Small Grants: Nouns Extension for Raycast

Hey everyone :wave: My name is Pedro and I’d like to make a proposal for a Small Grant.


Mission: To develop a Nouns Extension for Raycast. To allow users to get lightning fast access to Nouns related data. Trait explorer, collection data, auction, and more!
Budget: Ξ 2.5 to build (code, publishing, video demo) + Ξ 1 to maintain it
Prototype: I’ve already built a prototype to help illustrate how this extension would look and to get more familiar with the existing APIs. Below’s a a YouTube video of the prototype in action :tv:


I’ve always loved Nouns and the NounsDAO, and always wanted to create something for it.

Initial version

Recently I started playing around with Raycast Extensions, and it occurred to me that it would be nice to have access to the Nouns ecosystem at the tip of my fingers.

This extension could:

  • Allow users to search for Nouns based on traits
  • Allow users to view the Nouns collection
  • Allow users to filter collection by ID
  • Allow users to filter by Nouns that are on sale
  • View specific Noun details
  • Open Nouns on OpenSea
  • Show users the current Nouns auction (include data, such as bidders, current price, etc)
  • Allow users to open current auction in browser
  • Show users Treasury value
  • Show posts from Nouns Discourse (subject to API)

Note: The features above can be broken down into individual Raycast commands.

Why Raycast?

Raycast is an app that provides developers with quick access to their tools. The app reduces the continuous context switching that millions of developers face every day with a command line inspired interface.

They’ve recently released an Extensions API. It allows developers to build custom integrations to speed up common tasks and share them with their team or the community.

  • Tens of thousands of daily active users
  • Over 500 extensions in the store
  • More than 6,000 members in their Slack

In the future…

We could also build this outside of Raycast!

Who am I?

My name is Pedro Duarte (@peduarte), and I’m a UI developer based in Barcelona. I’m interested in design systems, web3, user/dev experience and under engineering. Currently working at Rainbow :rainbow:

Notable work:
  • Radix: Unstyled, accessible components for building high‑quality design systems and web apps in React (5M downloads p/m)
  • Stitches: CSS-in-JS with near-zero runtime, SSR, multi-variant support, and a best-in-class developer experience (430k downloads p/m)
  • RainbowKit: RainbowKit is a React library that makes it easy to add wallet connection to your dapp. It’s intuitive, responsive and customizable (86k downloads p/m)
  • Other past clients: Facebook, Google, Nike, The Times & The Sunday Times, Heineken, Commerzbank.
Raycast Extensions I’ve built:
  • Web3 Profile: Search for ENS names and view its profile — Avatar, description, social URLs and more!
  • TinyFaces NFT: Search the TinyFaces NFT Collection by Token ID, Traits and Owner. View token details. Open on OpenSea, copy data to clipboard, and more!
  • Radix: Search the Radix documentation.

You can learn more about me and my work on

Thank you

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this looks awesome. we’ve had several trait explorers in the past but there’s not been one primary tool that everyone reaches for and this seems like a very solid contender. im also really excited the future version of this that can be a standalone site and be the slickest explorer anyone can use, and what can be added to a tool like this. the video looks great as well.

also exciting to have someone like Perdro building for Nouns given level of quality he brings to the table with his work…

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thanks! appreciate the kind words.

im also really excited the future version of this that can be a standalone site and be the slickest explorer anyone can use

yeah we can totally do that too! would require a bit more effort to make it really slick, but if we think the Raycast Extension offers good value I’d be more than happy to build the web version!

i think this looks cool and we could really use a slick traits explorer

why raycast? candidly i don’t know what that app is - i would love something like this as a standalone site. i don’t know if i’d download raycast just to use this but i’d love if it were accesible via web browser. is that a big lift beyond what you have scoped out?

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also - i wonder if this may be a little too similar to something we are already funding that will be on the homepage

do you think your app would be meaningfully differentiated?

@noun22 hey and thanks for your reply!

why raycast?

It’s an excellent product, and they have an excellent developer API for building extensions. Raycast is growing fast and is really well backed.

I like the idea of being one of the first NFT collections available as Raycast extensions too. I think it’ll help with having more eye balls on Nouns. But also, it’s just a fun extension!

i’d love if it were accesible via web browser. is that a big lift beyond what you have scoped out?

It’s a bigger lift to build a dedicated web app since it’d require design, ux, ui and then the rest of the logic to make sure it’s properly executed. Such as routing, transitions, state management (probably include saving search filter in URL query strings so they can easily be shared), etc.

But there’s no reason why we can’t make a web version — will just take a bit longer!

Another note about making Nouns things for the Web, is that if Nouns had an official Design System, with pre-defined UX patterns, ets, it would definitely speed up the development, as well as ensuring consistency across products!

also - i wonder if this may be a little too similar to something we are already funding that will be on the homepage
do you think your app would be meaningfully differentiated?

There are some overlaps in terms of feature, since they can both search for traits. The main differentiator is that one is web and the other is within Raycast.

We could eventually even integrate the Raycast extension to open in the Nouns Explorer, so they feel part of the same family.

Also I’ve updated the budget in this proposal, as when I started writing it I wasn’t as familiar with the available Nouns APIs, but since making the prototype some things are a bit clearer now.

cool. right now, since we have already funded something similar to this for the homepage, and there is a fair amount of friction in requiring people to download raycast… i don’t think this is something we would fund right now

i don’t want to discourage you, i would gladly fund you to build out another cool tool

no problem, thanks for reviewing it!

Big yes to this.

I think for a lot of people who are un-aware of what Raycast is [and how most people who use it are major maxis of it], this will get a bit lost on them.

That being said, as someone who is a Raycast user, I would use the **** out of this. Being able to have the Nouns information at my finger tips with the ability to look at traits, download pngs, etc, is amazing.

Re: the site browser. While these look to be similar on the surface, I would argue they are very different. Part of the Raycast UX is keeping things light, ontop of your current workflow, and readily available via keyboard commands at the OS level. Its like spotlight search on your iOS devices, but opened to developers.

The explorer on the website is a great add, but imo very different from what this provides. For example, when I’m designing Nouns stuff in Figma, I could go to the website and download assets from the playground and combine them how I would need, but its much more convenient to use the Figma plugin which offers similar functionally. It’s built into the tools and workflow I already use.

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I love this idea. I actually considered building it myself after using the Raycast extension for Tailwind.

This could be a big workflow boost for many devs/designers. Unfortunately, the main obstacle is Raycast’s adoption rate.

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