Introducing...The Noun Cats! – A CC0 Nouns derivative project

Hey Nounders, Nouners, and anyone else reading this,

I’m Backseats and I’m the Co-Founder and Developer of Noun Cats.

I reached out in the Discord a few months ago when we were just starting and we’ve come a very long way since then and I wanted to share more about our project.

The important Details: We’ve generated 10,000 Noun Cats on ETH, which will be minting on February 14.

Noun Cats will be CC0 with no roadmap but with the strong intention of making them very applicable to future projects, both ours and those in the NFT or Nouns ecosystem that wish to use them in some way. We believe strongly in the power of memes, remix culture, and want these fun characters to be accessible to anyone interested in Nouns who may not be able to afford the real thing!

Background: Noun Cats was inspired by Timpers Nounify-ing my Cool Cat pfp. My partner Dean and I tweeted out asking if anyone wanted a pixelated, Nounified cat for free and we got a ton of responses. We cleared the idea with Timpers (since it was inspired by his work), he gave us the go-ahead and then we took a few months to work on it. Rather than pixelating Cool Cats, we developed hundreds of our own unique traits which you can see on some sample cats below:

I don’t have any asks other than to make you guys aware of another quality project in the Nouns universe.

Excited to hear your feedback. Happy to chat more about the project with you all.

Have a great week,


looks cool! love the deriv, and i love the way the glasses look. it looks like you put a lot of work into this. keep us posted on the projects success and don’t hesitate to reach out on discord if you think there’s something i can do to help


Yeah looking good! I feel like we should have a Noun Cat easter egg in 3D nouns

That would be awesome! We could also do a run of 3d Noun Cats to help promote 3D Nouns too

details on minting price?

we haven’t announced that yet. will do so next week