The Nounbassador Awards

The Nounbassador Awards

A monthly prop house round where Nouners vote on the person, company or team that did the most that month to proliferate the meme or the most Nounish act - and the winner gets awarded a Noun.

Anyone can nominate themselves or someone else - saying what they did that deserves to win the award and Nouners vote on the winner.

Hopefully Nouns would vote for people that are not currently Noun holders and who would contribute to the ecosystem going forward (bringing more value to nouns and making our hold base more diverse)

I would propose that this is something that goes on for 6 months - so we would need to purchases 6 Nouns (circa 180 eth at current prices). As this is something that could get momentum as it progresses. By month 3 or 4 we could be getting more back in terms of proliferation and contribution from the new nouners than we have given away in nouns (net positive!)

The person who wins the award would have to accept it and if they didn’t it would roll down to the next highest voted person.

If after the first 6 months it doesn’t work - we stop.
If it works - we can continue.



Great idea, only I think we should reward with ETH; most normal people would be very uncomfortable with the tax event of an incoming Noun and might be forced to sell into an illiquid market. With ETH they can sell some to pay taxes and you can get them close enough to buy a Noun on auction or secondary.


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I would hope that we would find and vote for people that would contribute to the ecosystem. People that are nounish, who might want to be nouns and who we would like to be nouns. Not people who want to sell their noun. Obviously they can if they want… the default would be better as a noun imo.

What’s your take on the issue of the tax event upon receiving a noun?
I don’t think I understand your position :slight_smile:

My thoughts on others peoples tax events do not exist. If someone doesn’t want to accept the award for tax reasons or any other reason that is up to them imo. (As is how they deal with their taxes).

Would be interested in someone turning this into a fully fledged proposal to go on chain for a 6 month trail to see how it works.

Important: Include X Eth as a fee for creating the proposal and administering it (i.e.By administering it I mean advocating for it before and after it goes up on chain as well as managing the implementation of some of the suggestions). This can be a person or group of people. Include reasons why or what qualifies you to do the job too.

Apart from detailing out the proposal itself. A few things I would consider including in the proposal based on what I think might make this work and from my learnings so far:

  • Include X Eth to create a landing page for the awards. Something to point people towards and explains clearly to people how it works, how to enter or make a submission etc etc (similar to what I did with
  • Include details of how it will be administered and what role you or your team will take to make sure it is a success
  • Perhaps include some allocation for marketing and letting people know about the awards so that it gets maximum exposure (I did this in a marketing round but you might have better ideas Prop House).
  • If you want you can include some details for how you would deal with concerns raised above, if you think they are legitimate or need to be addressed.

Gifting someone a noun is great, but the tax implication is quite stunning. When I was working on my NOGGLE prop i was encouraged to Ask for a noun but I declined because I would instantly owe 70K to the tax man. So i passed on that opportunity and was hoping to see some sort of an equitable reward later when i delivered on my project… We should reward builders handsomely and encourage them to stay, bring their friends and keep building. We should create a culture where anyone building here is eager and happy to buy a noun on their own, to be in the ecosystem

It would be a very bad look for any builder being gifted a noun to go and sell it, but if they have to pay for some medical bills, living expenses or food they should not have to face the option of being labeled not nounish or not a team player. It is a bad idea to assume that everyone here has play money The reward should be given in the manner of the persons choosing, getting gifted a noun is an honor but the financial implications on a person or a family are huge and should be considered