Proposal: Tooling/Educational Resources for Low Effort Nouns (LEN) Derivative Project

Greetings Nouners.

Proposal summary: Send 3.5 ETH ($11,000 USD at time of writing) from Nouns DAO treasury to Low Effort Nouns (LEN) Treasury, funds distributed as needed over 6 months for tooling/educational resources for LEN community members. This spend will benefit the Nouns in the end because it will enable a community dedicated to the Nouns to begin developing ideas.

Low Effort Nouns is a derivative project with low barrier to entry of .01 ETH. We support startup ethos and supporting small creators in their journeys.

Some art tools such as Photoshop, Web3 tools like Moralis, IPFS, Arweave have economic barriers to entry. Additionally, educational resources would benefit many budding creators. Low Effort Nouns Treasury can fund enterprise subscriptions to these products, getting lower costs and enabling our lesser known creators.

This would benefit Nouns DAO by engaging a large sub-ecosystem of creators to make work directly inspired by the Nouns. Low Effort Nouns are highly meme-able, and we expect high engagement through enabling our community members to build LEN comics, memes, art. We intend to become a sub-DAO at some point, owning one Noun and contributing to the community.

We would start with a Photoshop subscription for 5-10 users, and provide lessons in the tool and montioring if the tools are being utilized. We have documentation of users who are interested in this utility and basic training session. Based on community feedback, we will get further subscriptions to Web3 tools like storage options or online educational resources/training programs.

Please consider funding our journey!

Ken / WhaleGoddess#0517