Small Grants : Nouns Blocks

Project Overview

We started an idea to create nouns collectibles merchandise IRL - Nouns Blocks because both Nouns & Legos are very iconic plus we are a huge fan of Legos! ( and of course Nouns too ). We were formerly one of the runner-ups for Nouns Prop House and received a small funding to kickstart our project. We have successfully built a Shark Noun Lego as our first prototype exploration ( Phase 1 ). Nouns Blocks Full Presentation


To produce all 234 Nouns head traits in 3 phases.

Phase 1 - 1 Noun Head Lego ( Executed )
Phase 2 - 6 Noun Head Legos ( Current )
Phase 3 - 227 Noun Head Legos ( After Phase 2 Completed )


  • Everyone can build their own nouns collectibles especially Nouns hardcore fans and Lego lovers!
  • Everyone should have these at least one on their shelves!
  • FOMO!


1. Current Plan

  • In Phase 2, we will create 6 types of Nouns Head Legos merch.
  • Prototypes to be built. Once it is finalized with QC, we will proceed with the merch.
  • Each of the merch will consist a full package of loose bricks, a manual booklet and other miscellaneous.
  • To design and manufacture the packaging & marketing stuffs.

( Due to the colour limitations of Lego bricks, it would only be possible to select certain nouns heads as for now. But we believe everything is possible! )

2. Future Plan

  • Once Phase 2 is completed, we will proceed with Phase 3.
  • For Phase 3, we are planning to go on-chain proposals…
  • Before proceeding with Phase 3, we will require feedbacks and opinions from Nounders, Nouners & Nounish communities.
  • We could also propose to build other nounish communities traits such as Lost Nouns, The Boneys, Noadz and etc ( Collaborations? ). To the fullest extent possible!
  • If Phase 3 is getting an approval from the DAO, we might want to start creating our own bricks!


Prototypes & Merch Test including packaging etc ( 12 heads, 1 head = 0.15 - 0.2 eth ) : 2.0-2.4 ETH
Labor Costs & Marketing Stuffs ( including any hidden costs ) : 1 ETH

We are requesting 3 ETH to be funded in two tranches by Small Grants for Phase 2 of our project.

  • First Tranches - 2 ETH – Prototyping, Merch, Full Packaging, Labour costs.
  • Second Tranches - 1 ETH – Same as above. To be funded upon successful delivery of Phase 2.


Notion ; Will update our notion once it is confirmed.

  • 3 Weeks - Designing & Finalizing of the Nouns Blocks Merch
  • 2 Days - Double-Check on Legos Brick Color Availability
  • 1-2 Weeks - Shipping & Delivery of Items from Supplier
  • 1-2 Weeks - Assembling the Package

Estimated Project Duration ; 1-2 Months

Most of our project progress are updated on our twitter @thevoadz! Feel free to check it out.


thanks! this looks really cool and i like the milestones / timeline

do you have any plans on how/where you would sell these?

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Thanks 22!

Initially we are planning to do where ownership begins by buying an NFT that allows you to redeem the physical piece ( ex; / @build1nworld ) which the physical can only be redeemed once. *We are planning to explore this during the “shipping & delivery of materials from supplier” due to extra days.

We are aware of others concerns regarding the redeem process where buyer prefers their details to be disclosed and etc.

Tbh we are still looking is there any better option for it. And if anyone has any thoughts on that, just let me know! :pray:t3:

Here’s the final draft of the manual booklet we made the last time. There is still some changes that we want to amend. We are currently updating the booklet for others.

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Nouns Blocks ; 1/6 completed. Prototype to be tested out soon. Undead Noun.


Status ; Undead is ready to be deployed. (1/6)


small grants will fund this first phase for 2 eth! very excited


Thank you so much to Noun22 and small grants team for this opportunity! We appreciate it.

We will start to blast our updates on discourse ( our thread ), discord and our twitter, @thevoadz

We will continue our journey from here. We are just getting started!


Here is our updated timeframe for our project.

Currently, we are compiling all the things needed while inspecting and double checking on the color availability on the market before we proceed with order from the supplier.

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We have 4 major sections for this project.
1- Numero one has been executed.
2- Numero two is on-going.
3- Others are currently pending.



Sharing our first insight of the outer mockup design!

While waiting for our bricks to arrive, we are now finalizing our inner packaging design mechanism for our Noun-O-Blocks. To design as nounish as we can ⌐◨-◨ ( Still WIP )



1 - All color availability has been checked.
2 - 70% of the components needed arrived securely. We have fully ordered the remaining parts. To be delivered soon ( 1-2 weeks )
3 - The final packaging box design has been forwarded to the supplier for prototyping.
4 - While we are waiting for point 2 & 3, we will proceed with the marketing stuffs and any missing things that needs to be done.

Thats all from us.




1 - Here is the sample for the bricks instructions booklet! It will be in a square format. ( Please find hyperlink attached below to view it! )
2 - We are still waiting for other parcels to arrive.


Noun-O-Blocks Sample Instructions Booklet


Dang. This is super cool. Great job.

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OK give us nouns blocks already. I need it on my desk. Feel free to check for inspiration, maybe it can help! Awesome work, i love the packaging. Feels premium. Well done


Hey @AndrewLaddusaw & @Coralorca, thank you guys for the support.
Yeah 3Dnouns is also one of our source of inspiration. We can’t wait to see this blocks on display!
Coming soon real quick!


this is outstanding, AAAA+++ job

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Hi all!

We are very excited to announce the future phases for Noun-O-Blocks.

Here is what will happen!

Two Noun-O-Blocks will be auctioned every 24 hours for 6 days.
A total of 12 Noun-O-Blocks will be auctioned off.

Official launch date will be announced once we have settled everything.

A snapshot for Noun-O-Blocks’ holders will be taken two days after all auctions are completed.
We will reach out to the holders for the shipment details via Twitter’s DM or Discord.

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I’m just soooo excited for this.
Well done on everything so far! I see a long future ahead :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback fren! Yeah we are in for the long run :blush:

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