Evil is back after 2 years! Vote me in " Reward the Builders " Prop House Round

Those who know, know who I am.
I’ve proposed myself in the recent round of prop house: Prop House

I’m listing some governance improvement ideas below, its a long shot but hope you guys can vote for me in this round so that I can finally have a noun and put in some new standards here in the DAO to bring back nouns in front of NFT ecosystem.

#1 Nouns staking- Creating an infra to stake nouns and earn eth from the treasury. Ofc I’ll put up a proposal if I’m voted in and elaborate the plan further.

#2 Cross Community Governance Program - Buying and hold tokens/NFTs of other community based DAOs, such as Apecoin, Doodles, Optimism, Maker DAO and more who are actively creating impact in the NFT ecosystem. As usual, I’ll put forward the plan in detail and its benefits later.

I dont know how many of the old people still exist here, how many are grifters who are lurking in the dark, how many want to have a fresh start with nouns. I was suggested this latest prop house by an ex nouner who was highly respected and a good friend. I also know that I have the necessary experience, connections and man power to make the above mention things a reality if the new Nouns DAO support. I could have made a fresh new wallet and account and pitched the above mentioned things as an anon but people should know where I come from.

I highly request you all to vote me in, the necessary evil.
GM and thank you!

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