Small Grants : Plushy Nouns NFT Collection

Goal : Create Plushy toys alike Nouns and mint them as NFT collection to be a forever memoir.

Story : Naked to the human eye, there exist parallel dimensions in the depths of the metaverse. In these depths of metaverse exist a parallel of Nouns, they are not the 32x32 pixel nouns that exist in our dimension, but are far bigger, 3 dimensional and fluffier. This is the " Plushy Nouns " dimension far across the metaverse. EVIL, a mad scientist has opened the inter-dimensional gate and discovered them. He is out on a journey to visit them and bring them in our dimension to meet the 32x32 Nouns and expand the Nouns universe.
Evil has already made first contact and brought Bruce, Froger, Morpheus, Pina and Swimshady and giving them a tour of Shark DAO. He aims to bring back Nounder’s fluffy bois as well and more. He need your help as the inter- dimensional gate is powered by one of the rarest resource known to nounkind - DAOrol and he also need some supplies for this long journey back and forth, namely - Chocy milk, potatoes , pillow, a cat ( A cat is a must ) and a regular supply of GMs.

Nounish Goal : Create characters and storyline around Plushy Nouns, their parallel universe and more.

Ask : 0.25 Ξ per Nouns
0.25 x 20 = 5 Ξ
Address : 0x300da191248a500b2174aeD992d6697BF97F9139

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I got pretty excited that these were actually plushy stuffed toys. It appears this is just the NFT, is that right? They look like super cool toys. Lol. As an NFT, I’m not very interested, unless it’s to fund ToyDAO or something. :smiley:

Still wish you the best though. The renderings are very neat.

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Woww these are very cool! It would be really dope if these could be made into actual plush pillows!

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Hahaha I understand xD
As a matter of fact I did asked some manufactures around, unfortunately it has been a long weekend thanks to festivals in my country but I did got a quote on prices from them already. Physical Toys are for sure in this roadmap if the proposal is accepted.
As for NFTs, I’m surprised you are not very interested whereas your own proposal exist and has been passed around NFTs where you gonna take art submission from artist and then mint multiple editions from them. Read the story I’ve mentioned above and I guess you already agree with the quality of artwork here.

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Yes I’ve asked few manufacturers around in my city. Like I’ve stated above, long weekend but the quotation is decently described. For starters, a sample will cost me $50 but the good thing is if this is a successful proposal then in future ( Specially in bulk orders ) each plush toy will cost $8 + shipping.
I’m more interested in the microfiber ones, more fluffy

ahahaha we need artist and storetellers for sure in Nouns

I didn’t mean to take anything away from the NFT aspect of this. I’m sure it would have appeal. My brain just immediately went to ‘THOSE LOOK LIKE THE MOST AMAZING STUFFED TOYS I’VE EVER SEEN’ to ‘Oh, it’s an NFT project. That’s cool I guess.’ :sweat_smile:

I would love to see the full roadmap as well if you’d be willing to share. I think that would really help from a proposal standpoint as well.

There is no roadmap on this one, "Nounish Goal " clearly state they will be 3D derivatives of the 20 nounders. Assume this as a parallel universe to Nouns current version, which are 32x32 pixel art. I’m trying to bring Nouns as a narrative storyline

Let’s get Playtime Nouns funding as we are basically the “ToyDAO” !

I have no idea what that is. Do you have a link? Sounds awesome.

You are following on twitter :slight_smile:

Poster or something idk

Oh after you said this I did looked it up and saw your proposal. I myself looked into some manufactures here and costing.
Had to drop the idea of plushy physical pieces as not many would be willing to buy these unless mass production and forced marketing into various shops personally like a wholesale product + online order via NFT enthusiastic people. The guy asked finally answered and luckily just today coz we had a long weekend due to festivals lmao. Will tag you on discord if you have the same name there and share the idea of pricing if you wanna push with physical plushies

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Ever wonder how Evil’s inter dimensional portal looks like and how the nouns look when they cross between universes?
Well you can stop wondering now !