Small grants: add Nouns Explorer to

Hey all - I’m excited and nervous to share my first discourse post here. But this is a pretty fun one. Deep breaths…

What are you doing?
My proposal for the front-end clients round wasn’t selected (so close!), but @9999 and @brianj asked me if I’d be able to take the Nouns Explorer portion of the prop and incorporate it into as a new “Explore” section of the website.

Here’s a demo of the prototype:

How will this proliferate the nouns meme?
The primary goal here is to encourage the exploration of nouns by adding a section to the site that shows all nouns in a single view, and also allows visitors to explore the details of each noun’s traits individually.

What do you think makes this “Nounish”?
It’s all nouns!

What is your track record for projects like this?
I’m a designer & developer with over 15 years of experience creating digital products & websites. My Nounish contributions include:

  • ⌐◧-◧.app: Quickly copy unicode noggles to your clipboard
  • The Noggle Factory is a celebration of Nouns Glasses. A new pair of noggles is created for each block on Ethereum
  • Nouniversary Noggles: A limited-release free mint to celebrate one year of Nouns. Featuring noggles from Noun 0, personalized for each minter
  • ABCs with Nouns: Learn the alphabet with Nouns

High level funding breakdown

Phase one

An initial phase to get up and running, do a design round, and get a simple version of the Explore page up on the site sooner than later. This phase includes:

  • Zoomed in grid view of the collection
  • Zoomed out grid view of the collection
  • Sidebar view with the trait breakdown. If available, include rarity stats.
  • Mobile views

Timeline: ~4 weeks
Price: 9 eth

Future updates

Once phase one is complete, there are a number of elements/features that can be added to improve the UX and encourage exploration even more. And we may learn something during phase one that impacts phase two, so I’m leaving this open-ended:

  • Filter & search grid view by trait types
  • Expanded trait breakdown to include other nouns with shared trait and links to each
  • Visual trait explorer with trait-specific views & permalinks to easily access each trait’s info.

Looks great! NSFW is happy to fund this awesome tool. Are you cool if we do half the compensation up front, half upon completion?


I’ve seen so many people request this feature. Definitely in favor of this.


Thank you, thank you! Yep, a 50/50 split sounds right to me.


Dang man, your work is so awesome. It’s been fun to see your evolution here in just a few months!


Yes. Yes. Yes. Finally! Thanks for putting in the work to make this happen.