Small Grants: Rework Nouns Playground

Hello :wave:

I’m Jeff (aka heyjeff.eth) and I’ve been developing for CrypToadz since 2021 and Nouns since late 2022. Very excited to share what I have built so far with all of you.

What are you building?

The playground we need and deserve. I messed around with the playground on Nouns DAO and while it’s good, it could be vastly improved.

Try the new and improved playground here! (Works on mobile too)
v1 assets coming very soon

  • Images for each individual trait w/ tooltips to easily navigate and learn - no more wondering what each trait looks like purely from the text (7)

  • Filter trait type by category (i.e. for the Head trait type, filter by food/drink, animal, sports, etc)

  • Dynamic search - search any trait by description or ID. Traits auto-populate as soon as you start typing!

  • FAVORITING :sparkles:- probably my favorite feature :wink: … Finally you can group traits by your favorites and your preferences will persist each time you revisit the site (1)

  • One-click share-to-Twitter button - It couldn’t be easier to share your Nouns directly to Twitter. (2)

  • Animate your Noun - Animate any Noun configuration instantly in 1 of 3 states: idling (blinking/breathing), eating a pizza (yum), or sleeping ( ̄o ̄) . z Z

    • All animations are CC0 to be used however you see fit (emojis, stickers, content creations, etc) (5)
  • Upload custom files - unleash your creativity by dressing your Noun with your own hand-drawn traits. Supported by animation too (idle only for now)! (3)

  • Instantly randomize all or just one trait (4)

How will this proliferate the nouns meme?
The goal is to empower users to quickly and easily create and share Nouns in a fun and engaging way. It’s everything the current Nouns playground could and should be.

What do you think makes this “Nounish”?
I don’t think it could be more Nounish if I tried!

Funding Breakdown

Retrofund: 15E

I am humbly requesting to be compensated for the last 3 months of work used to create this tool. It was not asked for, but I believe it brings great value to Nouns now that it exists. If agreeable, I could work to incorporate a leaner version of this (without the unnecessary stuff like “play” button and Wallet Connect, etc) directly into the Nouns official website (

5E/mo @ ~$1500/E evaluates to ~$90k annual salary for a software engineer. This is conservative and quite fair in my opinion.

Future: Pro-bono

I have plans to continuously improve the playground with small UX/UI updates as needed with feedback from the community with or without funding purely because I love it and want to develop tools people will actually use and love! I think having dedicated 3 months of my time already without any promise of compensation is a testament to that.

Features in the works (non exhaustive):

  • Enter an existing Noun ID or Today’s Noun
  • Undo/redo feature when swapping between different traits
  • Dark/light mode toggle
  • Expandable trait section to have more traits viewable on screen at a given time
  • More tool tips
  • Select from a range of dimensions when exporting (currently default 360x360)

Thank You

I appreciate everyone’s support thus far who have helped me test and work the playground to what it is today. Wouldn’t be at this point without y’all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:


Love this interface, really nice work

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Thank you Klim :pray:, we appreciate the feedback!

I know you’re all busy but appreciate any feedback :handshake:

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