Distributing Nouns Vision Noggles for Proliferation Purposes

Written by Sasquatch, Toady, Maty, Benbodhi, and Gami


Prop 57 funded the creation of 8,250 pairs of luxury sunglasses made by Nouns Vision. Approximately 560 of those have been sold to individuals.*

As per the on-chain proposal, 500 tokens of Nouns Vision NFT’s (each redeemable for an individual pair of physical glasses) were transferred to the Nouns DAO treasury.


The authors of this proposal are asking the DAO, on behalf of the communities they represent (Nouns Esports, Gnars, The Noun Square), for an allocation of these sunglasses to be used to further proliferate Nouns DAO as well as help market and drive new buyers towards Nouns Vision.

By distributing these tokens across various subcommunities, we can further proliferate Nouns through physical interactions with the highest quality Noggles available.

The undersigned sub-communities of Nouns DAO are asking for fifty Nouns Vision tokens each (150 total) from the Nouns treasury in order to continue their efforts of proliferation.

  • The Noun Square
    • Proposed use: Media appearances from hosts, and distribution via giveaways on Twitter and YouTube, including as prizes for a planned Nouns DAO Awards Show in December.
  • Nouns Esports
    • Proposed use: Primarily the pairs will be kept on retainer and esports operators will coordinate with players to have them used in prominent competitive-gaming events or live-streaming opportunities. Additionally, a portion will be distributed as gaming competition prizes.
  • Gnars DAO
    • Proposed use: Extreme athletes could wear these in social media posts, at IRL events, and in interviews. All of which have high potential for visibility, especially outside of the Nouns ecosystem.

Conversation towards this effort has already been taking place in the #57-sunglasses channel of the Nouns Discord server. For further context, see the initial post towards this idea from Gami and continued discussion from Worthalter who suggested distributing pairs from the treasury.

Additionally, our sub-communities would be interested in exploring Zora’s functionality of a “Finders Fee” to further incentivize the promotion of Nouns Vision, with the goal to aid in selling out the entire collection.

(*) Even though the total number of mints is around 1800, this includes 500 for Nouns DAO, 500 presumably reserved for the special editon disco noggles, and 250 for the team.


I think it is so important for proliferation to gear up the builders with iconic noggles!

Let me know if your voices won’t be heard by nouns vision team. I put a prop to launch an alternative production to diversify supply of noggles.

Everything is ready and my team can deliver 2,000 high quality noggles with magnetic 3rd arm in 2-3 months. All noggles will be made in Italy!

The manufacturing cost is $135 usd.


Hey there,
This is great!
I would like to ask you to please include Nikki, if possible.
I believe she deserves a few different colors for the work she’s been doing.
Thanks :pray:


Thank you ser!

This prop is to transfer some from the Nouns treasury directly, so we need the support of the DAO rather than the Nouns Vision team. So should there be any issues, maybe there’s something we can do with yours as well. Maybe we could do something regardless of the outcome of this proposal :slight_smile:


Love this prop @Sasquatch

If possible could you include 1 allocation for Nounsinsg in the prop?
Would like to wear Nouns Vision for all future/upcoming OTG proliferation via Nounsinsg.

Thank you ⌐◨-◨

Couldn’t agree more…we’d love a few pairs ourselves at Nounfrica for proliferation!