Noun O'Blocks - Nouns Collectibles in Blocks

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A nouns collectibles in blocks.

We transform Nouns artwork into colourful, connectable plastic bits where you can build them yourself or with your loved ones. Every Noun O’Blocks comes with instruction booklets containing diagrams showing you how to make the model step by step. You can build them together no matter where they come from as long as they come in the right sizes and shapes.

There is more to it!

You can now purchase the bricks simply just by utilising our working file alone. We’ll walk you through the process of ordering and purchasing the bricks required for particular models below. We want to nounify Nouns into IRL scenes to enhance meme effectiveness and build public conversation all around the world.

The vision of Noun O’Blocks is for everyone to be able to build their own Nouns collectibles IRL. In the future, we plan to collaborate with official LEGO to initiate a plan of action or program where we could showcase nouns collectibles that could gather attention from across the world.


  • Bridging Nouns in both physical and digital presence.
  • Everyone can build their own designated nouns collectibles especially nounish people and bricks lovers community.
  • Experience of building physical collectibles IRL by creating new setting and initiatives that is meaningful and valueable.
  • Given that our working files are CC0, there are endless combinations to mix and match!
  • We can submit our ideas to LEGO Ideas in the future planning. It could take up a long time but anything is possible. Lets give our best shot!


  • 100 different Nouns heads traits. For each of them, we will produce ;

    • a physical piece - for prototyping and will be kept for future use. All prototypes are belong to NounsDAO.
    • instruction booklets - a guide that explains how to build the model step by step.
    • studio 3D model working file (in .io format) - to use for ordering and purchasing bricks & CC0 use.
  • a website - an open source library where you can download all the files needed.


Small grants discourse discussion:

Proposer ; Voadz

  • An ex-design architect.
  • A full-time nouncillor that is currently building for NounsDAO.
  • He is the founder of Voadz, VX Mode of Nouns & CrypToadz.
  • Voadz made his first contribution to the nouns ecosystem when he got invited by Zeeraffe to join the Nouns Vox’s team as one of the co-creator in October 2021.

Socials ; Twitter (Voadz) | Twitter (Noun O’Blocks) | Instagram


Prop House, Jan 2022.

In late January this year, we have been selected as one of the runner ups and got funded by Nouns Prop House.

Phase 1 / Executed

  • Completed a first prototype version of Shark Noun in blocks + instruction booklet.

Small Grants, April 2022.

To pursue this project even further, we had proposed to build 6 Nouns heads in blocks. We had received a support from Small Grants to develop it.

Phase 2 / Executed

Production Process of Noun O’Blocks

The Complete Procedure of Noun O’Blocks.
( Please refer infographics below )

1. NounsDAO (Pixel Art)

  • Main source of inspiration.

2. Nouns Vox ( 3D Voxel )

  • Nouns Vox is a collection of Nouns in the style of voxel blocks.
  • A translation of Nouns artwork into 3d forms.
  • Act as a 3d reference to create Noun O’Blocks.

3. Studio 2.0 ( Constructing the Noun O’Blocks / .io )

  • Noun O’Blocks is being constructed from scratch using Studio 2.0.
  • We avoid to use auto-import as they eventually have some flaws.
  • Here is a sample of our WIP constructing one of the noun, Crown Queen.

4. Studio 2.0 ( Instructions Booklets / .pdf )

  • Every single of Noun O’Blocks comes with their own instruction booklets.
  • We are using Studio 2.0 Instruction Maker as they help to create pages, steps and exports the end result as high resolution PDF.

5. Prototyping & Final Product

  • We proceed with the purchase of brick components, and begin constructing the prototypes.
  • We require a few adjustments on our prototypes to ensure that the quality is properly regulated.
  • We will finalize and compile our instruction booklet using Adobe Indesign.

6. Website -

  • We will build key features on our website ;
  1. Playground - you can select your desired noun’s traits of Noun O’Blocks and generate its preview (.mp4), instruction booklet (.pdf) & 3D model working file (.io) . All of them are downloadable on our website (CC0).

Purchasing Process of Noun O’Blocks

We will demonstrate how to order and purchase the bricks required by using our 3d models working file (.io). This is the most straightforward method given that it is integrated with third parties.

What you need ; Bricklink’s member account, 3d models working file (.io) and $$$.

Bricklink Ordering

  1. Head over to You need to log in / register to be able to buy items.

  1. Once you have logged in, hover your cursor to your profile icon “MY BL” at the top right of the page and click “View Profile”. Next, click “Wanted Lists”.

  1. Now, click “Upload”. Next, in order to generate your “Wanted List”, you need to upload the 3d models working file (.io format). Head over to our website and download the working file of your choice.

  1. Once you have the file ready, drag or drop the 3d models working file (.io). It will show you the file has been accepted. Now, click “Proceed to verify items”.

  1. Now you have created your “Default Wanted List”. You have the option to change your bricks condition whether you prefer a new or used bricks. If you have a lower budget and to save costs, you may change your bricks to used. Once you have done with your selection, scroll over to the bottom and click “Add to Wanted List”. Next you will see “Items successfully added!”. Few more steps and we are done!

  1. Now, repeat Step 2 - hover your cursor to your profile icon “MY BL” at the top right of the page and click “View Profile”. Next, click “Wanted Lists”. You will see your default wanted lists. Next, click “Easy Buy” and there will be a pop-out message with a title of Easy Buy. To proceed, click “Create carts” to add the items into your shopping bag and proceed with “View carts” to checkout.

  1. For the final step, click “View cart”. You will see all the pricing details and if you are satisfied with everything, click “Proceed to checkout”. Your order summary regarding the item prices, shipping & handling costs and tax will be shown. Just fill up the details needed and make your payment and you are good to go!

Project Milestone

  • We are planning to release them in batches ( 1 Batch = 10x Noun O’Blocks )
  • We will keep you updated on Discord, Twitter & Instagram.

For every 10x Noun O’Blocks ;

3 Weeks | Design Development
2-4 Weeks | Materials Delivery & Prototyping
(The cycle is repeated for every batch.)

Website ;

2-4 Weeks | Website Design & Development

Future Project Continuation

1. Noun O’Blocks Collectibles 2.0

  • To produce the remaining 128 of Nouns heads in blocks ; a physical piece + instruction booklets.
  • Studio 3D model working files for CC0 use.

2. Noun O’Blocks Collectibles 3.0

  • To produce 30 Nouns body traits & 137 Nouns accessories in physical blocks ; a physical piece + instruction booklets.
  • Studio 3D model working files for CC0 use.

3. Noun O’Blocks Showcase / Exhibition

  • To represent Nouns in blocks to the world IRL. To proliferate Nouns even more but in 3D bricks forms!


Exchange Rates Estimation
1 ETH = $1,600 USD

44 ETH | Design & Prototyping of 100 Noun O’Blocks

  • 30 ETH - Designing & 3D Modelling
  • 14 ETH - Materials, Prototyping & Delivery Costs

8 ETH | Website Development
1.5 ETH | Storage Distribution for Prototypes

Total Fund Requested for 10 months (August 2022-May 2023) ; 53.5 ETH


Voadz | Ex-architect, Designer & 3D Builder
Experience ; Specialty in 3D & Graphics.
Voadz’s Portfolio.

Zeeraffe | Illustrator + UIUX Designer
Experience ; Specialist in product design, with a focus on UI/UX product structure design.
Zeeraffe’s Portfolio.

0xNeroOne | Web Design & Development
Experience ; Specialty in 3D, Creative Coding, XR, VJ & Web3.
Nero One’s Portfolio.

diqalurima | Brand + Graphic Designer
Experience ; Specialty in brand and graphic design.
Diqalurima’s Portfolio.


NounsDAO always feel like home. We are in for the long run. We are here to build for NounsDAO.

hi @Voadz . thanks for sharing this here. Small Grants was excited to fund this trial but ahead of a larger proposal i have a few thoughts:

  • hopefully we can see some traction in demand for the stuff you have already created
  • i do not think paying $86k to develop more of these makes sense unless we observe demand in the market from the trial
  • this process of purchasing is way too complicated
  • if people want to buy these they need to be offered in a simple 1 click way

who is the target audience for these?

  • lego fans?
  • noun fans/nouners?
  • other?

if you can spread nouns to lego fans (I’m assuming that’s a thing) id be more compelled to back this (and the order system would be slightly less of a turnoff as i assume this is a process lego fans are used to?)


Agree with the feedback you already received. If we can simplify the order process, that would be amazing. Maybe a small grant for a pre-order campaign would be good to see which heads would be worth focusing on first. The price seems extremely reasonable, which is awesome! I have 4 kids and all of them would get one for Christmas if the price is under $40. You can’t buy anything lego that size for that price.

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Hi all, thank you for the feedbacks.

1) Demand & Target Audiences

  • We are currently working on our contents to reach more visibility.
  • As mentioned in the proposal, the main audiences would be nouners, nouns fans and lego communities.
  • We just recently reached out to Lego communities regarding our proposal.
  • Due to the limited number of already manufactured heads, we would be happy to assist anyone who wanted to build any of the heads with different coloured noggles based on their noun or liking.
    We will update them soon on our website. As for now, just DM me on discord or twitter would do.

2) Order System

  • Like @noun22 has mentioned, we are experimenting with ways to make ordering easier for everyone.
  • One of the idea is to create a token gate / pre-order feature but we need to identify if it works with certain third party.
    Will update more info soon!

Sorry @AndrewLaddusaw for the confusion! Unfortunately, that is just a rough figure just to show an example. Yeah if we could make it around that price, that would be awesome. But I believe it is bit on the higher side.