Blockchain Bounty Game - Nouns (Prop House Open Round 20)

Having submitted a first proposal to the Nouns Prop House:

Prop 15 of 33
Blockchain Bounty - Clash Of The Coins

I wanted to open the floor to questions and comments please.

I am currently debugging a first version of the game I threw up over the weekend: BlockchainChronicles - Replit

Welcoming ideas and energies around the name of game, the time period it should cover, specific events to ensure pop up, crazy stuff that can happen.

As a reminder its essentially a rewrite of the classic Dope Wars game into a blockchain friendly one ft BTC, LTC, DOGE, and ETH at the moment. You get hacked, lose money on exchanges, buy stuff on silk road, move money between and exchange, a wallet, and cash/bank.

Hoping it can become a fun, recreational way to relearn old lessons plus bring new people along for the ride!

Thanks for engaging.