Small Grants: Gnarfrica! GnarsDAO Activation Boost

TL:DR - We are requesting for a 1 ETH from Small Grants to help us clear shipping costs and customs and Import duties for the 15 Skateboards, 200+ fingerboards and Griptape that we ordered for Gnarfrica activation.

Dear Nouners, We recently won a 2.5ETH grant from GnarsDAO to do the first Nounish Gnars Activation in Partnership with the Uganda Skate boarders Association. If You would like to have a read on our Proposal you can find it here: USFxGnarsDAO

We received overwhelming support from the GnarsDAO to introduce nouns to our community in Uganda through skateboarding and we cannot wait to share this activation soon. Here is the poster to the Event and we shall be having our press conference on Moday, 29th August, 2022.

We initially calculated a 0.5ETH budget to cater for Shipping and Import duties on these items, but it turns out we greatly underestimated the shipping costs and the African Tax man. The Gnars team also raised this concern in our initial discussions but we believed that since it was a small activation we maynot incur a big expense and we didn’t also want to put a Major strain on the Gnars Treasury which is actually mean’t for Nouns Athletes and not activations.

As you can see our Poster is ready to go and We have already placed the orders with the different trusted Gnars Suppliers from America and China and our orders have been shipped enroute to Uganda over the next 3-4 weeks.

We are asking for this very “Big Boost” from small grants to help us clear the extra shipping cost and Import duties. We are sure this budget will be enough this time because our tax consultant based this new calculation on the invoices we submitted to them.

Additional Cost Breakdown:
Shipping Costs - 0.36
Import Duty - 0.54
Last Mile Delivery - 0.1

We are putting in this request early so that we have no delays especially when the Goods arrive at the Ugandan Borders. I am tagging @noun22 So you can easily find this and look forward to your feedback on how we can go about this.

Thank you
Kind regards
Davin Oyesigye - Nouns Africa

PS: Poster says event will take place on 30th September but the Date has been changed from 30th to 24th September because of the skateboarders Schedules.