Proposal: NFTitties, a Nouns fork! ⌐(.)-(.) - v2

Dear Nouners,

Last May, Sarah Meyohas posted about NFTitties, a Nouns fork with a mission to onboard more women into Web3 while raising funds and awareness to fight breast cancer (and all while celebrating art & boobs!). We took into account your feedback and worked hard behind the scenes to improve the project. Thanks to the incredible support and mentorship from some nouners, we are happy to share the final draft below, ready for on-chain submission. We would love your feedback!

Carlota, Founder, NFTitties

NFTitties (.)(.)

Executive Summary

NFTitties is a Nouns DAO fork with the vision to create a longstanding community for women within Web3. Anyone can participate by submitting a visual representation of breasts or by bidding to collect NFTitties.

One NFTitty is sold per day, with auctions lasting one year (with the possibility to extend, ideally in perpetuity). The proceeds of each sale are distributed fairly between the artist (30%), the project (30%), a breast cancer charity (30%) and a community treasury (10%). Additionally, the entirety of the 10% resale royalties will go to the community treasury.

The community treasury will aim to propogate the NFTitties meme and community. As an NFTitties holder, one can submit proposals and vote on how the funds from the community treasury are allocated.

We are currently looking for a 67 ETH investment to help expand the project for a year, including hiring a social media and community manager as well as expanding marketing efforts to receive a higher number of submissions and bidding. We are looking for a 40 ETH contribution from Nouns DAO.

Project Description

NFTitties was born out of a desire to combine three of the most exciting use cases of NFTs: 1) community building, 2) fundraising and 3) artistic creation.


Our vision is to create a community for women within the Web3 space through a celebration of art and breasts.


Our Mission is to:

  • Raise funds and awareness to fight against breast cancer, globally

  • Onboard women and artists into Web3 through a strong educational approach to participation

  • Advocate against the unfair nudity policy that exists in Web2 social media platforms today

Value Proposition

Value proposition for participating artists:

There are many reasons for an artist to participate in NFTitties:

  • The artist will form part of a growing participatory art project including established and emerging visual artists from all media

  • The artist will contribute to fundraising towards the fight against breast cancer

  • The artist will be able to make money from the sale of their NFTitty

  • The artist will contribute to advocating against the unfair nudity policy that exists in social media platforms today

  • The stronger the project becomes, the greater the visibility NFTitties will provide for the participating artist

Value proposition for NFTitties collectors:

To officially form part of the NFTitties community, one must hold one or more NFTitties in their wallet. NFTitties can either be bought at auction during the daily auction, via a secondary marketplace, or be gifted by the project.

Every 10th NFTitty will be withheld from auction and reserved to reward key members of the NFTitties community, including participating artists. NFTitties holders will be able to nominate individuals they believe would be a valuable addition to the community. NFTitties holders will be able to vote on nominations on-chain.

The community treasury will be allocated towards the propogation of the NFTitties meme and community. Members will be able to submit proposals and vote on how the money in the treasury is used. In addition, they may receive community perks, form part of closed chat groups, and be invited to participate in IRL and online events.

Proposals will be voted through Snapshot votes and the results from the votes will be handled by NFTitties Admin. Due to the high level of voting encouraged (treasury proposals, artwork submissions and member nominations), we want to avoid gas fees adding up from fully on-chain voting.

We are excited about the prospect of hosting IRL meet-ups, life drawing events, exhibitions, educational workshops, breast-cancer screening days and other fun and educational activities that celebrate women, art and boobs. We have already started hosting IRL creative events like life drawing and ceramics lessons in London.

Business Model

An Equitable Distribution of Sales Proceeds

30% of the proceeds from each sale will go to our charity partner, to fight breast cancer, globally.

30% of the proceeds from each NFT sale will go to the creator of the NFT, empowering women to make their mark on the blockchain.

30% of the proceeds from each sale will be used to power the NFTitties project.

10% of the proceeds from each sale will go to our Community Treasury(more on this on the next slide).

The starting price for each auction will be 0.1 ETH and will increase in increments of no more than 25%.


To date, our expenses (totalling 13.6 ETH) have been made up of fees for the design and development of the website and smart contracts, project management, and various office expenses and subscriptions.


$2,275 - Solidity development (remainder is in-kind contribution)

$12,000 - Project management

$2,000 - UI/UX design and development

$7,491 - Frontend/backend development

$496 - Marketing & communications

$236 - Subscriptions

~$24,498 (13.6 ETH)

Forward-looking (12-months):

33 ETH - founder, project lead, artist liaison, community engagement

9.2 ETH - part-time event planning and project management assistant

9.2 ETH - part-time communications and marketing assistant

3.5 ETH - development & website maintenance

1.2 ETH - subscriptions and office expenses

3.2 ETH - events

10 ETH - contingency

69.3 ETH

Financial Ask

Total ask: 83 ETH

Ask from NounsDAO: 40 ETH


Our Funding was kickstarted through the Bitchcoin Incubator, where Bitchcoin and the Sarah Meyohas Studio provides in-kind support and introductions to launch projects aligned with the interests and goals of our work.

We are seeking strategic support and funding from organizations and individuals who share a similar vision to do good through NFT sales & community building through the propagation of crypto-native memes.

Our revenue will come from auction sales and sponsorship.

Business Structure

We have incorporated a company in the UK, called NFTITTIES LTD., owned by founder Carlota Dochao Naveira and with shareholder Sarah Meyohas, the creator of Bitchcoin.


About the Founder: Carlota Dochao Naveira

Carlota Dochao Naveira is a Director at Superblue with 10 years of experience in the contemporary art world. She has worked at Superblue as the company’s first employee since its inception within Pace Gallery, building the project from an idea to a full-scale business with over 50 employees. Her role at Superblue has primarily consisted of artist management, initiating and consolidating partnerships for the company, as well as leading on the company’s Web3 strategy. In her personal time, Carlota is becoming a rising thought leader in the intersection between the ‘traditional’ art world and the NFT space, through a dedicated Instagram page, continuous invitations to panels both IRL and online, and writing as a guest for online journals.

Incubated by Bitchcoin

Predating the launch of Ethereum by five months, in February 2015 conceptual artist Sarah Meyohas released the first tokenization of art on the blockchain: Bitchcoin. Today, Bitchcoin is evolving into a hub for the promotion & incubation of new ideas, deeply rooted in Web3. We are excited to be working together to develop NFTitties.

About Sarah Meyohas

Sarah Meyohas (b. 1991, New York) is a conceptual artist and pioneer in the field of crypto art. Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including solo shows at 303 Gallery, New York, Rockefeller Center, New York, and Red Bull Arts, New York. Meyohas is also a venture partner at Spark Capital. In 2015, Meyohas created Bitchcoin, a cryptocurrency-as-artwork inspired by Bitcoin, which was backed by her physical artwork, effectively making it a “proto-NFT.” Today, Meyohas continues to investigate emerging technologies with familiar emblems of biological life: soaring birds, created using augmented- reality software, flock in unison with the frenetic variations of the stock market; rose petals, aggregately identical but individually unique, comprise the dataset for their AI-created equivalents.

Gabe Wise, COS at Sarah Meyohas Studio (formerly David Zwirner)

Sophie Cheung, UIUX designer at Airgarage

Emil Gombos, Director at Sarah Meyohas Studio (formerly Levy Gorvy)

Crystal Chen, Marketing and Communications assistant at Sarah Meyohas Studio

Curatorial Statement

What does it mean to be a woman? NFTitties expands on the notion of gender politics in art history by pushing the narrative about what it means to portray women. Women have been written out of art history for decades, continuously overshadowed by their male counterparts. The female body has been a prevalent motif in the history of art, primarily portrayed by male artists. Women as muses, as goddesses, and seductresses. As Guerrilla Girls famously stated, “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met Museum?”. Today, in the age of social media and meme culture, the battle for women’s rights is far from being over, and having the agency to decide how our bodies are represented is as important as ever.

How it works:

  1. Anyone is invited to submit a visual depiction of breasts. The NFTitties are created by artists and submitted along with a questionnaire to determine rarity traits. The goal is for all NFTitties to be easily recognisable as part of the same project.

  2. Artists will also be invited to decide whether they want their submission to be CC0 or not. If they choose to submit an artwork with CC0, this will be clearly shown in the artwork description during the auction.

  3. The submissions must follow a set of visual guidelines to develop a cohesive aesthetic.

  4. If selected, the visual depiction will be minted as an NFT and sold at auction.

  5. The selection process will first be done in-house but will eventually be voted on by members of the NFTitties community once the community has reached c. 50 members.

  6. One NFTitty is auctioned per day, with auctions lasting a whole day, emulating the Nouns DAO auction system

  7. Bidders will need to have a Ethereum wallet wallet and bid in ETH

  8. Proceeds are split fairly between charity, the artist, the project and the community treasury

  9. There are two ways to participate:

Create and submit artworks

Bid and join the community

  1. The auctions will last a year, with a total of 365 NFTitties sold

We are currently building an auction website to host the daily NFTitties auctions.

:heavy_check_mark: Complete smart contracts

:heavy_check_mark: Complete MVP frontend

:heavy_check_mark: Complete MVP backend

Market Analysis

Target Customer:

We are targeting the following demographics:

  • Activists advocating for more Women in Web3

  • Women-focused DAOs

  • NFT collectors

  • NFT speculators

  • Women interested in Web3

  • Activists against unfair nudity policy in social media

  • Activists fighting against breast cancer

  • Breast Cancer charities and their communities

Marketing Plan

The success of the project relies on a strong Marketing Plan that will both attract top-quality submissions and a strong community of active participants.

Organic Marketing

This project will naturally benefit from the existing networks of participating artists. All artists will be sent a marketing deck where they will be asked to post about NFTitties. Once they have completed the requirements from the marketing deck, an auction date will be given.

Evangelist Marketing

As a first form of marketing, we are asking our closest collaborators to share about the project widely through social media channels.

Social Media & Community Manager

This will be one of the most crucial hires for this project

Curator Collaborations

We are inviting respected curators from both the NFT space and the contemporary art world to curate a week of auctions (7 submissions by 7 artists) to help grow our artist participation base and access to established contemporary artists

Cost: We will be awarding participating curators 10% of the proceeds from each sale from their curated week. This will be taken from the project’s 30% share of proceeds.

The Future

Through a year of NFTitties, the aim is to create a network of influential individuals interested in fine art, business, and web3, who are biased towards action.