TSP x Nouns: Skateboard Design and Giveaway [18E]

Submitting this Proposal in collaboration with Lily, Development Director for The Skatepark Project

Additional discussions (and more amazing deck art) in the #skatepark channel on Discord

Who is behind this proposal?
Founded by Tony Hawk, The Skatepark Project (TSP) is a nonprofit organization working to increase access to outdoor recreation and free play through the creation of safe and inclusive community skateparks. TSP provides the resources, advocacy skills, grants and fellowship programs that guide skaters in creating their own community skateparks, from conception through construction. This is a collaborative process between skaters and city authorities to invest in capital improvements that will enrich a community for decades. The Skatepark Project’s grant programs have awarded over $10 million to help fund nearly 700 public skateparks in all 50 States, enjoyed by an estimated 6 million people annually. The organization’s International Program has provided technical and financial support to assist youth through the Skateistan educational programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa. To get involved, visit https://skatepark.org/.

What is it?
The Nouners will facilitate a design contest for the artwork and The Skatepark Project will source and facilitate the creation of 300 complete skateboards with the winning art to be given away to kids who would not otherwise be able to afford a skateboard.

  1. Design Contest
    Nouners to run a contest and select the winning artwork

  2. Source Materials (TSP to purchase)

  • Skateboard decks with Nouners winning art
  • Hardware and skate tools
  1. Facilitate Build
    · TSP will organize volunteers or paid labor to assemble 300 skateboard

  2. Give Away Event
    · TSP will organize a small local event at a public skatepark to give-away the 300 complete skateboards. This event will take place only if be public health guidelines permit. The boards will be given away in Southern California to save on shipping costs.

This proposal requests a total of ~18 ETH (based on current market value) up front from the DAO for the entire project

-Parts and Tools for 300 skateboards (wholesale cost + shipping) est $32k (would go up slightly depending on how many different boards we want to make)
-Donation to TSP to $20k
-Events (volunteer board build and board give away) est $5k

We will update timeline based on board manufacturer prior to going on on-chain, but anticipate the process taking a few months

We look forward to hearing feedback and would welcome help from any nouners interested in being more involved with this initiative


We will be preparing to put this on-chain with updates to funding and operating on a ~3 month timeline

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I have some solid connections for excellent quality stickers (Sticker Robot) and some of the best printed decks on the market. they also do drop shipping if you need it I would be happy to do the intros if you need it, I absolutely love these graphics!!!

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Thanks Klim! we have tentative suppliers already for both the stickers and the decks but I will follow up with you on discord if we end up wanting to pursue either


Skateboard is one of the symbol of culture so Really cool idea!

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anytime. Always happy to share what I can for this project. I absolutely love these deck designs