Small Grants: A project to send NFTs for GIF Nouns to Noun holder

I want to send a GIF Noun with the same pattern to the Noun holder.
Nounstest NounsGIF2
I would like you to fund the required Gas Fee in the Ethereum chain.


I was attracted to the fun of the Nouns project and wanted to contribute.
The GIF Noun project is good for Nouns holders and the Nouns community.

  • Increase the loyalty you win in Nouns auctions.
  • Gives those who can’t own an expensive Noun a chance to buy an NFT like Noun.
  • Encourage creators to send-type Noun-derived projects.

About Me

I’m a 24-year-old Japanese pixel artist.

I drew the flag of MyCryptoHeroes and carried out an NFT project called Cat Tail.

image image



The specific work process is as follows.

  1. Get Noun pattern
  2. Animated Noun
  3. Mint NFT
  4. Send NFT to Noun holder

Get Noun pattern

Obtained from the Noun contract Etherscan.

Animated Noun

Animation for each part is prepared in advance.
Choose a combination of Noun patterns and you’re done.
All patterns will be completed in April 2022.

NFT Mint & Send

I use ChocoFactory, a major Mint app in Japan.
It is an NFT that was actually Test Mint.


If I just send an NFT, I will run out of money.

Sustainability is achieved by setting the creator income to 10%.
When GIF Noun is bought or sold, 10% goes into my wallet.

This will allow you to supplement the Gas Fee without funding.
I would like Funding to support the initial Gas Fee.


Animation of all patterns will be completed in April 2022.

First, send a GIF Noun to the Noun holder.
After that, we will send GIF Noun to Noun winners every day.


I would like to have a gas fee of 1.5 ETH or more.
You can see the situation at 1.5ETH, and I would appreciate it if you could provide long-term support with 3ETH.
All used as Ethereum Gas Fee.


  • Gwei: 32Gwei
  • Contract Deploy: 0.00553052 ETH
  • 1NFT Fee : 0.00463583 ETH
    • 1NFT Mint: 0.00261069 ETH
    • 1NFT Send: 0.00202514 ETH


Contract Deploy + 300*(1NFT Fee) = 1.390749 ETH
Until May 2022.


Contract Deploy + 600*(1NFT Fee) = 2.78702852 ETH
Until January 2023.


If I can’t get funding, use Polygon’s NFT.

I’m glad that the Nouns project was lively.
Thank you for reading.

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Hey moyashamo, the animations look great and they certainly deserve more love than they were given so far! Have you tried posting these in the Discord server? The Nouniverse channel would be the ideal place for them.

I noticed you have animated some of SharkDAO´s Nouns - you should definitely talk to their representatives, they have a curation program for acquiring artwork and might be interested :slight_smile:


Thank you so much maty!!! :blush:
I have already started a Noun GIF project! :pinched_fingers:

I posted in the past on the Nouniverse channel.
I hope it will be recognized by SharkDAO! :shark: