SMALL GRANTS: NOUNish PF-Pins by BigshotToyworks

I propose to create a series of collectible NOUNish pins with unique art cards backers that also serve as an onboarding link to all of the NOUN information:, Discord, Discourse etc. High quality hard enamel pins on a collectible card with a QR code that activates the links. We can have these shipped to our warehouse for world wide distribution. Would be a perfect tool to share at NFTNYC etc


looks cool to me

when you have more of the details i think small grants can take care of this

I am in the process of designing and preparing teh artwork for the cards right now. Everything else is ready to go. the 3 Eth covers all the designand prep work 5000 pins in 5 styles (1K each) shipping to our warehouse and set up for distribution world wide through our site Nouns – Bigshot Toyshop
Let me know if you need anything else thank you. We can also do a similar thing with super high quality sticker packs @noun22 we are ready to go, just let e know if you need anything else

packaging card completed . Need to create a link tree and a correct QR code to direct traffic to the appropriate sites etc.

Working on a unique linktree system that would highlight NOUNs, discord, and a select informative links

These would make amazing hand outs at NFTNYC and we can always increase the order. add new noun cards and keep these limited to 1000 pcs per design.

WE can also provide exceptional quality sticker packs with nouns and glasses on them as well with teh code embedded in the sticker or on the back =) Designs TBD but you get the idea. These are light fast and screen printed in the USA. best quality around.

the PIN is separate from the NOUN which is a fun lil visual here is a revised card and QR code

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Pins are currently in production and we should have sample images in about a week

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Pins were a huge success at NFTNYC, Shipped 250 pcs to NY and was able to hand them all out to NOUNers, and community members, artists and NOUN curious folks throughout the week. Sent some to NFT RIO too. The rest of these will be in our shop next week. Will have special discount codes for NOUN community members that need some for events etc

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Love this!
The physical pins turn out awesome, the quality looks :100:

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These pins are really cute!
Just checked, they are sold out =(

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Hey Elle, sorry about the confusion , the items are still processing in the warehouse system so it is in the cue to be activated, we have single pins, packs of all 5 colors and a bulk pack of 100 pcs that we are offering at a huge discount in order to get these out to more people world wide Please hang tight and give @nounworks a follow on twitter and we will send a notice when they pins and other things are live.

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