Nounish Sunglasses, Practical and Affordable

Nounish Sunglasses, Practical and Affordable


  • We propose to set production of high-quality, practical, and affordable Nounish sunglasses, in addition to fun and luxury glasses.
  • The NounsDAO community is constantly growing with 62.1K Twitter followers and 12.3K Discord members). However, there is still not enough quality Nounish sunglasses accessible to the community.
  • The proposed sunglasses will feature a Nounish magnetic arm, a nouns-eyes-coated-lenses, and a case.
  • Manufacturing cost is $135 per a pair of sunglasses
  • Funding is $160 per a pair of sunglasses (210 eth/2,000)
  • Target retail price is $200~$250.
  • NounsDAO community will be eligible to receive 70% 50% 30% discounts ($75, $125, $175 respectively).
  • Sales channels: direct, amazon, offline in stores.
  • The money from sales will be used to introduce more designs and colors, in the future.


[image 1.] luxury, fun glasses, and another Nounish glasses

Nounish glasses are the symbol of the NounsDAO community. We can see how fast Nounish glasses transcend cultural boundaries. However, Nounish glasses in a form of stickers, as toys, or on t-shirts do not show all awesomeness of the NounsDAO.

We propose to set one more production of high-quality Nounnish sunglasses. The target retail price is $200~$250 which will match the price of the most selling sunglasses on the market. We reached out to manufacturers of acetate sheets, glass sunlenses, CNC machining and believe that we can set up a successful production of Nounish glasses.

We propose Nounnish glasses with the following features:

  • a third arm (fixed or magnetic detachable)
  • a Nounish-coated-lenses
  • polarized lenses
  • a leather case
  • branded cleaning cloth
  • a leaflet about NounsDAO

You can take part in deciding which features, design, and colors of Nounnish glasses we must produce first.

Please join the conversation in channel #102-nouns-in-korea and leave your emoji votes.

Technical details

The estimated quotes for frames and lenses are approximate and can change depending on the size of order.

- Frames

Cellulose acetate plastic sheets are the one of the famous materials to manufacture frames for glasses. The price of one sheet is $15~$25 depending on a size. We received quotes for plastic sheets from Italian manufacturer that has a proper shade of red acetate sheets. Manufacturing and delivery time for acetate sheets is approximately 2 months.

Any shape of the frames can be manufactured using 5-axis CNC machines. The average price for machining frames and temple arms is $15.

Material and features: made in Italy

  • meterial: cellulose acetate plastic sheet
  • sunglsaaes frames
    • 1 sheet (dimensions 20x7x2 cm)
    • price: ~$25
  • temple arms
    • 1 sheet (dimensions 17x7x0.6 cm)
    • price: ~$15
  • 5-axis CNC machining
    • $15 for a frame and arms

[image 2.] cellulose acetate sheets colors

[image 3.] 3d model of sunglasses

- Glass Sunlenses

Stock design glass sunlenses starts from $35. Any custom coating for lenses would require small R&D and setting automated quality control checks. The estimated price for custom coating is $20 for orders exceeding 1,000 pairs. The Nounish-eyes coated lenses would cost $55 per pair.

material & features: made in Germany/Italy

  • glass (Silicon dioxide); Price: ~$35 for a pair, including edging lenses
  • nouns-eyes-coating; Price: ~$20 (estimate for custom mirror coating)
  • high-quality
  • polarized

- Other parts & Accessories

  • hinges - Price: $1 ~ $2
  • leather case (hand made in Korea) - Price: $20
  • branding (cleaning cloth, leaflet, packaging etc) - Price: $3

- Logistics

  • Assembling - TBD
  • Shipping - TBD
  • Tax & VAT - TBD

[image 4.1.] lens samples; before and after edging lenses

[image 4.2.] lens samples; mirror coated vs dark

[image 4.3.] lens samples; photoshopped Nounish-eye-coating (combined mirror coated and dark)

Summary of previously funded Nouns-glasses projects:

- Fun noggles 10,500 pairs

- Luxury glasses 6969 pairs

  • Price: 0.44 eth ~ $750
  • Funding date: April 27th (4 months ago)
  • Funding: 115 ETH at $2,800 = $322,000 + 1 Noun (

Budget (Total: 210 eth or $325,000 to make 2,000 pairs of Nounish sunglasses)

  • Manufacturing cost is $135 per a pair of sunglasses
  • Funding is $160 per a pair of sunglasses (210 eth/2,000)
  • Planned retail price is $200~$250 per a pair of sunglasses
  • NounsDAO community will be eligible to receive 70% 50% 30% discounts.
  1. prototype stage (1.5 month) - 20 eth
    • frame prototypes
    • temple arms prototypes
  2. manufacturing stage (4 months) - 160 eth
    • frames
    • temple arms
    • lenses
    • hinges
    • screws
    • leather cases
    • branding (cleaning cloth, leaflet, packaging etc)
    • incorporation (entity name: Nouns Labs)
  3. distribution stage - 30 eth
    • storage/distribution facility
    • branding (website, photo, video, ads)

Timeline (4~5 months from prototype to distribution)

- Prototype stage [1 month]

  • demonstrate ability and competency of the builder to deliver a quality Nounish glasses.
  • identify interest and demand for sunglasses
  • finalize manufacturing cost
  • determine manufacturing capacity

- Manufacturing stage [2~4 months]

  • Production
  • Assembling
  • Quality control

- Distribution stage [1 months]

  • Discounts
  • Promotions
  • Logistics


  1. Leader
  2. Financial Officer & Quality control

At the moment, we are unsure what would be acceptable to NounsDAO to give as compensation for execution of such project.

  • Option 1. give some eth
  • Option 2. give a noun
  • Option 3. keep some money from sales

I personally wouldn’t consinder these in the affordable range as target sale price is $250, close to some luxury sunglasses brands… I would really like to see some actually affordable noggles be designed as they could really add to Irl activations being able to gift noggles out to people.


Hi, thanks for your comment! The previous funded luxury glasses cost 0.44 eth ot $700. We agree that $250 is not a cheap sunglasses. However, it is the price of quality materials made in Germany/Italy.

We put into the proposal discounts for NounsDAO members. You will be able to buy sunglasses with 70%, 50%, 30% discounts which is $75, $125, $175 respectively.

These certainly look cool, but I’m not sure about funding another large round of Noggle designs. Your version does strike a balance between the other two in design, but at this price point, I think people would just go for the higher end ones and people that wanted less expensive ones would go for the BigShot version. I don’t want to discourage you, and maybe there is a market, but that’s how I see it.

The larger scale conversation regarding this is very interesting to me. It really benefitted the DAO to provide huge incentive to create proof of concept designs for noggles, but after several iterations and no copyright protections, I think holders will need to be more discerning about funding new iterations unless it has something really unique that is worth the experiment costs. This will apply to every category. Clothes, toys, noggles, etc.

Builders can already use the designs however they like and it’s going to be up to them to find a gap in the market, innovate a solution, and take the risk of designing it themselves and reaping all of the financial rewards of success if they succeed. It’s a scary proposition with some barriers to entry, but it will be a much more efficient use of funds as time goes forward.

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Thanks for your comment!

  1. I agree that there are already two versions of nounish glasses available, my reasoning for this project is that it is practical with glass lenses. You would be able to wear these sunglasses and see clearly without obstructions.

  2. At the moment, I don’t see a version that non-nouners would be able to afford and wear during the day. Also, I think it is underestimated how many community members would want to have practical Nounish glasses at $200-$250 (0.15 eth) price range or even cheaper with 70%, 50%, and 30% discounts.

  3. I 100% agree that the long-term goal should be for builders and creators to invest their own time and money to make products using nounish cc0 however, we are not at that stage yet.

This project is about bringing affordable, good looking, practical glasses. I believe that production cost can be lowered in the future for next 2,000 pairs sunglasses. In my opinion, it is a good investment to diversify supply of fast expanding Nounish symbol.

210 eth is only 0.0076% of the treasury

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I’ve seen some chatter about interest in these, so maybe there is more of a market than I thought. :slight_smile: Hopefully some more people will come in and give their 2 cents.

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Send files to make first prototype frames using 4-axes milling machine in Italy.

Also, some people in the community suggested that they might be interested in sunglasses that branded as nounish but not necessary look like the pixel art traits.

It could be cool to set a Nounish Eyewear brand that will produce variety of high-quality sunglasses. The brand will proliferate NounsDAO by supplying sunglasses to the community and market.

So I decided to experiment with different styles.

Some ideas for sunglasses

I spend all weekend playing with AutoCAD…
I feel like I can make sunglasses in any style…