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Hello, I wanted to introduce some projects I’ve been working on for the DAO recently.

I created a library of 24 rigged, 3D nouns characters based on existing nouns intended for use in animation, promo art, games, web content, 3D prints and anything that would require them.
I’m releasing these to the DAO as CC0 assets, below is the projects .blend file.

Also built is an interactive web-content platform at


This project is intended to explore expanding the scope of how nouns can proliferate through the web, in this case through interactive web-embeddable content. Click or tap on the nouns on mobile or desktop to interact with them. On the website, each noun has an easy to use HTML embed code available letting you embed the content on your own website or app without needing any special programming skills.

A mirror of this library has been hosted as a Tez Collection (also interactable):

Additionally, I built a CC0 asset library based off of the models I had built for the rigged characters. This was intended to explore how the nouns 3D models could be used in the context of procedurally generated DAO art and if additional utility could be found.

Below are some examples of the traits generated by the asset library and some phone wallpaper art made with the traits.

I’ll also be releasing these assets as CC0 to the DAO

nouns.builder art pack:

sticker library:

phone wallpaper:

I would love to continue working on these and similar projects for the DAO!
I will be submitting a retro-funding prop for 1.2 ETH through Nouns Retro Grants on
I can also provide additional information and support for any of the art and content above upon inquiry.

If any members of the DAO are interested in helping grow out these projects or enlisting me for similar work, I would be more than happy to get in touch.

A demo of some of the random traits the HD art pack will produce.

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