(.)(.) NFTitties, a Nouns fork!

Dear Nouns!

I am working on something and would love your feedback. The Nouns ecosystem has been nothing short of inspiring with such strong execution and clarity in messaging. CC0, and crypto-native composability, is not just a concept I want to see succeed, but an idea I’d like to play a role in helping succeed.

Below is a project that combines boobs, charity, mimetics and community-created art.


NFTitties (.)(.)

Community created NFTitties, daily; a Nouns-fork.

Project Details

  • Everyday a new depiction of boobs is auctioned

  • The NFTitties are created by artists and submitted along with Q&A for rarity

  • All submissions follow visual guidelines to develop a cohesive aesthetic

  • Proceeds split between the breast cancer not-for-profit, artist, project and community treasury

  • There are two ways to participate (both offer private community access):

    • Create and submit artwork
    • Bid and join community

Core values

  • Free the nipple (ethereum has no nudity policy!)
  • Supporting women (16% of NFT creators are female!)
  • Contribute to crypto not-for-profit ecosystem
  • Onboarding (allowing all to create an NFT of their art!)


  • Carlota Dochao Naveira, Founder (Director at SUPERBLUE)
  • Sarah Meyohas, Artist and creator of Bitchcoin
  • Gabe Wise, COS at Sarah Meyohas Studio (formerly David Zwirner)
  • Sophie Cheung, UIUX designer at Airgarage
  • Abby Shlesinger, Associate Project Manager at Sarah Meyohas Studio
  • Emil Gombos, Director at Meyohas Studio (formerly Levy Gorvy)

Incubated by @bitch_coin :brain:


  • Fine art: leverage existing network for artist contributions, Carlota is Director at SUPERBLUE/Pace, Sarah (hello!) to be represented by top New York gallery :sunglasses:

  • Influencer: Bitchcoin to sign with top talent agency this month, attaching models, celebrities and talent to projects

  • Cross-pollination: coordinate with women-focused DAOs and projects



  • Draft UI/UX

  • Hire developers

  • Minimum viable copy

  • Establish terms, cost transparency, budget

  • Focus group with crypto-native


  • Begin crypto-native marketing

  • Complete smart contract

  • Complete website development

  • Onboard strategic advisors


  • NFTitties goes live

  • Event with Bitchcoin during NFTNYC

  • At 1000 submissions, auction a unique NFT collage with 100% of sales benefiting treasury

  • Inaugural influencer contribution!

Addt’l roadmap ideas:

  • Airdrop of $TITS erc-20 to non-profit-focused crypto treasuries, participating artists/bidders
  • App to add drawn boobs on existing PFP projects (similar to Fast Food Nouns)

Costs (estimated):

~$7500 Website development with crypto integration

~$7500 Smart contract development

~$3500 UI/UX design and development

~$6000 Project management fees ($3k/month)

~$2000 Community manager ($1k/month)

~$500 Website and hosting

Funding and revenue:

  • Bitchcoin
  • DAO grants (Nouns, Fingerprints)
  • Auction sales
  • Sponsorships

Current ask:

  • Advice!
  • Seeking advisors
Relevant Links

Project supported by Bitchcoin BitchCoin | Sarah Meyohas


this is amazing. i’d love to support.


Hi and welcome to nouns! also would love to see this happen


thanks for your support max power!

awesome, thanks anounymous!

Update: we’ve decided to shorten the duration of this project to 1-year

happy to support ⌐(.)-(.)


Fantastic! Great to have your support Oni and I like the way you’re thinking ⌐(.)-(.)

This is brilliant! Bitchcoin :boom:


You rock wondering!!!

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wholeheartedly support this


This is so interesting, a lot to love here.

I have a one two-part question and two one-part questions:

  1. Is this perpetual (like nouns)?
    If so, does that mean there will be a constant need to bring in artists to submit works? I guess since it says you’ll have 1,000 submissions before launch then if you achieve this you end up with a 3 year runway?

  2. How does the artwork get from submitted to minted? Does the DAO vote? Is there a panel or selection process?

  3. I feel out of the loop on this one, can you explain further?

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Hi Goldy!

The project is currently planned to last a year! Theoretically with 1,000 submissions we would have ample amounts of art to choose from for the project. As for the selection process, in the beginning the selections will be curated by an in-house curatorial committee but the plan is to find ways to involve the community as the project goes on. Finally, NFTitties is advocating again unfair nudity policies that exist in Web2 social media platforms today like Instagram.

Very cool idea, I believe it could be a big success and achieve the goals set out for the project.

Only question I really have is in relation to the distribution of proceeds, see quote for context.

My question is what % distribution will the project be following?
Additionally, when you say ‘project’ is that a treasury pool put aside for future costs and investments in NFTitties? Or is that going out as compensation for the contributors within the team?
And when you say ‘community treasury’ is that the Nouns DAO community treasury or is that the NFTitties community treasury?

If both of those answers are NFTitties treasury pool, what’s the intentions with these funds?

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Hi Teelon! So nice to hear that you think the idea could be successful and thank you for your question. I am Carlota, the founder of NFTitties! We have tried to be as equitable as possible in our distribution of proceeds. Here is the breakdown of the funds from each NFT sold and what each relates to:

30% for the artist - NFTitties is a participatory art project encouraging anyone to contribute images to support our cause. 30% of the proceeds of each sale goes to the artist of that image.

30% for charity - 30% of the proceeds from each NFT will go directly in raising funds and awareness to fight breast cancer. We are about to finalise an agreement with a charity partner and I hope to share this news soon.

30% for the project - this amount will be used pay back all the costs related to the project as well as compensate the founding team. Costs may include rewarding team members of the project and to the ongoing operation of an in-house daily auction website among other ongoing costs.

10% for the community treasury - this will be held in a treasury to be used exclusively by the community of NFTitties holders. In a similar fashion to Nouns, those who hold NFTitties will be able to submit proposals for the use of the community treasury funds. Other NFTitties holders will then be able to vote on whether or not the proposal(s) go ahead.

Finally, it is worth noting that we will be withholding every 10th NFTitty from auction and gifting them to the most active members of our community. Again, inspired by Nouns!

Love what you did there!! ⌐(.)-(.)

Nouns and frens of Nouns welcome to private breakfast event next Tuesday morning 10a-12p at Marianne Boesky Gallery in Chelsea