(.)(.) NFTitties, a Nouns fork!

Dear Nouns!

I am working on something and would love your feedback. The Nouns ecosystem has been nothing short of inspiring with such strong execution and clarity in messaging. CC0, and crypto-native composability, is not just a concept I want to see succeed, but an idea I’d like to play a role in helping succeed.

Below is a project that combines boobs, charity, mimetics and community-created art.


NFTitties (.)(.)

Community created NFTitties, daily; a Nouns-fork.

Project Details

  • Everyday a new depiction of boobs is auctioned

  • The NFTitties are created by artists and submitted along with Q&A for rarity

  • All submissions follow visual guidelines to develop a cohesive aesthetic

  • Proceeds split between the breast cancer not-for-profit, artist, project and community treasury

  • There are two ways to participate (both offer private community access):

    • Create and submit artwork
    • Bid and join community

Core values

  • Free the nipple (ethereum has no nudity policy!)
  • Supporting women (16% of NFT creators are female!)
  • Contribute to crypto not-for-profit ecosystem
  • Onboarding (allowing all to create an NFT of their art!)


  • Carlota Dochao Naveira, Founder (Director at SUPERBLUE)
  • Sarah Meyohas, Artist and creator of Bitchcoin
  • Gabe Wise, COS at Sarah Meyohas Studio (formerly David Zwirner)
  • Sophie Cheung, UIUX designer at Airgarage
  • Abby Shlesinger, Associate Project Manager at Sarah Meyohas Studio
  • Emil Gombos, Director at Meyohas Studio (formerly Levy Gorvy)

Incubated by @bitch_coin :brain:


  • Fine art: leverage existing network for artist contributions, Carlota is Director at SUPERBLUE/Pace, Sarah (hello!) to be represented by top New York gallery :sunglasses:

  • Influencer: Bitchcoin to sign with top talent agency this month, attaching models, celebrities and talent to projects

  • Cross-pollination: coordinate with women-focused DAOs and projects



  • Draft UI/UX

  • Hire developers

  • Minimum viable copy

  • Establish terms, cost transparency, budget

  • Focus group with crypto-native


  • Begin crypto-native marketing

  • Complete smart contract

  • Complete website development

  • Onboard strategic advisors


  • NFTitties goes live

  • Event with Bitchcoin during NFTNYC

  • At 1000 submissions, auction a unique NFT collage with 100% of sales benefiting treasury

  • Inaugural influencer contribution!

Addt’l roadmap ideas:

  • Airdrop of $TITS erc-20 to non-profit-focused crypto treasuries, participating artists/bidders
  • App to add drawn boobs on existing PFP projects (similar to Fast Food Nouns)

Costs (estimated):

~$7500 Website development with crypto integration

~$7500 Smart contract development

~$3500 UI/UX design and development

~$6000 Project management fees ($3k/month)

~$2000 Community manager ($1k/month)

~$500 Website and hosting

Funding and revenue:

  • Bitchcoin
  • DAO grants (Nouns, Fingerprints)
  • Auction sales
  • Sponsorships

Current ask:

  • Advice!
  • Seeking advisors
Relevant Links

Project supported by Bitchcoin BitchCoin | Sarah Meyohas


this is amazing. i’d love to support.

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Hi and welcome to nouns! also would love to see this happen

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thanks for your support max power!

awesome, thanks anounymous!