Hello, I am looking for feedback regarding my prophouse proposal:
Here is the original version: Prop House



I create fun and educative twitter threads summarizing nounish calls.

Those threads will have great engagement with crypto twitter because they will include raffles to win nounish NFTs.

The last or second to last tweet will be a call to action to complete a form such as this one or this one (I am currently building the NOUNSdao onboarding form to look like the one from Metastreet). When completed it will unlock a spot in a raffle to win a nounish NFT.

We are a digital community. We need to have a word-class methodology regarding engagement on crypto twitter. The threads will be about, nounpunks, sharkdao, nouncats, other nounish projects, and nounsdao proposals.

I commit to making at least one thread per week summarising one call until September/October and running the raffle in a transparent way every other week. Sometimes the raffle could occur during a nounish call as well. It would add an interactive part to some calls. If I win I will also edit this list ad vitam aeternam.

I have turned my twitter account into a nounversity since mid-April . Here are my statistics so far, I believe I can do much better with the validation and by rewarding following up the call to action.


20 threads. 10 NFTs to win in raffles. Here are the potential required actions to enter the raffle (might change according to participation %):

1/Connect your wallet via metamask (optional name, surname, email address)

2/Connect your twitter

3/Join the nounsdao discord

4/Join the discord of the alternative nounish community the giveaway token is from

5/Introduce yourself in the nouns discourse

6/What is the minimum percentage of total NOUN supply that needs to participate in a vote for a proposal to go through? (Answer is 20)

7/Which noun was the most expensive? (Answer is number: one)

8/Listen to one of the nouns podcast

9/Optional tick if you want to receive other nounish news, commercial offers

Budget split

1 eth worth of floor price nounish NFTs on to minimize gas. That will end up being 10 NFTs from one or several of the following NFT projects of nounGIF, borednoungang, voxNOUNS, sidenoun, florinouns, nounebys, nounbits, thenoadz, loweffortnouns, nounprofiles, lostnouns, mixednouns, nounsnation, nouncats, internouns, sharkdao, nounpunks, Japan, goopdao.

1 eth worth of man hours at 35usd per hour. I estimate about 3 hours of workload per week: one hour taking notes during the call, two hours to create the thread and run the raffle. I will use part of my hourly remuneration to buy a lilnoun (hopefully the price won’t shoot too high).


I will share with the nouns builders the email address that click “I approve to receive nounish news”. I will return all the unused NFTs and/or eth if any remains at the end of the 20 threads and/or I will include it in my next nounversity proposal.

Side note: Otterspace (the form provider) is co-founded by shark dao’s community lead.