Nouns derivative project: CeeFriends

Hey all,

Not a proposal (just yet!)

I am launching a Nouns derivative project called CeeFriends - basically took all 200 or so of the Noun “head” attributes and created some unique doodle art around them (very much in the same style as VeeFriends).

More updates to come, but I will be giving away them away for free in the very near future (and of course they are CC0). If you are interested, feel free to give the project a follow or reach out to me!


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Also @admins / @4156 / @vapeape / @devcarrot @seneca , would it be possible to add this to the Nouns Wiki as an art project, please?

Here’s the OpenSea link:

Hoping to get through to @seneca ! Has been an intense 24 hours!