Proposal: Noun Giveaway to promote Ukraine Fundraiser

Project description:
Noun Soup is a Noun-ish extension that mashes up Nouns onto Andy Warhol inspired pop art soup cans. It’s completely on-chain and cc0.

All mint proceeds are donated to Ukraine via UkraineDAO. Their wallet is hard-coded into the Noun Soup contract so there’s assurance this isn’t a rug. Think of it as a bake-sale fundraiser, but we’re selling soup instead.

The project has already launched but we want to get more eyes on this and to provide more incentives for people to donate. A few Nouners have already minted some already (thank you!) but there is a lot of soup left. The collection size is 6669 and ~100 have been minted which maps to a tad over 1 eth raised. We’d like to see this project finish raising the goal of 66.69 eth.

What is being proposed?
We think that if we were to raffle off an actual Noun to a random holder (once the project mints out), then people would be much more inclined to donate. Each can of soup would be a raffle ticket.

How does this help Nouns?
The more people that see Noun Soup and donate, the more we proliferate Nouns. We’re hoping that peoples’ desire for a Noun will make them a little more likely to donate/promote. Their soup/token/ticket is basically worthless until the collection mints out so it is also in their interest to share.

Where does the Noun come from?

Option 1:
As we all know, every 10th Noun is rewarded to the Nounders. That’s great. They deserve them. There just so happens to be one in particular, Noun 110, which is a delicious bowl of noodles. It is the closest noun out there to being soup so it feels very suitable. If the Nounders would be down to donate it, that would be wonderful. Easy.

Option 2:
NounsDAO could buy Noun 110 for 66.69 eth from the Nounders, and it could be looked at as a matched donation (assuming the Nounders then donated the proceeds from the sale as well.) This is great too, and doubles the funds raised, so that’s awesome.

Option 3:
But, really, it could be any Noun. If we bought a random one off the floor, that would work, it’s just unlikely that the eth being used to buy it would then be donated.

Update: i’m realizing 110 is what gremplin uses as a discord avatar lol, so … obvs doesn’t need to be that one. I heard that the treasury has acquired some Nouns tho? maybe one of those could be used.

In the end, we’re just looking for a Noun to use as a lure to fund raise. (And hopefully a few tweets from the community to get the word out.)

If there’s interest in this idea, I could work on a contract that could automate the raffle as well, using Chainlink to get a provably random wallet from the current owner list.

Originally, we were going to mint at twice the price and use half the proceeds to procure a Noun on our own and then raffle it off… but felt it put the project in a more of a gray legal/tax situation. Instead, the contract merely acts as a funnel, where mint funds only touch the contract itself and then transferred directly to UkraineDAO’s gnosis wallet. Having the Noun donated, or having the raffle handled by a 3rd party, seems a lot safer. I am not a lawyer or an accountant. I’m an artist + developer and not an expert in this is side of it all. Maybe the whole raffle/giveaway thing is a non-starter for some other reason.

Thanks for reading! Open to other ideas on how to promote & proliferate. I’m not much of a marketer and kind of making this up as I go along.

This is what one of the soups looks like if you’re curious:

(See more examples on OpenSea)