Nounish Sunglasses, Practical and Affordable [revised]

Nounish Sunglasses, Practical and Affordable


  • I propose to set production of high-quality, practical, and affordable Nounish sunglasses, in addition to fun and luxury glasses.
  • The NounsDAO community is constantly growing with 65.3K Twitter followers and 13.6K Discord members). However, there is still not enough quality Nounish sunglasses accessible to the community.
  • The proposed sunglasses will feature a Nounish magnetic arm, a nouns-eyes-coated-lenses, and a case.
  • Manufacturing cost is $135 per a pair of sunglasses
  • Funding is $160 per a pair of sunglasses (240 eth/2,000)
  • Target retail price is $200~$250.
  • NounsDAO community will be eligible to receive 70% 50% 30% discounts for the first 3 months ($75, $125, $175 respectively).

Distribution and Allocation

  • 50 packs, 10 sunglasses per pack will be distributed according to nouners vote. For example sunglasses can be sent to gnars, esports, nounssquare and other teams.
  • Sales channels: direct, amazon, offline in stores
  • The money from sales will be used to introduce more designs and colors, in the future.


  • I request as a compensation a futures worth 1/3 of a noun. The noun can be redeemed only if I complete other props worth 2/3 of a noun in the future.

1. Description

[image 1.] luxury, fun glasses, and another Nounish glasses

Nounish glasses are the symbol of the NounsDAO community. We can see how fast Nounish glasses transcend cultural boundaries. However, Nounish glasses in a form of stickers, as toys, or on t-shirts do not show all awesomeness of the NounsDAO.

I propose to set one more production of high-quality Nounish sunglasses. The target retail price is $200~$250 which will match the price of the most selling sunglasses on the market. We reached out to manufacturers of acetate sheets, glass sunlenses, CNC machining and believe that we can set up a successful production of Nounish glasses.

We propose Nounnish glasses with the following features:

  • a third arm (magnetic detachable)
  • a Nounish-coated-lenses
  • polarized lenses
  • a leather case
  • branded cleaning cloth
  • a leaflet about NounsDAO

2. Technical details

I reached out to Zeiss for lenses, Mazzucchelli for plastic sheets, and Ronchinimassimo for cnc services. First, prototype frames has been already produced.

i) Frames

Cellulose acetate plastic sheets are the one of the famous materials to manufacture frames for glasses. The price of one sheet is $15~$25 depending on a size. We received quotes for plastic sheets from Italian manufacturer that has a proper shade of red acetate sheets. Manufacturing and delivery time for acetate sheets is approximately 2 months.

Any shape of the frames can be manufactured using 5-axis CNC machines. The average price for machining frames and temple arms is $15.

Material and features: made in Italy

  • meterial: cellulose acetate plastic sheet
  • sunglsaaes frames
    • 1 sheet (dimensions 20x7x2 cm)
    • price: ~$25
  • temple arms
    • 1 sheet (dimensions 17x7x0.6 cm)
    • price: ~$15
  • 5-axis CNC machining
    • $15 for a frame and temple arms

[image 2.1] cellulose acetate sheets colors

[image 2.2] 3d model of sunglasses

[image 2.3] Frame manufacturing process

[image 2.4] completed frames using test acetate sheets

Thanks to automation, the comapny that I am going to work with can manufacture 100,000 frames per year or 8,000 frames a month on a single milling machine! They have a few of fully automated milling machines available!

ii) Glass Sunlenses

Stock design glass sunlenses starts from $35. Any custom coating for lenses would require small R&D and setting automated quality control checks. The estimated price for custom coating is $20 for orders exceeding 1,000 pairs. The Nounish-eyes coated lenses would cost $55 per pair.

material & features: made in Germany/Italy

  • glass (Silicon dioxide); Price: ~$35 for a pair, including edging lenses
  • nouns-eyes-coating; Price: ~$20 (estimate for custom mirror coating)
  • high-quality
  • polarized

[image 2.5] lens samples; before and after edging lenses

[image 2.6] lens samples; mirror coated vs dark

[image 2.7] lens samples; photoshopped Nounish-eye-coating (combined mirror coated and dark)

iii) Other parts & Accessories

  • hinges - Price: $1 ~ $2
  • leather case (hand made in Korea) - Price: $20
  • branding (cleaning cloth, leaflet, packaging etc) - Price: $3

iv) Logistics

  • Assembling - $2
  • Shipping - $15
  • Tax & VAT - 10%-15%

3. Budget (Total: 240 eth or $325,000 to make 2,000 pairs of Nounish sunglasses)

  • Manufacturing cost is $135 per a pair of sunglasses
  • Funding is $160 per a pair of sunglasses (240 eth/2,000)
  • Planned retail price is $200~$250 per a pair of sunglasses
  • NounsDAO community will be eligible to receive 70% 50% 30% discounts.
  1. prototype stage (1 month) - 25 eth
    • frame prototypes
    • temple arms prototypes
  2. manufacturing stage (2 months) - 180 eth
    • frames
    • temple arms
    • lenses
    • hinges
    • screws
    • leather cases
    • branding (cleaning cloth, leaflet, packaging etc)
    • incorporation (entity name: Nouns Labs)
  3. distribution stage - 35 eth
    • storage/distribution facility
    • branding (website, photo, video, ads)

4. Timeline (3 months from prototype to distribution)

- Prototype stage [1 month]

  • demonstrate ability and competency of the builder to deliver a quality Nounish glasses.
  • identify interest and demand for sunglasses
  • finalize manufacturing cost
  • determine manufacturing capacity

- Manufacturing stage [2 months]

  • Production
  • Assembling
  • Quality control

- Distribution stage [1 months]

  • Discounts
  • Promotions
  • Logistics

5. Summary of previously funded Nouns-glasses projects:

i) Fun noggles 10,500 pairs

ii) Luxury glasses 6969 pairs

  • Price: 0.44 eth ~ $750
  • Funding date: April 27th (4 months ago)
  • Funding: 115 ETH at $2,800 = $322,000 + 1 Noun (

6. Compensation

  • I request as a compensation a futures worth 1/3 of a noun which can be redemed only if I complete other future props worth 2/3 of a noun.

7. Team


eth wallet

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These look very well made and researched, but at a price point of $200~$250 I wouldn’t categorize these as affordable. Unlike glasses, the design of these makes them less useful as sunglasses due to the exaggerated noggles temple/arm, and so they would need to be at least half as expensive as the current price tag in order for people to buy them.

Hi, thank you for your comments.

The noggles temple/arm is going to be magnetic. You will be able to attach the arm when you feel nounish.

I envisioned 75% 50% and 30% discounts that will make the sunglasses available at $75, $125, $175 respectively.

The sunglasses are going to be of the highest quality. The acetate plastic has a nice touch and looks better than other plastic materials used in frame manufacturing.

Small update. I am still dreaming about bring nounish sunglasses to masses!

I received acetate samples of various dimensions to find the best fit

Best frame dimension so far is 145 x 60 mm with a 1 degree angle at a nose bridge.

Next steps:

  • make frames in nounish red
  • make a polished frame with rounded corners and edges.
  • add sun lenses
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Hello FiveOceans, I would like to state my three concerns regarding this project. My first concern is not specific to Nounish Sunglasses, Practical and Affordable, but relates to the multiple Nouns glasses collections that are arising, seemingly uncoordinated. Glasses are integral to the Nouns brand, and imo a long-term presentation plan should be drafted so that there is minimal redundancy and confusion. For example, Nouns glasses could be categorized by collection and year. So far we have Luxury (2022) and Noggles (2022). Where should the third collection fit? How many Nouns glasses in total should be released in 2023? In 2024? Based on market temperature, etc, with the understanding that many, many glasses will be presented to the public in the years ahead (if that assumption is correct)

My second point is I noticed that for the same price as the Nouns Luxury glasses (Vote 57 in April, as per the link you provided) your proposed quantity is less than 1/3 of that project’s and wonder why that is. Quantity-wise, I believe there should be much more than 2,000 affordable Nouns glasses, more like 10k like Noggles. Price-wise I would say ‘affordable’ for those unfamiliar with the brand is around $50 (most ppl willing to pay more will be familiar with Nouns).

So, in general I believe that Nounish Sunglasses, Practical and Affordable should be revisited in consideration of a bigger picture (hopefully to be discussed / see image below), and in order to be a better fit with existing Nouns glasses (Luxury and Noggles).

Hi, thank you for your deep and wise comment!

  1. I agree in part that there are benefits if dao would coordinate and have a long-term plan. The draw backs of coordination is that someone has do to work with all parties and be credible person/group. However, it becomes much easier if you have an open market for props including sunglasses. Proposals are funded if dao feels there is need for such a prop and the proposer team has enough credibility to deliver. So, my prop did not get funded might be an indication that there is no need for more sunglasses, the price is not right, or not enough credibility. :smiley:

  2. I received quote of $135 for manufacturing of custom sunglasses in Italy from my peers. The fund requested in this prop is enough to manufacture whole batch of 2,000 pcs at once. I do not want to speculate on other projects… but another way to manufacture sunglasses might be to make first batch and sell it, then use earned money to make new batch. It would be slower and less cost effective in my opinion.
    Of course, it is possible to make sunglasses cheaper but personally I do not want to work on the cheapest versions. It is open market for proposals so someone else might suggest cheaper versions in the future.


Thank you for the clarification. I’m sure that balancing quality and price, among the many other concerns, is a formidable task.

Hey guys, I work for Precious Plastic , we could design the mould for this and then people around the world could make their own sunglasses with plastic waste using our open source injection machine. What do you think? Here are some examples of someone in our community that make sunglass moulds:

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Interesting! I am curious, do you have a video that shows the process of making glasses with your molds?

I found this video

Looks very interesting. I would love to learn more about Precious plastic. I will send you a dm

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Ya that’s a good video to explain the process! I am working now with the community on a nounsdao proposal that would include making a mould design for noggles + a video explainer on how people can make the mould and produce the glasses using a Precious Plastic open source injection machine. That means anyone around the world could make them and have them be really high quality. I can share the proposal with you once we have a draft together.