Nouns Hack Week - The Internet Thread Proposal


We took the concept of Twitter threads, reimagined it through the lens of Nouns, and created the idea of a web3 community internet thread where anyone can write their thoughts, articles, ideas, analyses, predictions, or literally anything on, and anyone can read it for as long as Ethereum is operational.

90% of the funds generated will go into the Nouns treasury pool, enabling us to repay the initial investment and contribute to the growth of the Nouns ecosystem.

Proposal links:
Developers - Prop House
Grand Prize - Prop House


If Twitter were to close tomorrow, where would your content created over the years go?
And if it were to happen to Quora, Medium, and similar sites?
The problem with every centralized site is that if it fails, your content disappears with it. This is what happened with MySpace, Friendster, Bebo, and thousands of other less well-known sites.
Another problem (which can be debatable) is the amount of content present on the internet for each specific topic, due to the ease of creation and distribution of such content.

These problems require an innovative, decentralized, and community-based solution.
So why not create a sort of decentralized book created by the community in the form of NFT paragraphs?
This is where the idea of the Nouns Thread was born. A platform where you can upload your articles, song lyrics, ideas, analyses, predictions, or anything else that comes to your mind (in textual form).
These paragraphs will have a character limit and will be written on-chain so that they can be read for as long as Ethereum is operational.
The minting cost will include the GAS fee for the on-chain minting of the paragraph + 0.02 ETH fee.

Why Nouns?

Nouns is the most innovative project in the web3 landscape.
The membership distribution system, the community treasury management, noggles, the mission, and the effort that the community is demonstrating to support noble causes are just a few of the reasons why I fell in love with Nouns.
In fact, I, along with five others, am working on a project based on the key concepts of the Nouns DAO for a decentralized startup studio called Founderz DAO.
And it is with the Founderz DAO that we are applying for this Hack Week.
It is important to note that Founderz DAO, as stated in the proposal, will receive 10% of the 0.02 ETH fee.

Who is behind the Founderz DAO?

  • Gian Lorenzo has done several NFT projects with singers and athletes with 1M+ followers and is the brother of Italy’s best known bitcoiner.
  • Francesco is one of the devs of CivFund and has been writing smart contracts for 5 years.
  • Luca is co-founder of a graphic design company that was just bought by another larger company.
  • Alessandro is an organizer and speaker at web3 events.
  • Kell has 3 years of experience in full-stack development.
  • Gherardo I have failed at four startups, but I am still building, and I will never stop.

What we built:

Founderz HUB and Founderz Circle
The Hub is a platform where you can meet co-founders for your web3 projects, while the Circle is a free service to increase your knowledge and network, enabling you to meet three enthusiasts of DAOs, NFTs, and blockchain in an interactive virtual space.

Now back to the proposal.

We are open to any feedback on the idea and if you’re interested in joining our force we’re super happy to welcome you onboard.

Here’s a sneak peek of our current prototype:

These are some topics we would love to have your input on:

  • Would you like another name instead? ( ‘Nouns Thread’ atm )
  • Should we give a % to a charity fund as well?
  • What improvements would you like to see on the design?
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to have ⌐◨-◨ or a random derivative Nouns image linked to the paragraph itself? It could be engraved on the back side of the paragraph NFT.

Now we are working on the paragraph creation mockup and nouns thread navigator as well.
We’ll keep you updated in the next few days.

Stay Nounish.