PROPOSAL: FUNctional NOUN Glasses

		FUNctional Nounish Glasses  

Ever since I first saw the iconic NOUN glasses, I wanted to see what an actual wearable pair would look and function like.
As an industrial designer, things like function and ergonomics are extremely important to me, and these shapes present a unique challenge. As a toy designer, these glasses along with the CC0 ethos communicate fun, joy and endless possibilities.

As I explored ways of putting this “Nike Swoosh of web3.0” on your face I began to think about the possibility of having these glasses float off your nose so that we can retain the iconic angles and proportions without sacrificing wearability and this is what I came up with so far:

The idea is practical and relatively simple to manufacture at scale and reasonable cost.

I can imagine these being used in many ways:
Individual interactions, promotional giveaways, sporting events and concerts such as the Super bowl, World Series and the Vee-Friends conference would all be great launch opportunities.


I propose to let BSTW further develop this concept through 3D design iteration and CAD engineering to execute a high-quality well-designed product that we can all be proud of.

Once the design stage is complete, we will execute prototypes to test usability and fit and use the prototypes/cad files to get some pricing to manufacture, consulting with both with our suppliers in Asia and also here in the US.
Initial cost of the development process and prototypes is estimated at 5-7 ETH.
Once the designs are complete, we can see the costs for the samples and adjust scope as needed.

Price out tooling and manufacturing of these items at a reputable high quality production facility and get pricing for small to large orders.

Use samples to get commitments from possible partners in:
College sports
Vayner Media and their reach in the NFT/POP culture Advertising space.

Next, we would manufacture and fulfill these items and orders within our own system, or offer the project to a 3rd party to better service the big-ticket orders and further proliferate Nouns.

We have over 25 years of experience with creating and producing some of the most successful, award-winning collectible products in the industry. Insights into our exceptional track record for quality and delivery can be seen here:

Thank you, we look forward to making these glasses a reality


awesome and nounish!

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looks pretty awesome. you say the full prototyping/dev process will cost 5-7 ETH. is there a lesser amount we could send to get things started and release more as we see progress getting made?

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Would love to see these happen. Your explorations here helped us create the clip on’s for Fitz Frames for kids. These look fun!

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glad you like this, I think that 3 eth would cover most of what i would need to get to the engineering and test prototype stage. Once we have proof of life with that we go to the second stage and get some good cad data and get quotes for tooling. I would like to mold the ear and nose supports in a clear material so the glasses float. With the NOUN sofubi off to the model shop I can get some more work on this in the next two weeks and keep sharing on the discord etc.

Glad \to help, I can definitely see the value our chats have added to your great project.
I think that whatever we do with the FUNctional glasses should be added to the kids package that you guys are doing since mine don’t need eyeglasses to work. could be a fun gift for the family in a cool branded cardboard case like we discussed .

i love this. can we speed it up to get them ASAP?

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I am ready ,I am not sure how these things get voted on, but I am ready to get this going and depending on my studio schedule can have things to look at in 2-3 weeks. Just let me know.

Thank you for funding this stage, will start to get some engineering worked out next week and have some CAD updates shortly after. Really excited about this. Thank you!

The overall design, engineering and detailing on the model is complete. the digital models have gone as far as they can go and we are going to create a set of models to see how the pieces fit and function.these are looking outstanding and the plan is to go with a full on injection molded ABS construction for all of the parts including the lenses. This will give the pieces a great look and feel as well as give us the opportunity to experiment with finishes in production that would not be possible otherwise. Added some subtle branding elements in the ear stalks as well.

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thinking about the packaging and the unboxing experience and came up with this slide-out gift box.
materials would be all-cardboard construction with a 3Color screen print on the top sleeve. Still not sure about finishes or color of the packaging but it will be clear once we have prototypes in hand

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Adding a small ABS icon to the set which would enable us to add partner branding and a QR activation code that would enhance the experience and bring more interactive engagement to the product. This element helps tie in the physical with the digital without adding random graphic elements to the actual glasses

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Pretty great and I love the packaging as well. It would do very well at the MOMA nyc, both midtown and Soho. (And then moma at loft, Japan) From there you can get into the Whitney, Lacma, design museum, Chicago in Dallas, perfect for such


progress looks great!

small grants is sending over another 3.5 ETH to continue this project


Thanks so much everyone. I we started on some prototype tests last week and should have an update shortly/

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First set or samples looks great and works perfectly. upon further inspection I decided to make some changes to the bevels and the branding elements. Engineering completed and two more samples were put into production. One to use as a tooling model, and one to be painted and processed to reflect the finished product. These steps were not really necessary as the current sample is pretty amazing as is but I never seem to want to stop untill the piece is perfect since we cant unmake the super expensive steel molds that will be coming in the next step

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These are looking awesome! I love the choice of Nouns wordmark on the left temple piece and graphic noggles on the right!

Will the final product be painted or molded in color?

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These will be molded out of POlyCarbon and will have a robust range of colors and finishes
Including possible artist collaborations

I actually took out the noun logo and replaced it with another set of glasses. it looks a lot cleaner and has a more classy look. the glasses will come with mini plastic tag that you will be able to scan and see all the info on your device.
Color will be molded/possibly sprayed too, lenses will be screen printed and the ear stalks and nose bridge will be molded clear


looking iconic. Excited for these ser ⌐◨-◨

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Thanks Salvino, very excited about yours too. I love all of the different takes on the same subject.