PROPOSAL: FUNctional NOUN Glasses

made some engineering adjustments to the nose bridge so that the assembly will not require any glue and just permanently snap into place during production. This will also make the final product nice and clean since we will have clear parts. =). Making deco masters and tooling model next

Exploring the materials we had some discovery which led to more revisions to the models. we may ned 3 different tooling molds in order to create teh optimal high quality piece. one mold for the frames and the 2" keychain/key 1 mold for the PC clear ear stalks and nose bridge. 1 mold for the lenses. wa shoping to make the lenses in PC(PolyCarbonate) but that material does not allow for good quality printing. Will definitely get a better sense once the tooling molds are being made.

Packaging mock up.
this will be a heavy card gift box with a slide out tray the glasses will be supported by a clear blister.
We have about 20 spots to feature your NOUNs so please let me know if you want your noun on the box. Will be sweet to see it in museum shops etc all over the world

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Lots of progress happening. stage one is complete and we are finalizing costs and proposal for stage 2. If we expedite some additional ETH for toolin we can start on that this week and have production glasses for June @noun22

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This looks very cool!

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adding a 2" charm with a QR code or perhaps something more future proof? (ideas welcome) to help direct engagement to the community and perhaps activate AR assets like dancing characters (activated by a randomizer)

The Development stage is now competed. I should receive the prototypes for final review before we approved production.

Quotes for tooling and manufacturing have been received and we are choosing an appropriate supplier for the level of quality we want to establish as the benchmark for all of our NOUNish projects. While i know we can find a cheaper mold shop or use a less established supplier to reduce cost I don’t really see a reason to do this since we are doing relatively small runs of museum quality pieces. These will represent the NOUN brand and we want these to be regarded as high end collectible works of art and not a gag. Should we need to supply an NFL stadium or a Concert arena We can re-tool for a cheaper item without the bells and whistles and deliver something similar at scale.

They look great Klim!
Have you tried them on personally? How does it feel wearing them, can you see through the lenses without any problems? Also, where will the QR lead (or where will the linktree from the QR lead)?

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the visibility is excellent. I am actually going to revise the screen printing to read better but no issues there . Obviously will need a disclaimer on the package so people are not driving with them. The only issue upot IRL trials is that the clear stalks and nose bridge are a bit slippery due to them being clear so we are playing around with targeted textures. at this stage we are good to go

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the QR code will be on the box and I am playing with the idea of a small printed element on the inside of the frame, easy to read and not too obnoxious visually. The Links will be to NOUNS. wtf, and some to the playground and some other key parts of the community.

Wonderful, thank you for the info! Lookin fresh :fire: :fire: :fire:

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early box comp. =) we are going for a museum quality look and feel. once we need to scale for stadiums or concert arenas I will need to implement a simple 3 piece design which we already have mapped out so the costs of goods are dramatically different and the distribution can be on a more massive scale if needed