Nouns On The Ground - NFT.NYC Update

Nouns On The Ground is thrilled to bring the official Nouns Sticker Raid to NFT.NYC, incorporating swag/merch giveaways that will take place both IRL and online. We will be incentivizing event goers and NFT lovers at home to find, share and interact with all Nounish things during June 20-24th in Time Square, NY to proliferate the Nouns throughout the big apple during the NFT event of the year!

Swag Items & Hero Hashtag ⌐◨-◨

Swag items will be strategically placed both in and around the event. They will also be handed out through targeted activations, getting individuals to answer riddles/questions prior to receiving them, educating people about the NounsDAO through casual interactions. There will also be active “Find Nouns On The Ground” social media giveaways that will require event goers to post a photo when they see any Nouns On The Ground (stickers, buttons, etc.) or any other Nounish activations (such as the art mural) for a chance to win Merch items such as hoodies, T-shirts and hats!

These contests will be active throughout the event with notifications posted both on the Nouns On The Ground Twitter and in the #nound-on-the-ground channel in the Nounish Discord. Please note that all stickers and large stickers are a special “non-adhesive” type of sticker that can be removed and reused. Perfect for non-destructive sticker raid activations!

The Hero Hashtag that will be used throughout this entire event will be #NounishNY. ⌐◨-◨

Key Activations ⌐◨-◨

Throughout the event, I will have two key Larger Sticker Activations that will move around daily. These life-size cool and warm background pfp graphics will provide key photo opportunities in the 3 blocks surrounding the event in Time Square. The daily updated addresses for these activations will be posted both in the #nound-on-the-ground channel in the Nounish Discord.

Fun Collabs ⌐◨-◨

To further proliferate the Nouns around NFT.NYC, Nouns On The Ground has also partnered with other NFT projects who are throwing parties and networking events!

Bored Sauce will feature Nouns brand coasters and other swag at their Ape Fest Bored Brunch on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. To find out more information and to register for this event, navigate to the Eventbrite page here.

I am confirming other events that will, at the very least, be sticker raided if I can pull it off. If you know of any events that you think should be on my radar, let me know! If you have any other ideas for a last minute collab planning, I am all ears.

See you in NY!
Nouns On The Ground


Love this, I think it’s thoughtful and impactful.

Curious about these reusable stickers :eyes: very cool!

Gami (Noun189 and founder of GnarsDAO) will be there doing some fun stuff, hopefully with a couple of pro skaters too. I think it’s worth getting in touch for collab ops since it’s a very related “nouns on the ground” vibe.


nice work on this one, looking forward to meeting up


I look forward to connecting to everyone there and can’t wait to see little hidden nounish things all over NY!

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I will be filming on the 22nd at one of the sticker installations and would LOVE a pair of FUNglasses to able to shoot with if you think you’ll still have any on you that many days in :sweat_smile: they would be perfect for the PFP photos! I’m also really excited about your take on the RGB ones you’ve been working on.

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awesome, thanks for the update Aubtoshi

Since half of the glasses i planned for NFTNYC went to Austin for the coin dinner I may be short on leave behinds. I will do my best to get you a set for the day or a few hrs depending on where you will be. Are you staying in the city?

This is great. I will definitely have my eyes on the ground.