Hackathon: Looking for Team and Project Ideas

Looking for a team for the Nouns hackathon or have a project idea? Post ideas and introductions here!

See the general hackathon thread here: Hackathon Discussion


Project Idea: Settlement Protection Proxy

When watching the Nouns Crystal Ball and trying to settle on just the right Noun. I’m worried that my settlement transaction will result in a less desirable Noun if it’s late. If only there were a proxy contract that I could call with my desired block number that would itself call the settleCurrentAndCreateNewAuction() function on the Nouns Auction House. If the transaction were to be mined in the wrong block it would abort. Bonus if it’d mint the Noun-that-could-have-been as a derivative NFT.

Feel free to use this idea!

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Project Idea: Auction End Bidding Pool

What if there were a contract that let you bet on what timestamp a Nouns auction would end on? If a bid comes in within the last 5 minutes of an auction, the end time is extended by 5 minutes. At the time of writing auctions are being extended by an average of 21 minutes and 50 seconds each. It could be a fun mini-game(?) for viewers to estimate the ending timestamp.

Feel free to use this idea!

Project Idea: On-Chain Voxel Encoding/Decoding

There are Nouns projects that will be dealing with 3D voxels. ManderHof encoding works for 2D artwork but the ecosystem may need a new way to efficiently store 3D artifacts and tools to render them from on-chain data.

Feel free to use this idea!

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Project idea: Noun animated news and education channel (and beyond)

I’m looking to put a team together for the Hackathon, to create a Nouns animated news and education channel, with a backend to allow for producing more regular content for people without technical skills.

The idea would be to launch the first broadcast at the end of the Hackathon

I’m thinking the team needs the following skillsets

  • Writer, editor with good background knowledge of crypto, tokenomics and Noun Dao for editorial.
  • 3D/Unity/Unreal artists and devs, ideally with Nouncentric / Voxel sensibilities
  • Creative W3 stack developer
  • W3 Project Manager

You can get a lot done in 48 hours with that kind of team.

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Sounds cool and something I can help with


apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

I’ve condensed the original concept into something that focuses on the core value of the idea, that woud be doable within the time constraints of the Hackathon and come up with:

Create an open-source on-line tool that would allow anyone to create animated speaking 2D nouns using their own voice or a text to speech generator

The initial idea would then be to build an education and news resource with news and Nounder animated interviews, but clearly the applications would be endless and could hopefully link into the 3D Noun project.

I’ve set up a Discord channel for anyone who wants to throw some ideas in or join the team for the Hackathon. All welcome


Project Idea: NFTs with ester eggs (yes, I’m obsessed with easter eggs)

What if we create an NFT collection for people who like to treasure hunt. Each NFT would contain hidden messages and those will lead to future projects.