Small Grants: 8bit Nouns Mini Games

8bit Nouns is making games by Galaxy Stargraph. As a long time Noundling and one of the earliest Noun derivative artists Galaxy has shown a love and passion for Nouns and Nostaglia that are a perfect match.

Next Up: Mini Games
Now he wants to create five 8bit Noun Mini Games that will be playable NFT’s with an on-chain leaderboard.

We’re seeking a Small Grant to develop the games themselves. We’re looking for .5/game to go directly to Galaxy Stargraph. 2.5 ETH Total - 1ETH up front and 1.5 ETH upon completion.

Game 1 - Runner
Game 2 - Beat Em Up
Game 3 - Tetris/Puyo Puyo
Game 4 - Jumper
Game 5 - Flying Shooter


NOUNtendo this is so much fun


Looks really cool. I think for the cost of 1 ETH to fund a trial that this is something that makes sense - just had a couple questions first to better understand what to expect:

  • How long will it take for the games to be completed?
  • Roughly how much gameplay time will the be in each of them?
  • Do you guys have a background in making games?
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This sounds pretty interesting. Would love to know more about how you all are planning on running the onchain leaderboard.

Thx. I’ve spoke with Cyberh49 who is developing on-chain gaming mechanics and have been told this is def possible. We’re still discussing specifics on the best way to achieve this.


  • We’ve discussed about 2 weeks per game and that feels good.
  • Aiming for about 1-2 hours to beat each game, depending on each gamers skill level.
  • Mostly as hobbyists and game aficionados. Galaxy has been developing games around Nouns and we’ve tested some Roms that have been really fun! We’re approaching these games as the lead up to a full scale Adventure Game and look forward to building with the community.
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Great! For a trial of 1 ETH small grants is happy to fund this


if you need a case for these that looks like a unique but familiar gaming system let me know, this looks like a rad project to support