Proposal: Children's Book

Shared in discord as well. But here is a rough proposal for a children’s book. Look forward to hearing others thoughts! Thanks in advance.

The Noun artwork brings me back to my youth and is reminiscent of the characters and cartoons we all enjoyed so much as children. Thinking back to characters like Mickey Mouse, The Cat in the Hat and so many others - they are real but fictional. They are simple but complex. They are colorful, unique, creative and fun. They are timeless. Just like these historical characters that transformed generations, Nouns have all of these characteristics and more.

There are so many cutting edge ideas from members in the community that pushes the limits of building on the blockchain and growing the crypto community and Nouns. With that said, sometimes we overlook low hanging fruit. As we know, the transition to a Web 3 world won’t happen overnight, there are ways we can begin to subtly introduce Web 3 ideas, concepts, characters and major players.

One of these ways is a children’s book.

I imagine a world where a child’s favorite book is about Nouns and twenty years later they are able to purchase one of the very things that they loved so dearly as a child. Introducing children to Nouns at a young age, creates a pipeline of generation that believes and wants to grow the Nouns community. A Nouns children’s book would create a familiarity with the characters and be a core component of making Nouns universally loved, growing the overall mission of the virtuous cycle.


  1. Web3 component: One of the things I’ve struggled with when thinking about this proposal is should their be Web3 component (ie. buy with ETH, NFT that goes with purchase, ect.). My initial thought is that while those things are great, the main initiative here is to have a low barrier, fun, creative project associated with the Nouns. Something that any member of the Noun community can buy and give as a gift, or something that somebody that has no idea about ethereum can buy in the bookstore or Amazon. One thought is to have a blurb about the Nouns project on the front or back end of the book. As much as children’s books are for children, in many ways they need to be tailored to adults as the audience as they are the ones purchasing them, this would be a simple way to introduce the Nouns ecosystem to an unknowing future Nouner.
  2. Community involvement: While I enjoy creative writing, I am not naive to the fact that there may be others in this community (or outside) that may in fact be a children’s book author or artist. I have a few thoughts on how we could have a community selection process (ie. writing, illustrations, characters involved in the story(s), ect.) but worry about the speed and time that a process like this could take, with that said, there is no rush and the project should be done right.


  1. We need to walk before we run, but a children’s book offers loads of possibilities when it comes to products geared at children. As stated, with children’s products you are hitting multiple demographics as adults have to purchase the products and the child interacts with them. I envision one book growing to multiple books and Noun toys and other children’s products. Products would include: noun coloring book, noun teethers, noun rattles, noun stroller toys, ect.
  2. I recently saw this graphic on CT (Picture) which shows all of the companies that Disney owns. In some ways this may have triggered my thought of childrens related products. This image will be a DAO one day and my money is on NounsDAO.


Once the above details are ironed out, ideally the first edition would be released in November, and pre-orders would be capped to arrive before Christmas. I imagine CT will be searching for different products to red pill their friends and family and this would be an easy, low cost gift. Once books arrive and future Nouners are introduced to their new favorite characters, the next steps in building out the Noun children’s line begins, which would entail reopening orders to the first Noun book and beginning product development for future Noun children’s products.

Final Thoughts:

I truly believe this can become massive and that Nouns can become a staple homes across the world. Nouns can sit alongside and replace the characters that we loved so much as children. In its early stages, the revenue generated will not be impactful on the overall DAO, but as it grows and adapts, overtime it can be a catalyst for future builders on the noun ecosystem.


I had a similar emotional connection to the Noun artwork and visions of the Noun-verse expanding into entertainment. While Punks and Ape are appealing to a certain crowd, Nouns have the best opportunity to break into the mainstream with the younger generation - akin a Web3-native Sesame Street. I imagine friendly lessons and making concepts like the blockchain and NFTs approachable. More importantly, its a way to spread the ethos of privacy, ownership, and collective action.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the team, execution timeline, and a legal structure for the IP. I would bring this to the SharkDao discord as well if you haven’t already for more input and support.

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I love this idea.

One approach would be decide on a commission(s) size and have an open call for submissions that is disseminated to the universe of artists that already follow Nouns social media. Though a lot of interesting NFT artists may be…busy in the current market, I’d love to see what could arise from the open call approach.

A Nouns/crypto-inspired childrens book or book series could go in so many different directions it would be amazing to see what ideas may materialize if artists are invited to apply. If the DAO is not satisfied by any submissions, it needn’t be mandated that the commission be awarded.

There are also open-play concept “games” (Sago Mini World, Toca Boca etc) geared towards young people that this makes me think of as well. Building an (albeit off-chain) interactive Nouns universe with similar mechanics would be a moonshot proposal for me.

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