Now that the prototypes are compete we are ready to go to the next stage
which is the tooling molds and after that manufacturing.

The Tooling molds take about 50-60 days to machine, test and debug and we need to cover those expenses up front. During the time that these are being made we will finalize packaging, colorways and start implementing some of the marketing/promotional plans as we get ready to place factory orders for production, For this we will need 10 Eth and will keep regular updates to keep everyone looped in in real time.

After the molds are done we will place orders with the factory for 5500 pcs in Red, Black, Pink gold plated chrome and blue . The gold will only be available to Noun holders (5 pcs per noun will be shipped to each holder through a token gated portal on our site.
We will have these available to ship to events as needed as well as have a some available for museum shops and DTC retail . A lot of this will be more clear once we start marketing and soliciting orders

Here is the full document with breakdowns and marketing information etc.


Thanks for the update! Is the gold always exclusively for Noun holders, or is it just the first order (the 500 batch) before exclusivity is relieved?

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the plated gold is an idea for a way to reward holders, include in a “welcome to nouns” onboarding package for new members and as gifts to people that are building and contributing to the project/community at large. At this stage it is a proposal so anyone has any other ideas I am always willing to change my mind


Here is the final design schematic for the glasses with all of the new changes approved for tooling. Thanks for your support. We should have images of the molds and test shots in about 45 days.


These are looking excellent @BigshotKlim. Well done ser and am very excited here.


Thanks so much, I am super pleased with how well this has been going. It is very liberating to have the only req for a project be “make the most awesome thing” and not make this for 2 bucks, or follow these guidelines. It is not easy but has been incredibly fun so far. My new proposal is up as well and your NOUN head is one of the proposed characters =)


Tooling has been scheduled to begin as soon as we make another round of revised prototypes and test the fit of the nose bridge and longer ear stalks. … Thanks for looking

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Molds in progress. looking good.

Outer sleeve for the gift box is off to the printer for sampling and adjustments

Delivered 10 production pilot samples to the NOUNers for the coin dinner and will have more samples for photo opps at NFTNYC more updates in the discord channel with

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These really are fun, I will be attempting to get a nouner (189 pls ser :wink: ) to share one of their gold ones with me!

The packaging looks incredible, nice work! Really top notch by the look of them, making them more than just a fun throw away item. These will be cherished, I’m sure.

I noticed you mentioned a kind of welcome pack for nouners, but I imagine many will want to remain anon and not receive anything physical. Just thinking out loud here I guess.

yea, most said tehy want to remain ANON so not sure how to get that transaction to happen. But will see how it goes. These folks get amazon delivery so there has to be a happy medium

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I’ve been talking about this IRL, how we can have anon physical delivery.
It’s a much desired thing I feel, but likely would be hard to pull off at scale with so many “organisations” looking to control who sends what to who and when.
But you’re right, I think a lot of people have used amazon and their details are already with them. If there’s a way to make sure customer data is isolated to amazon, it may work.

shopify tokengates so it may be possible

So fulfilment by amazon, through shopify using token gated system may work.
As long as neither amazon or shopify show the customer data.
I haven’t used either lately, so not too sure about the customer data bit.

Shopify is definitely integrating NFTs and wallets into their system so it looks promising and I am sure will have a solution by the time mass production is shipped

for each pair of NOGGLES we are including a POAP and a unique keychain/phone charm
the Poap will allow for more long term engagement with collectors and fans giving
us opportunities to host contests etc.

Each packaged pair of noggles will come with a branded outer carton which will simplify distribution and shipping since we will now only need to slap a label on the box and ship it worldwide.

While this adds cost up front we get quite a bit of savings at the warehouse fulfilment side of things since no one has to get a box, make it. securely pack it and ship