Where is the website/twitter to follow "Nouns block graffiti x ETH solo staking"

Sorry, I googled and couldn’t find anything, gave up and came here.

Many are participating after following the instructions here → Nouns DAO where I read:

We’ll create a site that showcases the ⌐◨-◨ graffiti blocks etched into the Ethereum blockchain. We might also create a Twitter bot that tweets out whenever a new block with noggles is discovered

.The race started in April, which is now over… are there any results? any website? twitter? stats? link?


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am I writing in the wrong forum?

Hey @adv0r , the best way to follow that proposal would be to follow Noun 40 and gregskril on Twitter. They have built a scraper that checks the blocks for noggle graffiti (you can see all the info in this clean UI (⌐◨-◨ Nouns block graffiti × ETH solo staking), but I think no payments have been made so far. My bet is they are still working on the infrastructure they need to execute this (custom smart contract), so it might be a bit delayed.

Someone also recently built a Twitter bot that monitors noggle blocks - Nouns Graffiti Bot :robot: (@nouns_graffiti) / Twitter

thanks, but apart from the fact of spotting nouns, where are the lottery and payments displayed and documented?

as I said in my comment above, I don’t think any payments have been made just yet

Hi, I believe there is delay with rewarding the participants. The team is working on smart contract. Please wait a bit more.

The lates update on the state of the Nouns block graffiti was here

another month went by. Is there any website online? did anyone receive a reward? I can’t possibly follow multiple twitter accounts in the hope that some day they’ll post about it

Hey @adv0r, unfortunately, the rewards have not been distributed yet :frowning: the proposers teamed up with people from Succinct Labs and are working on the custom smart contracts needed for the execution, you can look at the proposal from Succinct Labs here.

now? you have been geeting a lot of free ads in the last few months then :frowning:

Hey, sincere apologies for the delay here.

What happened is that this prop went through for one of the prop house rounds: Prop House

And the Succinct Labs team took over the torch to try and make this into a trustless system (where you don’t have to trust someone like me operating a multisig to distribute the funds).

They are done with implementation and will have the prop up to vote it into existence soon. They’ve been waiting for the nouns fork drama to settle but we’ll be done with that in a week or two.

Apologies again and appreciate the patience.

(7 months later)… and still waiting, while in the meantime the noun project got huge exposure in the graffiti for free.

Way to go

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Hi, I just learned that graffiti proposal was finally completed.
You can find more here:

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