"Nounish Frirends" Blind box mini-figure prop (revised for resubmission)

Hello, I am putting this up to get some final feedback and answer any questions before going on chain with this. every single comment from Prop 141 has been considered and the prop adjusted to eliminate any friction. These designs are small art pieces with play value that represent the NOUN characters perfectly in my opinion. I hope to have your support and your votes, Thank you.

NOUNISH FRIENDS mini-figures


These colorful 3” tall mini figures are meant to be a fun, low cost, and non-crypto-based entry point into the world of “NOUNs.” Nounish Friends are uniquely styled colorful modular figures which are packed into mystery boxes. Individual units are packed into an eye-catching counter display carton commonly seen in museum shops, high end retail and lifestyle shops worldwide.

These unique designs represent a perfect evolution of the NOUN PFP to a beautiful and playful tactile art object.

“Why should we fund these mini figures?”
The time has never been better to release a small colorful collection of figures like this, to help promote NOUNS in all of their unique styles and interpretations. They will be very useful in creating awareness at retail and museum shops, as well as at any IRL activation or event around the world.

“Who is Bigshot and why are they a solid choice for collectibles?”
BIGHSHOT TOYWORKS has been making high end collectibles and art toys for over 25 years. We have worked with brands such as Nike, Microsoft and Blizzard, and artists like Mark Ryden, Jeff Soto, Steven Harrington and Futura 2000. Bigshot is the premier producer of collectibles like this. We are also behind NOUNWORKS.WTF and the iconic IRL Noggles.

“Why are mini figures a good idea for Nouns?”
These Nounish and adorable high quality figures have a FUN modular play feature that follows the unique building patterns of PFPs and creates infinite possibilities of fun and future extensions.

These mini figure designs are the type of product that will assist in any creator’s plans for proliferation. For example, David Horvath could use these in his activations in Japan and Korea, as well as NOTG and activations at Art Basel, ETHDenver & NFT London. These figures can be resold at a potential profit for the DAO or fellow proliferators.

What’s the plan for production??
Retail/museum shop buyers like to see something and order right away, so having production ready and a delivery schedule and final costs to present to them is imperative.


TOTAL ASK: ETH equivalent of $125K (approx 72 ETH as of 3/24/23)

· $65,000 for production of 6,000 units
· $40,000 for project management, marketing, distribution
· $20,000 for logistics and warehousing

Marketing & project management includes photography, press outreach, social media campaigns & engagement, client & partner onboarding & follow ups, reasonable shipping for events & logistics for other opportunities worldwide as needed.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Upon passing of Prop, full amount will be sent to Gnosis safe in USDC. Payments to be sent to Bigshot in 3 milestones as follows:
• 40% upfront ($50,000 USD) pre-production & production deposit stages
• 30% on Milestone 1 ($37,500 USD) production balance, testing, sea shipping, duties, project management, marketing
• 30% on Milestone 2 ($37,500 USD) Warehousing, logistics, marketing, proliferation management

• GNOSIS SAFE: USDC will be sent to a Gnosis Safe with the following signers: Bigshot Klim
• The USDC will be held in the safe and released to Bigshot Klim when Milestones are completed.


Our 6000 physical toys will be utilized for both wholesale and retail sales for maximum reach and value. We believe that both are important aspect of this proof-of-concept model moving forward:

• 10% of the production will be allocated to select community members and other Nouns initiatives like STUDIO1 activation in JP, Nouns OTG, and Art Basel Miami etc.
• Units to be priced at SRP $16/toy, $9 wholesale/toy + shipping. A portion of the sales will be used to develop series 2 and put forth in a new proposal if the project is a success.
• Option for DAO allocated additional quantities from this edition at $7/unit
• Option to re-order at lower unit cost in a future run.
• Option to create unique colorways & revised single figure packaging for targeted events and activations with NOUNish events like ALPS Dao, Nouns Deli, Gnars Dao, NOUNS amigos. NOTG and Potential POP-UP retail activations.
• We’d like to have some expedited product available for SDCC and David’s activations in Japan to showcase and promote Nouns in key places.
• All of the items ship from a central location in the USA so the marketing and proliferation logistics are perfectly aligned.


Prop 72 was funded with 20ETH to take this project from initial idea, through countless iterations, to the current designs & prototypes. We have communicated updates weekly on the Discord here and have had many conversations on Discourse here, gathering feedback from over 50 comments to arrive at the final designs proposed in Prop 141.

Prop 141 had some heated contentious voting at 78 for and 88 against with the majority of the for votes coming from individual holders.

Prop 141 has identified some pain points for the Nouners that are being addressed here to secure funding for production, marketing and distribution of these blind box minifigures to the museum shops, boutiques and art toy shops and galleries worldwide.

Thank you so much for your support, we look forward to getting this prop on chain, and to get these figures to the world in time for the holidays.


I hope this passes. We need them.

Once our nouns studio one sofubi spends enough time at high end specialty in Tokyo, the plan is to expand into Village Vanguard… a chain of well curated retail stores, specializing in character goods, the next step reach into culture… will allow far greater emersion beyond big cities and continue what we started in regards to creating context through pop culture… but we need great products. Can’t survive on Sofubi alone at Village Vanguard. We have accessories ( bags, wallets ) and plush covered, but need mini plastic cute figures.

These fit perfectly.

As with the sofubi at LOFT and high end specialty, this is not about making “things”, but creating culture based entry points.

These would also, perhaps more importantly, do very well with museums stores.

A major portion of our own business in the last two decades has been with museum stores, which are in greater number than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined, and elevate brand through association and juxtaposition (being discovered amongst other items with high perceived value in specific places which carry meaning for many.) Entry into high end museums is difficult and then easy, and I do feel these have what it takes. All you need is one, from MoMA to LACMA, and the rest sign up. (this is what we did… get into the Whitney, the buyers from other museum stores are 100x more likely to oder, especially via the museum store show… https://www.museumstoreassociation.org )


I am in the same boat and would be happy to put it on chain.

Entry into high end museums is difficult and then easy, and I do feel these have what it takes. All you need is one, from MoMA to LACMA, and the rest sign up.

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Thank you David and thank you 12 for your support and honesty. I really appreciate you both. We are already in touch with an entire network of museums and while it has been incredibly difficult to break through. We are making progress, I am thinking of possibly flying out to Denver for the annual museum store convention and pitch in person. I have traveled with David to Japan and Seoul in 2019 to make sofubi and also plan a strategy for my original IP projects. I think that I have a pretty good idea about how to make this work and looking forward to get that opportunity with these figures.


I love this and the work you do to bring nouns to the irl world.


These are cute! and i hope to be able to order some one day :smiley:

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It would be amazing to see Nounish friends in museums shops!
I would also recommend to add other low cost items such as pins and mugs if possible for variety that many people buy at museums.

If you commission artworks to one of the many artists in the community, you can get something like this!


I love the pins you have made and you are right it would be amazing to have a full collection of various NOUNish works at museums, perhaps if at some point we can organize something that features so many of the great creators here. When we showcased the the work of @duckhead @messhup @skateordao and my products at Designer Con last year people were amazed and the unique variety and styles all different but still very nounish. This has actually been the goal with NOUNWORKS.WTF all along to feature the entire community where possible and the toys are just a start. Doing this takes a lot of resources and time and I am taking baby steps =) I can not wait to meet you in NY and experience what you have prepared for everyone.


One of the big friction points has been the debate about the design of the figures, most notably the one arm of this particular form factor.

Please note that this is an art object infused with style, charm and play. Not a toy or a representation of what these will look like in a movie or a video game. This is an “ART TOY” a very different category of limited edition products made in small batches. If you look at a Funko pop, you do not brush it off because “batman does not have a big head” or “Elsa does not have giant black circles for eyes” These are all different representation of the characters. Hopefully this, along with the adjusted quantities should address everything, but please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts. I look forward to sharing these figures with many of you IRL in NY next week


The Prop is up Nouns DAO
I am available to answer any questions share some of the information about future plans and anything related. Thanks so much