Prop House : Nouns Lego

Project Overview

We started an idea to create nouns collectibles IRL - Legos and submitted our entries to Nouns Prop House’s Auction. We were awarded as one of the runner up and being provided funds to proceed on our Nounish projects. Full Presentation - Nouns Lego Presentation

We’d like to expand our offerings even further by making more nouns head legos. There are total of 234 nouns head available, as we all know.


  • Everyone can build their own nouns collectibles IRL especially nounish communities and Lego fans.
  • Could potentially that this content will be used in future curated events. ( eg ; charity, kids event )
  • What if we could produce plenty of Nouns glasses Lego sets that we could give them away everywhere as a very nounish gifts? It could be a blind bag!


The next concept is to figure out how we can build it at a reasonable cost so that everyone can enjoy it. Not only it is lower in cost, but the pieces are also easy to come by at local stores or in your child’s toy box.

  • Communities to vote on the nouns head we should build. ( Due to the colour limitations of Lego bricks, it would only be possible to select certain nouns heads )
  • To produce few Noun Head Legos both 750% & 2000% scale in size
  • 2-4 weeks design development time
  • 1-2 weeks for shipping & delivery of the items
  • Report compilation on Voadz website for further reference


Notion ; Nouns Lego Timeline

  • 5 Days - Community Voting
  • 1 Day - Double-Check on Legos Brick Color Availability
  • 2-3 Weeks - Design Development
  • 1-2 Weeks - Shipping & Delivery of Items from Supplier
  • 1-2 Weeks - Assembling the Parts
  • 1 Week - Final Compilation Reports

Estimated Project Duration ; 2 Months


Voadz Team Members

Any feedbacks and ideas from lovely nounish communities would be greatly appreciated, thank you!