Nouns 4 Charity Prop House Submission


A fork of NounsDAO with daily auctions to support charities

Hello to all of you Nounish people,
I am looking to open a dialogue in regard to my submission with Prop House. Any questions or feedback of any sort would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your time.

My vision is to create a fork of NounsDao with a daily auction of “Nouns” with new traits tailored to the charitable organization receiving the funds. It would start with a daily auction in collaboration with a well-known and established charitable organization with an end goal of many different auctions contributing to charities simultaneously. These different auctions would all fall under one DAO with Nouns as the face of what could potentially become one of the largest contributors to charities in the world. My thinking may sound fanciful to some but if we take into account mass adoption of crypto, a much higher value of cryptocurrencies (what most of here expect, I would think) down the line, and the advantages of donating crypto. In my opinion, it is very possible and not so far-fetched. Just look at what Nouns has done in a year!
80% of the funds raised would be sent to the nonprofit. 5% would be sent to NounsDao. 15% would go to our treasury for establishing new auctions with different organizations and for the securement of Nouns.

Benefits to contributors

  • Make a positive impact and make the world a slightly better place.
  • Crypto donations are more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective than fiat currencies.
  • Truly anonymous donations are possible, which helps expand the donor base for various reasons.
  • Like any other donation, this type of donation would also be tax deductible.
  • Crypto Donations get way more money in the hands of the non-profit. It’s sad but true that the non-profits actually receive far less than what was donated. Sometimes as low as 3%-5%. This would be truly transparent.
  • Possibility of unique tax features such as no capital gains tax.

Proliferation of Nouns

  • 1.4 billion people made donations last year. Once Nouns 4 Charity starts to be seen…only a small portion of this market would mean a substantial amount of people with eyes on Nouns.

  • 69.6 million dollars was donated in crypto in 2021 and it seems to be increasing each year. However, it looks as if only a couple projects such as 'The Giving Block" are the recipients of the majority of funds. Let’s give another option with Nouns heads at the forefront.


We believe in true anonymity and fully support decentralization.
I personally have a background in finance with some experience in fundraising. I started investing in crypto and NFTs in 2017 and since then I have been solely in the space.
Please feel free to contact me.
Project’s Twitter:
Discord: GeObts_#8822

Thanks again for your time.