PROPOSAL: NOUNish friends minifigures series1. Manufacturing


Designed for maximum NOUNish-ness, these colorful 3” tall mini figures are meant to be a fun, low cost and non-crypto-based entry point into the world of “NOUNs.” Nounish Friends will be packed into colorful mystery boxes and presented in eye catching counter display cartons which are found in shops worldwide.

Prop 72 funded with 20ETH to take this project from initial idea, through countless iterations, to the current designs & prototypes. We have communicated updates weekly on the Discord here and have had many conversations on Discourse here, gathering feedback from over 50 comments to arrive at the final designs we are proposing today.



Engineering: tooling masters, paint masks, production molds, Packaging, Final branding, box and display box design and dies: $45K (one time cost)

  • Manufacturing: $53K for 10K pcs
  • Logistics/warehousing: $29K
  • Marketing, project management & B2B & B2C sales: $30K for 6 months. This involves press, targeted social media engagement, onboarding and follow ups, potential partner onboarding and communications.
  • TOTAL: $157K in USD or approx. 90ETH equivalent converted to USDC
    Wallet: 0xd25912007EBC2527d4ED9DC536f928E550b0f02C


Our 10,000 physical toys will be utilized for both sales and giveaways for maximum reach and value. We believe that both are important aspect of this proof of concept model moving forward:

  • 10% -1,000 toys allocated to community members and other Nouns marketing and promotional initiatives like Nouns OTG, Rose Bowl and Art Basel Miami etc. Toys will be allocated and shipped from our warehouse (worldwide shipping/handling cost $35 per case of toys)
  • 9,000 units to be sold at SRP $14/toy, or approx $7 wholesale + shipping. Portion of the sales will be used to develop series 2 and put forth in a proposal if the project is a success.
  • Option for DAO allocated additional quantities from this edition at $7/unit
  • Option to re-order at lower unit cost ($5-6/unit) in a future run.
  • Option to create unique color ways & revised single-unit packaging at lower unit cost.
  • A collectible card with a POAP is included with each toy. Use TBD, but it will help with future engagement and retain customer attention.Collectors and fans could receive digital goodies, participate in games, contests or win prizes from our NOUNWORKS shop, and/or have access to unique experiences for POAP holders only. Goodies and prizes can be things in our shops or future items from the community based on the promotions and future partnerships and collaborations(TBD) based on Nounish partners and collaborations.

It is imperative that we expedite manufacturing so that we can have product ready for public introduction and review at Designercon in November 2022, Art Basel in Miami in December, and availability for distribution at Rose Bowl (Jan 1, 2023) with Stoopid Buddy Studios. We can support global meet ups with product as well as some blank figures for local artists to paint.

All of the items ship from a central location in USA so the marketing and proliferation logistics are perfectly aligned. These steps, including ongoing press and social media support, are crucial to any project of this scope and everything has a price. Since we have multiple ongoing projects with NOUNs and plan many more, we want to be as efficient as possible with our time as well as resources.

Bigshot Toyworks is an award-winning creative agency focused on the design, development and production of unique characters, illustrations, toys and art objects. Our work can be seen in national print and TV advertising campaigns, toy stores, and art galleries around the world. We have been developing and manufacturing award winning products for some of the biggest IPs and brands for over 20 years and, we want to do this with NOUNS.
Starting with Nounish Noggles, high quality pins and now toys we would love to be a trusted resource for any nounish projects and builders.
You can see more about us here and you can reach out to Klim direct on our Twitter and Instagram @bigshottoyworks
We are excited to create and distribute the very best Nouns toys! We have built out a model that is scalable for large-scale runs in the future after this concept is proven.


this is just me bumping

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it was a long and arduous journey but you did it klim — i want these now

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thank you @krel I really appreciate your feedback and support. This process is not much different than what we go through on most projects with new clients, building trust and the understanding that what is laid out in a sketch is not what will appear on the shelves. Also creating a bit of comfort in the sense that the project is viable and is in good hands from start to delivery.
These are looking great and even to a jaded toy industry vet like myself that has worked on dozens of projects similar I think that we are looking at something with some real potential… We are ready to go go go just waiting to get the tooling $ in to start.
I did realize that I missed a few crucial marketing/photography and activation funds needs, but I think that we can address that with the next prop that would capture all of this for the toys, my Noggles and other projects. Happy to jump on a call and explain and show what I have in store for Designer con (Prop coming up) Here is a peek: the in hand figure is 3" tall the other is 10" to be used as artist customs for events, auctions and community engagement

I made a few of these large pieces (not funded) to get the conversations started and would love to have these be part of a new prop later this month

I have some personal, family issues over the next few weeks so may not be available for prescheduled group calls but can jump on a voice chat in discord anytime anyone has questions or suggestions. etc
Thank you again for your support

Our booth at Designer con was a huge hit,

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These are amazing! Are they made from clay?

these are high quality manufacturing prototypes. 3D printed and hand painted

3D printing really makes anything possible. Love it.

this particular set is a lot more specialized than the general public printing but yes the technology is the future and is still super early. I think NFTs will eventually feature an unlock of printed physicals in your home for everything form apparel to toys to tools and food.