Create a Prop to make Nouns x Mr. Beast happen - and get 5 Eth

We want a marketplace for ideas. So lets pay for the best ideas.

I created the Nouns x Mr Beast proposal. It failed. But it seemed that while people were generally in support of the outcome (get Mr. Beast to do a Nounish episode of his show), some people thought it needed reworked or done a different way.

So the challenge here is for anyone to use the proposal and information from the discussion around it and any comments in the rejections to create a better proposal that will achieve the outcome.

The Challenge:
Create a full proposal (that can be put on chain) that you think will get Mr Beast to do a Nounish episode and if that proposal is submitted by Nouner, is voted on and is passed - it will include a 5 Eth reward for the person that drafted it.


You are free to structure this in any way you want but the only way you should get paid is by creating the proposal and nothing afterwards.
The proposal needs to be fully formed (i.e. not just a general idea - we should be able to copy and paste it and put it in a prop vote)

The Prop: The Vote
House of Nouns: House of Nouns Discussion
Discord Discussion: Nouncil Discussion

I know we can use prop house for this stuff but I think people might want to work out their ideas here and discuss things too…lets see how it works or if it works.

(Again - I want nothing from this but Im trying to see if we can create a proposal process that works just a little bit better)


5 eth is basically gonna be $50k in about 2.5 years…and all you had to do was come up with an idea to get this prop passed. And you couldnt even do that. Shame

Where does the 5 eth reward come from? Budgeted into the proposal?

Something like this takes time. In my opinion as an artist and creative director ideas are easy to come by, but executing them is what takes the most efforts. Maybe reaching out to Jimmy’s team for sponsor purpose can be a start.


Yes - it will be built into the prop when submitted.

I can understand your frustration here as there are a number of builders that are struggling with traction off the bat or down the line even if a discussion exists. I agree with Evil, these things take time and not everyone has the time. There are a few (if) scenarios in this invitation to pitch an idea to you and then that needs to get pitched again and possibly a third or fourth time to get it on-chain. I’m still not convinced that this DAO model works 100% in favour of a Noun holder unless you own 20 and vote for your own proposal like nouns.builder did. They have most likely made the largest return on their investment into the Nouns ecosystem. As hard as it is, you might have to park this idea for a while and re-visit it in a few months time.

I have parked it. Im saying if someone comes up with a good iteration on it I will put it on chain.

Writing a prop doesnt take too much effort if you have a good idea and you know (from the feedback) that the outcome is desired but only the mechanics need to change…

Lots of people were saying “this would be good but I would change this”, “I like the idea but im afraid of that happening”, “I like it but we are spending too much or too little on this”…

Its an open invite so lets see if any of those people can actually get creative and integrate their ideas into an actual proposal.

A yes, the good old " I aint lifting a finger but will put my nose in other’s businesses " xD

I’ll 10/10 cook something about Mr. Beast x Nouns for sure

I have read the content above and this is my entry to get the 5 eth and please send me a Noun too if I wins.

Based on what I have read this is the pros, cons and my solutions and proposal.


  • This is fun and might get unexpected results.
  • Structure is good. The proposal pays if Nouns get the results and pays nothing if it doesn’t.
  • It might work because it is a challenge and Mr. Beast will like that.
  • Mr. Beast would be a good person for doing Nouns shows and people like him.
  • Total cost of $750k is low if it does succeed and happen
  • It involves charity from the Nouns


  • People might do crazy things and bring a bad name to Nouns
  • Organiser might know Mr. Beast and win prize.
  • Nouns might not have control of what content is like at the end
  • Cost is low but converting a lot of eth to usd is bad?
  • More than 3 people needed to control money
  • 250k is a lot of money

My solution to this is to keep the current structure because I think it is good but modify it to try and fix some of the cons in the above list, the main changes are:

  • Someone has to create a VIDEO that convinces Mr. Beast to do the challenge
  • This means people cant do crazy things like call to his house to win
  • It means Nouns will get a lot of content created by the community to try and win prize
  • Because Mr. Beast has to select a video someone cant do a back room deal without creating a good video that plausibly convinced him to take challenge
  • Because people have to create a video to convince him, that video will help steer the creative direction of the episode to something positive
  • Because it is a video it makes terms and conditions simple
  • The wallets are split up so that everything does not have to be converted to USD and there are more people in charge of the money.
  • I think $250k is a lot of money for winner too but I also think it is not a lot of money if it gets publicity and someone wins it so I kept that the same.

I also think that maybe Nouns should pay for some marketing for this challenge in a separate proposal or proposal house round if it is passed to spread the word.



This proposal requests that the DAO fund a project for $250k in order to proliferate the Nouns by running a competition, open to anyone, to convince Mr. Beast to give away $500k, preferably to charity, on his YouTube channel, given to him by the Nouns in a Nounish focused episode of his show.

The person or people that create a VIDEO that convinces Mr. Beast to do this will be rewarded with a $250k prize.


The $250k Reward will be awarded to the person or people that create a VIDEO that convinces Mr. Beast to do a Nounish episode of his show to give away $500k in prizes.

  • $175k if he accepts the request and does the show.
  • An additional $75k if the video convinces him to give the majority (>50%) of the $500k to charity. (This can be the same person and message or different people and messages)
  • The episode must be on Mr. Beasts main YouTube channel.
  • The Nouns must be featured on the show for any of the funds to be paid out.

So it might be a good idea for people to submit videos ideas to Mr. Beast that inspires him to meet these criteria (To do this the video could be a simulation of the challenge they think Mr. Beast should do)


If this proposal passes but no has created a video to convince Mr. Beast to take on and complete the project within the next 9 months – all the USD will be returned to the Treasury. Total Cost of 0 Eth.

If this proposal passes and someone is successful in convincing Mr. Beast to feature the Nouns in the most watched show on the internet while hopefully giving a lot of money away to good causes it will have a Total Cost of $750k.

Terms and Conditions

  • Mr. Beast will need to identify the VIDEO that convinced him to do it for the challenge to be complete and prize to be paid out.
  • Transfer will be made to the prize winner after the video has aired on YouTube.

If the proposal passes:
A) $250k will be transferred to multi sig Wallet 1 (with 5 signers) - this will be used to pay out the challenge winner.
B) 750 Eth will be transferred to multi sig Wallet 2 (with 5 different signers. Maybe founders). - This will be held in escrow to convert to USD only if Mr. Beast accepts the challenge. There is more eth than should be needed so we will have enough to cover the costs if it happens, we dont have to convert eth to USD and let it sit for a long time and rest can be returned to Nouns after he accepts.

I have excluded all the parts about “why mr beast” but you can put them back in again.

Thank you,

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I like it. A lot. But I would obviously….

Interested to know what people who voted no think or if there are any other ideas