Nouns On The Ground - NFT NYC Activation!

If you remember from the first round of proposals, Proposal 41 and Proposal 71, I have maintained an overarching goal of creating “on the ground” excitement and proliferation of the Nouns brand through Nouns On The Ground.

I still see the potential of the Nouns as a lifestyle brand and wanted to step it ALL THE WAY UP for the third round of proposals, so I launched an entire Nouns On The Ground Store that is currently live with 100+ Nouns Merch & Swag items that can ship worldwide. SHOP NOW!

You can FINALLY rep the Nouns the same way you rep all of your other favorite brands! Day or night, inside or outdoors, casual or classy…there is something for everyone to wear or put on display at home. Nouns On The Ground is determined to literally get Nouns “on the ground” in people’s daily lives through hoodies, tees, slides, hats, pillows, phone cases, keyboard mats, posters, towels, backpacks and SO much more.

With the Nouns On The Ground Store officially launched, we are now coming to the NounsDAO communities to ask for 5 ETH funding to run a Nouns On The Ground ABSOLUTELY EPIC NFT NYC 2022 RAID. We would use the funding to bulk order the merch and items featured in the NFT NYC 2022 Collection and would be giving out these items for FREE to targeted individuals at NFT NYC 2022. With this funding, the Nouns brand will be proliferated all over this major NFT/Crypto event happening live in New York City June 21-23. This is the absolutely most effective way to proliferate the Nouns brand during this event. We would be able to get hoodies, tees, notebooks, phones cases, stickers and a ton more items ON THE GROUND and in the hands of crypto market makers and leaders in Web3.

The energy, drive and (at this point) hyper obsession I have formed around the Nouns brand is why you want your girl Aubtoshi to be the person running around NFT NYC putting everyone in Nouns brand merch. Let’s make an absolute scene ya’ll. New York ain’t ready!!!

I had originally proposed this activation to PropHouse and came in 4th place. I would love the opportunity to make this activation happen through Small Grants!

I <3 Nouns and hope to meet some of you in NY ⌐◨-◨


small grants will make this happen for 5 ETH! very excited, keep us posted on progress


I cannot WAIT to implement this vision and make sure everyone’s photos at NFT NYC have a noun somewhere in it! #LFG