Where is the website/twitter to follow "Nouns block graffiti x ETH solo staking"

Sorry, I googled and couldn’t find anything, gave up and came here.

Many are participating after following the instructions here → Nouns DAO where I read:

We’ll create a site that showcases the ⌐◨-◨ graffiti blocks etched into the Ethereum blockchain. We might also create a Twitter bot that tweets out whenever a new block with noggles is discovered

.The race started in April, which is now over… are there any results? any website? twitter? stats? link?


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am I writing in the wrong forum?

Hey @adv0r , the best way to follow that proposal would be to follow Noun 40 and gregskril on Twitter. They have built a scraper that checks the blocks for noggle graffiti (you can see all the info in this clean UI (⌐◨-◨ Nouns block graffiti × ETH solo staking), but I think no payments have been made so far. My bet is they are still working on the infrastructure they need to execute this (custom smart contract), so it might be a bit delayed.

Someone also recently built a Twitter bot that monitors noggle blocks - Nouns Graffiti Bot :robot: (@nouns_graffiti) / Twitter

thanks, but apart from the fact of spotting nouns, where are the lottery and payments displayed and documented?

as I said in my comment above, I don’t think any payments have been made just yet

Hi, I believe there is delay with rewarding the participants. The team is working on smart contract. Please wait a bit more.

The lates update on the state of the Nouns block graffiti was here