Small Grants: A project to send NFTs for GIF Nouns to Noun holder


I want to send a Noun animation NFT with the same pattern to Noun holders !
NounsGIF2 Nounstest
I would like you to support the gas fee for the issuance and transmission of NFTs in the Ethereum chain.


I am interested in sustainably enlivening the Noun community !
I think it is a long-term meaningful activity by continuously generating NFTs like Noun’s issuing system.

This is an interesting initiative for Noun holders and the Noun community.

  • Increase the loyalty you earn at Noun auctions.
  • Gives those who can’t afford the expensive Noun a chance to get an animated version of Noun.
  • It creates a send-type Noun fanfic movement for creators.

About Me

I’m a Japanese 24-year-old pixel artist.

As a result, we are producing the flag art of “My Crypto Heroes” and the original NFT “Cat Tail”.

image image




The work content is as follows.

  1. Get Noun pattern
  2. Create Animation creation
  3. Mint NFT
  4. Send to Noun holder

Get Noun Pattern

Get the pattern from Etherscan.


I am creating animations of all patterns based on the images acquired on [GitHub]
I’m using a pixel art app called Aseprite.

(nouns-monorepo/packages/nouns-assets at master · nounsDAO/nouns-monorepo · GitHub).
All patterns can be animated in April 2022.

Mint NFT & Send

I will utilize Chocofactory, a major Mint application in Japan.
I actually tested and sent Mint on the Ethereum mainnet.
Test Mint
Test Contract


If I just send an NFT, I’ll run out of money someday.
Make it sustainable by setting a 10%(plan) creator fee when buying and selling occurs.

Revenue is basically used as Gas Fee for GIF Noun project.
If I make a lot of money, I give some of it back to the Noun community and use it to expand Noun.
As the Noun community grows, so does the value of GIF Noun.


Probably in April 2022, the animation of all patterns will be completed.

At first already mint Noun will be sent a GIF Noun NFT to the holder.
After that, the auction winner will be sent a GIF Noun NFT every day.


I would like you to fund 1.5 ETH or more, including the increase and decrease of Gas Fee.
All are used as Gas Fee.

You can see the situation at 1.5ETH, or you can suddenly get full support with 3ETH.


I calculated based on the Gas Fee of Test Mint.
Test Mint

Gas Fee Data

  • gwei: about 30gwei
  • Contract Deploy: 0.00553052 ETH
  • 1NFT Fee: 0.00463583 ETH
    • 1NFT Mint: 0.00261069 ETH
    • 1NFT Send: 0.00202514 ETH

300NFT: Until May 2022

Contract Deploy + 300*(1NFT Fee) = 1.39627952 ETH

600NFT: Until January 2023

Contract Deploy + 600*(1NFT Fee) = 2.78702852 ETH


If I don’t get funding, I plan to send Polygon chain version of NFTs.

I love Nouns projects that involve non-Noun holders as well!
Please support me to expand Nouns together!

Thank you for reading!