Nouns Ice Cream by WG


Create a Nouns Ice Cream brand and LLC. Token gated website with shipping options and $ICE ERC20 airdrop for Nouns hodler, 1 $ICE = 1 redeemable genesis ice cream. Made by whalegoddess#0517.

Who the heckkk doesnt like ice cream? Fund me and I’ll build an awesome Ice Cream empire for the Nouns. My experience is in solidity and web programming, but help me find a team and I’ll build you a physical location too! At first it will be based in California with distribution in-country, but this can be expanded to Japan, Brazil or more! 50% of profits seen from private sale will feed back into the Nouns DAO treasury indefinitely!

What kinds of flavors? I was imagining all kinds of varieties from “standard ice cream” to fruity gelatos! I imagined them coming in cute pint sized containers with Nounish drawings and/or memes on them!

Phases of development

Phase 0 (I am here): Funding, Proposal refining. Find Ice Cream multisig signers (trusted Nouns members)
Phase 1: Spot HQ location for 2 years

  • One option for flagship location in Phase 8 is Hayward CA. → Location of proposer, additionally Hayward has strong community and lots of open retail space. California is well posed to expand shipping to Japan/Brazil if desired (Nouns DAO Japan/Brazil)
  • Open to consideration here.

Phase 2: Expand team. My current skillset is web dev and solidity, and basic design. I’d hire a visual and taste designer to the team, at first part time. (est. 1 month)
Phase 3: Curate ice cream into categories and find a preferred distributor (est. ???)
Phase 4: Website and private sale development (est. 2 months) at this point, there is no ice cream ordered yet
Phase 5: Order in bulk to location (est. 1-3 months)
Phase 6: $ICE token airdrop for Nouns, maybe with staking rewards just to make it fun (est. 2 months)
Phase 7: Open flagship location with Nouns branding (est. 6mo)
Phase 8: Reopen online shop with new flavors

Grants request 1: 20 ETH, Phase 1 and 2
WG begins web development and team/property search, application for license

(The 20 ETH would be converted to stablecoins by the multisig for short term use to $34-35,000. Will speak in terms of ETH below)

9 ETH represents a full time salary of 3 ETH per month over 3 months. It will be dispensed through Sablier payment (over time) from Ice Cream Multisig to wgv.eth for full time attention to the ice cream brand during Phases 1 and 2. Expectation is that there is a website demo, and Nouns have an update indicating new team members and their roles, or who will be hired upcoming to meet the goals of GR2.
(Up to) 12 ETH will be dispensed when 2-3 appropriately selected employees are chosen and if Grant Request 2 does not fail a vote, if Grant Request 2 fails then the multisig holders are expected (in faith) to return remainder of eth to the Nouns DAO treasury.

Grant request 2: 40 eth, Phase 3 and 4 (Digital Ice cream sale!)
This pays for WG salary for 3-4 months (9-12 ETH), continued salary for PT/FT employees 3-4 months (20-27 ETH), and buying bulk ice cream (Unknown cost at the time). Expectation is that the sale website should be functioning and complete, and the remaining work should be logistical work for fulfilling orders.

Details of the limited edition public sale (sample):
1000 ice creams x 3 flavors sold at $12.50 USD each
Potential discount for verified Nouns holders

Cost of production unknown at the time of writing

This would be a max $370k raise and 50% of profits from sale will go to the treasury. The estimated cost up until now is 60 ETH or less ($100k)

**Grant request 3: 30 ETH Phase 7 $ICE token airdrop **
Give each Noun 3 $ICE ERC20 or ERC1155, max supply of 1500 $ICE to ever exist.
Effectively we’re giving away 1500 ice creams to nouns holders/token buyers on secondary. The $ICE token can be burned for Limited Edition Ice Creams, highly coveted 3 new flavors!

Supply details:
1200 $ICE: airdropped
300 $ICE: Dev LP

1500 free ice creams plus delivery is going to cost approx $15,000 to produce and ship in the US (using $10/ice cream estimate)

The rest of funds (approx 10 ETH of this round) will go to WG and any collaborators, as well as existing employees, for the delicate/new kind of token airdrop.

Grant request 4; Phase 7-8
Rent for retail space in Hayward CA: ~$100k for 2 years, can be dispensed every 6 months or so.
Need to furnish and design as well, estimating a light $200k bill for remodeling.

Once we have an established location we will reopen the shop to limited online ordering with new flavors.


Salary for WG: 3 ETH / month foreva
Salary for 3 additional employees Phase 3-7: 1.5ETH/month for 20hr workweek, 3 ETH/month for 40hr work week, capping at 3 additional employees (discretionary with 9 ETH max)
Retail properties in Hayward can cost between $50-100k/year to rent.

GR1: 20 ETH, Ph1-2 (groundwork)
GR2: 40 ETH, Ph3-5 (Private sale $370k raise)
GR3: 30 ETH, Ph6 ($ICE airdrop)
GR4: 200 ETH, Ph7-8 (Flagship location and reopen shop to new flavors)

I am asking for funding for GR1,2,3., noting we are too early to discuss funding GR4.


  • Nounish Ice Cream flavors (Gelatos, standard, come in pint containers)
    • some limited edition/rare
  • Ran by whalegoddess#0517, solidity/web dev of 2 years
  • Multiple mediums to purchase/sales: USD/crypto and $ICE token (NFT or ERC20 on Sushi/Uni)
    • Each Noun gets 3 $ICE, 1 $ICE = 1 Limited Edition Ice Cream delivered in the US
  • 50% of profits go to Nouns DAO starting with the first sale round
  • 8 Phases in 4 Funding Rounds
    • final phase is renting a place in Hayward CA for retail expansion
  • Max full time salary for 1 individual is 3 ETH / month.

I love ice cream. I love the passion in this idea. I’m not sure it’s feasible in this manner though.

Ice cream is an extremely competitive market and the barriers to entry on the retail level are very high. I don’t see anything in the prop on how you will actually make the ice cream, let alone ship it across the country, which will be prohibitively expensive I would imagine. This is the most important part of the whole project. I don’t want to discourage you, but I think there are a ton of details here that need to be worked out. I’m happy to try and help if you want to chat, but I’m just not sure it would be viable.