NOUNs vs NFT NYC a City wide proliferation activation

NOUNS vs NFTNYC operation proliferation …
Lets send NOUNWORKS to NFTNYC to prolifearate Nouns by freely distributing noggles and to every NOUN community member going to NY, (If you are NOUNish be NOUNish!) can send one pair of a case of 10 so you can personally gift them and proliferate and document as well as create content and shareable moments.
The NOUN community can then proliferate as they see fit IRL at these events to their friends and communities.
Do a low key scavenger hunt all over NY by leaving a noggle box at random places around town to create engagement and encouraging people to β€œsee Different.”

We have quite a few NOUNish folks representing nouns at nft nyc but there’s a huge problem: none of them have on hand merch to rock at events or freely distribute at the various functions that they attend.
This is a big deal because how can we proliferate and share the vibes if we have no tools in hand to do so? These are giant missed opprotunites for the Dao and the community because proliferation is such a big part of the full NOUNs experience.
I can get them merch delivered to their hotels when they arrive and be on the ground to distribute, dociument and proliferate as needed.I am also a trusted proven builder that has been here since the first noun and we have shipped over 20K physical items worldwide, our work with nouns can be seen on the @nounworks twitter and instagram.

How do we do this?

Send X cases of plastic noggles and a few packs of paper and pins to DANIT/her booth to share glasses and items with press people and visitors.
Send XX cases pins paper nogs to Prof, Nouns square, and any other community activation at the events and off sites/parties (shipping to hotel keeps it fairly anon and you nca allocate things as you go out and scatter throughout the 3days)
Send 5 Oceans XXX noggles pins and paper noggles for the BOATS on Saturday so that everyone can wear them or have access to fun photo ops and all be NOUNish together.
Allocate X to various other NOUN folk that are all going to the event
Allocate Noggles and pins to some of our friends at Bueno/Humankind that will have an amazing gallery show on the famous Ludlow street on the LES( I have some noun art there)
Rare Pizzas event should have noggles at their big event on thursday,
Anything With Rug Radio, Deadfellaz, GhostClub, CloneX and other communities we have reach in etc.

Cost I am thinking 15-20 eth and shoot for the moon? Covers travel and hotel and a reasonable per day rate for 2 people to help proliferate across the events.
As far as payment/reward above the costs,if everyone has a fun, generates lots of engaging content and memorable experiences the Dao can just vote to give me whatever they think I have earned with my time here to my wallet and I will say thanks and hopefully we can talk about an ongoing engagement opportunities

Klim and Mark did this activation at Designer Con NOUNWORKS DCON ACTIVATION with some incredible onboarding and engagement.
Hope this communicates the amazing engagement and vibes we create, and you can imagine what each of you can do with a proliferator pack!

**Costs includes shipping to NY **
Noggles case of 10 $250
Single noggles $35
LoFi noggles 50pack $180
5 pins $50
100 pins $380
We have these items in our warehouse ready to ship, but need a week prior to the event to have it all packed out labeled and ready to drop via fed ex.

The volume of items shipped to NY can be as low or as high as needed.

2 people travel, lodging, food, ground transport 5 days(arrive tuedsay leave Sun)
$10K to be on the ground proliferating NOUNS with merch, documenting every possible moment and sharing vibes) The amount of products shipped can be predetermined and we will distribute all of it.
Since many of the NOUN community will be doing everything everywhere all at once we will be happy to send any ammount of products needed to their hotels.

THE ASK is $10K or eth equivalent plus whatever volume of product needs to he shipped and distributed.

Estimated total 10eth with product shipped, travel/logistics expenses.
Let’s do this?


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a massive NOUNIFICATION of NFTNYC has taken place. Pics and videos incoming on @nounworks and @bigshottoyworks socials

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I dropped NOGGLES, Pins and LoFi Noggles with Danit at her awesome Display and had a chance to talk and onboard quite a a few curious people who were all stoked about the booth

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How it started

How it is going