Fund 5K Promo Videos

Let’s fund 5K creators $100/each to make fun videos about things we want to see.

The idea evolved from Prop 168 while brainstorming ways to get Mr. Beasts attention.

For instance what if we made 5K promo spots for Feastables or other products of his? Would that get his attention in a positive way?

What other creators/artists would appreciate and engage if we did this?


I’m much more likely to vote yes to this than I am to funding Mr. Beast. No offense, Mr. Beast.

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Heard you say this on TNS soapbox about this prop. Liked the idea then, like it now.

Maybe just tweak the idea above in the first sentence “what we want to see” is vague for people who didn’t hear the idea on TNS. “to make fun videos promoting Mr. Beast to get his attention in a positive way.” That would make that first line clearer. Only other thought is would people jump on it quicker if it was 1K creators to get it going. But love it and love that it came out of the 168 discussion and flipped the idea to a positive approach.

Working Text:

Let’s activate the Nouns community and fund them to create authentic and fun videos promoting Mr. Beast while wearing Nouns or including Nouns in a positive way. This is a first come, first serve sprint but we’re looking for high effort, thoughtful and positive videos so there will be a bit of discretion for acceptance. If you follow the submission instructions and are accepted you will receive rewards within 24hrs.

1K videos for 100K (100/each) + some admin/oversight

This seems doable and fun right? @nick what do you think? Could this be a use case for Creator Contests?


I don’t see the value in spending 6 figures+ to get mr beast’s attention. We’d have more luck just reaching out to his agency with a proposal. 1000-5000 videos with <100 views(and potentially with very large viewership overlap) will do very little for Nouns.

Very good idea, We will follow the flow :grinning:

fair. any ideas on how to pivot this? is there a more appropriate target or goal here? How do we increase the fun and make the videos objectively good on their own?

The idea hinges on the content having some sort of narrative through line and quality threshold, maybe creator contests could be a good tool here. You upload your submission and when certain objectives are achieved the payment is automatic.

@nick @yungweez how creative can we get with verifying particular objectives have been achieved? Let’s say, maybe a certain number of likes or rt’s + a certain number of votes, etc.

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Any twitter metrics are doable CC-wise. Would just come down to defining requirements and getting it done

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I said this in Nouncil on the Never Sit Still prop:

I’d love to see two experiments. This one for an explainer and another 100ETH to retro 100 video creators with 1ETH to make their best Nouns video and 10 ETH to a team to decide which 100 get the reward. I just think that the latter would win out by far in proliferation. That’s why I’m against 150k explainer videos. It’s a real struggle for me.

Would still love to see that experiment happen. We have one big explainer funded. Let’s see the other side.

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