developer, specializing in Solidity, Machine Learning, APIs

Built Contracts and Full Stack Web3 for major artists: Justin Aversano, thr33som3s, Abana Music among others.

Deployed own contract on Nifty Gateway

Upcoming LACMA NFT Drop

Experience with Merkle Trees, ERC721A, 1155, L2s

12 years experiences working with metadata at scale

Built SAAS systems operating billions of api calls per month

Own 19 Chimpers including a Genesis.

Worked on major franchises with Disney

Daniel Cho - Digital Creative Technologist

Daniel specializes in accelerating digital growth and performance marketing, with a central focus in nascent industries. His clients include: The White House, MTV Rock the Vote, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Interscope Geffen A&M, Music Cube (K-Pop), Papa & Barkley, Cannacraft

Lara Lee - Children’s Artistic Development Specialist

BFA: School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
MFA: Art Center College of Art & Design
Faculty: Art Center College of Art & Design

Head of Curriculum, Vision21 Art & Design

Alexander Joo - Creative Producer

Alexander is the owner of award-winning design house, Alexander Joo Creative. Their focus is branding for up-and-coming industries like e-commerce and cannabis, and now crypto, web3 and NFTs. His list of clients include: Riot Blockchain, Animoca Brands, MADWorld, Godiva, Papa & Barkley, Cannacraft.

Art Director/ Illustrator. RIOT Blockchain: Branding & Design

Animoca Brands/MADWorld + X-FUERA/Jorge Lorenzo NFT: Marketing & Social Design

Godiva Chocolatier: Illustrator

Ken Campana - Illustration, Character Design
Cartoonist, professional work with Humongous Entertainment
Creating Noun cartoon art and final characters

Web Development - TAZ / echo&re




This is absolutely wonderful. Family activities is a perfect way to grow the future of this ecosystem and bring memorable experiences to young people that will last a lifetime. FOREVER.

Love this so much, great art work and prop

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Thank you Klim, totally how we are seeing this…memorable, positive and meaningful.
It’s also something we think we could continue building on in many ways.

If you or anyone has questions please let me know, some other team members around too =).

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Any interest or feedback on this proposal?
We’ve been doing some client work but would love to start work on the Nounsies! ty =).

There have been some attempts at similar ideas so it think that speaks to a general desire. Would love to see this team get the chance to make something great.