Nouns X Asian Subcultures


Intro & Summary

We are a group of passionate individuals from India and Nepal. We are proposing a partnership with Nouns DAO to promote and support subcultures such as skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking, tattoos, graffiti, and clothing in this part of the world. By working together, the proposal aims to create a sustainable, decentralised industry that benefits everyone involved.

The potential benefits of investing in these types of projects include increased visibility, community engagement, economic impact, community building, brand exposure, philanthropy, potential ROI, and diversification. Possible revenue streams discussed include starting a clothing line, running profitable events, creating original content, collaborating with other brands, and offering franchising opportunities.

Despite the increasing popularity of these subcultures in our region, we have noticed a significant lack of support from brands and the industry as a whole. Athletes and artists struggle to make a living, and the subculture industry is not as developed as it is in other countries.

We believe that there is a significant opportunity to change this, and we are writing to propose a partnership with Nouns Dao to help grow the scene and support the athletes and artists in our region. With our local knowledge and your expertise, we believe we can make a real difference and create a sustainable industry that benefits everyone involved.

We propose a long-term partnership, focused on promoting and supporting the skateboarding, MTB, graffiti, podcast, surfing, and motocross communities. Our vision is to work together to benefit Nouns Dao and its community in a sustainable way.

Our short-term plan includes sponsoring local riders, providing equipment, financial assistance, clothing, stickers, and tours. We also have over 30 clothing designs that we plan to showcase during the first three months of our partnership. Let’s create a positive impact on the communities we serve and generate long-term value together.

Potential benefits of investing in these types of projects:

  1. Increased visibility: Projects such as skateboarding, mountain biking, and surfing competitions can draw a lot of attention and media coverage. This can help raise awareness of the sport and potentially attract more participants and sponsors.
  2. Community engagement: Hosting events and sponsoring local riders can help build a sense of community around the sport. This can lead to increased participation, as well as increased support from local businesses and organizations.
  3. Economic impact: .Nouns Dao has the opportunity to expand from the digital realm into the physical world by producing a diverse range of tangible products such as clothing etc."Projects that involve setting up shops, building skateparks, and hosting events can create jobs and bring in revenue to the local area. This can have a positive impact on the local economy
  4. Community Building: Nouns DAO is focused on community building, and each of the projects listed above offers a unique opportunity to bring people together around a shared interest. By sponsoring skateboarding, mountain biking, motocross, snowboarding, tattoo gatherings, and surfing events, podcast, magazine, Nouns DAO could foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among enthusiasts and potentially attract new members to the DAO.
  5. Brand Exposure: By sponsoring events and producing content, Nouns DAO could increase its visibility and build brand awareness among niche audiences. This could help to attract new members to the DAO, as well as establish Nouns DAO as a thought leader in the space.
  6. Philanthropy: By supporting these events and projects, Nouns DAO could demonstrate its commitment to philanthropy and social responsibility. This could help to build goodwill among members and position Nouns DAO as a socially conscious organization.
  7. Potential ROI: While it’s difficult to predict the return on investment (ROI) for each project, some of them may offer opportunities for financial gain. For example, the skateboarding project includes a skate shop, which could generate revenue if run as a business. Additionally, sponsoring mountain biking or motocross events could potentially lead to opportunities for advertising or product placement deals.
  8. Diversification: By investing in a range of projects across different sports and interests, Nouns DAO could diversify its portfolio and reduce risk. This could help to ensure long-term sustainability and growth for the DAO.

Some Revenue Models

  1. Noun clothing line: Start our own clothing line under the Noun name or Noun X Haul Worldwide DAO and sell apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and hats etc. We can collaborate with artists and designers to create unique and stylish designs that will appeal to riders and fans.
  2. Noun events: Organize and host events such as skateboarding competitions, surfing contests, tattoo gatherings and music festivals under the Noun brand. These events can attract a large audience and generate revenue through ticket sales, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.
  3. Noun media & magazine: Create and distribute digital content such as videos, photos, and articles related to skateboarding, surfing, and other subcultures under the Noun brand. We can monetize this content through advertising, sponsorships, and subscriptions.
  4. Noun partnerships: Collaborate with other brands and companies that share our values and vision. These partnerships can help us expand our reach, offer more products and services, and generate revenue through commissions and licensing fees.
  5. Noun franchising: Offer franchising opportunities for Noun-branded skate shops, surf shops, and other subculture-related businesses. This can help us expand our presence in different locations and generate revenue through franchise fees and royalties.

Clothing Line

Haul Apparel is a streetwear brand that focuses on urban culture and sportswear. We are interested in collaborating with Nouns DAO to create a unique streetwear line that is co-owned by the Nouns community. Haul is a brand that had to go and hibernate due to Covid. We believe this collaboration will bring the community back from the dead.

Nouns DAO is a community-driven decentralized autonomous organization that provides shared ownership of nouns, which are unique digital assets. Our collaboration with Nouns DAO would result in a new line of streetwear that is co-owned by the community, providing a unique opportunity for Nouns holders to own a tangible asset that reflects their ownership in the Nouns DAO. Our collaboration would also bring much-needed diversity to Nouns DAO’s holdings, providing an opportunity for Nouns holders to diversify their portfolios with a physical asset.

In addition, Haul Apparel is committed to supporting urban culture and streetwear, and we believe that Nouns DAO shares our values. Our collaboration could also benefit the urban sports community, such as skateboarding, surfing, and mountain biking, by providing sponsorships and financial support for up-and-coming riders and artists.

By partnering with Haul Worldwide DAO, Nouns DAO can leverage the expertise of an experienced team that has successfully launched and scaled a streetwear brand.

Haul Worldwide DAO can provide Nouns DAO with access to its network of manufacturers and suppliers, which can help streamline the production process and reduce expenses.

The collaboration can also create new revenue streams for Nouns DAO, as they can sell the merchandise through their own channels and Haul Worldwide DAO’s online store.

Additionally, Nouns DAO can leverage the marketing and promotional efforts of Haul Worldwide DAO to increase awareness of their brand and attract new members to the community.

Haul team is ready with products and design in hand to launch and ship the physical products to the consumers.

Finally, the collaboration can also be an opportunity for Nouns DAO to give back to the community by supporting up-and-coming artists, designers, and creatives through sponsored programs and events.

Clothing Proposal

Nouns DAO X Haul Worldwide DAO. Haul Worldwide DAO will operate independently under the guidance of Nouns DAO. Nouns DAO will help Haul Worldwide DAO develop its brand by providing branding expertise, marketing support, and access to Nouns DAO’s network.

Haul Worldwide DAO will continue to produce and sell high-quality apparel, with the goal of expanding its reach globally.

Nouns DAO X Haul Worldwide DAO will sponsor athletes in various sports and cultures, including skateboarding, mountain biking, tattoos, graffiti, art, climbing, and marathon running.

Nouns DAO’s sponsorship will include providing gear and equipment, organising events, and creating content for the athletes.

Nouns DAO will provide financial support to Haul Worldwide DAO to help it achieve its goals and expand its reach.

Haul Worldwide DAO will operate as a DAO, with decision-making power distributed among its members. Nouns DAO will provide guidance and support to ensure the success of Haul Worldwide DAO will operate as a DAO, with decision-making power distributed among its members. Nouns DAO will provide guidance and support to ensure the success of Haul Worldwide DAO.

As a DAO, Haul Worldwide will offer several advantages over traditional corporations. For one, it will be much more transparent, as all decisions and transactions will be recorded on a public blockchain. This will make it easier for members to hold each other accountable and ensure that the organization is operating in an ethical and responsible manner.

In addition, as a DAO, Haul Worldwide will be much more democratic. Every member will have a say in the decisions that are made, regardless of their level of investment or expertise. This means that the organization will be able to draw on a wide range of perspectives and talents, leading to more innovative and effective solutions.

Finally, by operating as a DAO, Haul Worldwide will be able to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional corporations. And because decision-making power is distributed among the members, there will be less need for layers of bureaucracy and management.

Overall, the decision to operate as a DAO is a bold and innovative move for Haul Worldwide. By embracing this new model of organization, Haul Worldwide is positioning itself for success in the rapidly evolving world of logistics and transportation.


Create a comprehensive skateboarding community in Nepal and India, which will include various initiatives to promote the sport and support local skaters.

Skate Shop:

By opening skate shops in Kathmandu, Nepal and New Delhi, India that will serve as a hub for the local skateboarding community. These shops will be equipped with all the necessary equipment and inventory needed to support the sport and skaters.


Sponsor & support 5 local skaters in Nepal and India, providing them with various resources to help them pursue their passion. This includes funding for skateboarding equipment, travel expenses for competitions, and other related expenses.

Skate Competitions:

Organize four skateboarding competitions in Kathmandu, Nepal and New Delhi, India, with a focus on promoting the sport and encouraging participation from local skaters. The competitions will be designed to provide a platform for showcasing local talent, as well as to attract participants from other countries.

Tours and Travel Expenses:

In addition to the competitions, organise tours and travel expenses for the skaters during the competitions and promotional events. This will provide skaters with opportunities to learn from others and to showcase their skills on a wider stage.

Skateboarding Community Events:

Organising community events throughout the year in each country, including skateboarding clinics and workshops.

Skateboarding Equipment:

To support the clinics and workshops, we will provide skateboards and safety gear to participants. This will help to ensure that everyone has access to the equipment they need to participate in the sport.


Marketing initiatives to promote the sport and our brand, including social media marketing, video production, photography, event merchandise, and influencer marketing. These initiatives will help to raise brand awareness and generate additional revenue for the initiatives.

Explore opportunities to partner with local businesses or brands that align with the skateboarding community to further promote the sport and our brand. This could include collaborations on co-branded social media posts, or other joint initiatives.


Mountain Biking Events:

Mountain biking is an exciting adventure sport that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Nepal and India provide a perfect playground for mountain bikers to test their skills and push their limits. There are various mountain bike races and competitions organized in the region that attract riders from all over the world.

One of the most popular mountain bike races in Nepal and India is the Downhill Race (DHI). As the name suggests, DHI involves racing down steep slopes and negotiating tricky obstacles as fast as possible. Another popular mountain bike race is the Enduro Race (EDR) which combines both uphill and downhill sections. Apart from DHI and EDR, PumpTrack Competition is also gaining popularity among young riders across Nepal and India.

In summary, mountain bike racing offers something for everyone, whether you prefer the high-speed thrills of downhill racing, the technical challenge of enduro racing, or the fun and accessibility of pump track racing.

Therefore, we are planning to organize four different mountain biking racing events per year in India and Nepal. The estimated budget will cover the cost of venue rental, logistics, promotion, officials, and technical advisory members required to host the event. Prize money will also be given to the winners of each competition.

Here are the basic requirements to host a MTB Race:

MASTER PLAN : (Race Director)

TEAM (Organizers/Athletes)

PLAN Race category (DH, Enduro,XC, PumpTrack comp)

Course design (venue selection)

MARKETING/ PROMOTION/COMMUNICATION Coordinator or MANAGER (through videos and social media)

Race/Event EXECUTION (Timing and scoring, volunteers, awards and prizes, operation and logistics, safety and medical, Sponsorship etc.)

Post event (Promotion/Mileage/Content)



We will work with Harith Noah to ensure that he is wearing our brand’s logo and showcasing our products during all of his competitions and training sessions. This will help to increase our brand’s visibility and create a stronger association between our brand and the sport of motocross.

Community Outreach:

We will work with Harith Noah to organize community events, such as meet and greets, autograph signings, and charity rides. This will help to engage with the local community and create a positive image for our brand, as well as supporting Harith’s personal brand.

Overall, our sponsorship program and marketing initiatives will help to support Harith Noah in achieving his goals as a professional motocross rider, while also increasing our brand’s visibility and association with the sport.



  • Increase brand awareness among the street art community in Nepal and India
  • Build a positive brand image through support of local artists
  • Increase social media engagement and following through sharing of graffiti art


Sponsor 3 graffiti artists in each country, Nepal and India. Each artist will receive an annual budget that covers their artist fee, paint and supply costs, and other related expenses.


Each artist will create 4 original artworks over the course of one year that prominently feature the Nouns DAO brand name or logo. We will work closely with the artists to ensure that their styles align with our brand values and aesthetic. We will also provide them with necessary supplies and equipment, such as spray paint and stencils.

Team and Travel Expenses:

Hire a team of two to manage the artists and their projects. The team will be responsible for coordinating with the artists, scouting locations for the artwork, and ensuring the artists’ safety during the creative process. Cover the travel expenses for the artists and the team during the projects. This will include airfare, accommodations, meals, and transportation.


  • Social media marketing: Create and manage social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter) to promote the artwork and share updates with the street art community.
  • Photography: Hire a professional photographer to capture the artwork and the local street art community.
  • Videography: Hire a professional videographer to capture the artwork and the local street art community.
  • Event merchandise: Produce and sell event merchandise (t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc.) to raise brand awareness and generate additional revenue.
  • Influencer marketing: Collaborate with local street art influencers to promote the artwork and the brand on their social media platforms.


Surfing has been gaining popularity in India, with a dedicated community of surfers spread across the country. However, a lack of proper support and resources often limits the potential of these surfers, preventing them from competing at higher levels. We believe that with the right assistance, these surfers can reach their full potential and contribute to the growth of surfing in India.


Our proposal is to provide surfers in India with the necessary support, such as training and resources, to compete in both national and international surfing competitions. This would help these surfers achieve their full potential and motivate others in the community to take up the sport.

Content to Create:

Create a series of videos and photographs showcasing the surfing scene in India, highlighting the surfers who are receiving our support. The content will include interviews with the surfers, footage of their training and competition, and glimpses into their daily lives. Produce a documentary-style film that portrays the challenges and successes of these surfers as they pursue their dreams of success on the international stage.


Our goal with this project is to offer necessary support to the talented surfers in India and also bring attention to the budding surfing community in the country. By showcasing the dedication and hard work of these surfers, we aim to inspire others to take up the sport and contribute to the development of a thriving surfing community in India.

Nouns Sub-Culture Podcast:

The podcast will explore a range of topics, including web3, as well as delve into the captivating worlds of tattoo, surfing, and other non-web3-related areas. Our goal is to offer a fresh perspective by featuring expert guests from various industries. While not all guests may have a background in cryptocurrency, their unique experiences and insights will enrich the conversation and appeal to a diverse audience.

Amar Thejas will lead the discussions and guide the conversation to ensure each episode is informative and engaging.

Our intention is to create an enriching experience for our listeners, and we plan to promote the podcast through various marketing channels. We believe this podcast will be an excellent addition to the Nouns DAO community, providing a new and exciting way to learn about cryptocurrency while also exploring other fascinating fields.

Media company dedicated to producing content for Nouns subcultures:

Nouns Subculture Media:

Our mission is to produce high-quality content related to our subcultures. We have a team of professionals responsible for creating videos, photos, managing social media, and promoting Nouns events and sponsorships. We aim to grow the Nouns DAO community and generate revenue through sponsorships, advertising, hosting events and conferences, and fostering community engagement.

Team and Expenses:

Assemble a team of professionals to run the media company, including video producers, photographers, social media managers, and event coordinators.

Video Production:

The media company will be responsible for producing high-quality videos featuring our sponsored athletes and artists.


Capture high-quality photos of our sponsored athletes and artists.

Social Media:

Manage and promote Nouns social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Allocate a budget for social media advertising and promotion.

Influencer Marketing:

Collaborate with local influencers in each subculture to promote Nouns events and sponsorships on their social media platforms. We allocate a budget for influencer marketing.

Nouns lifestyle magazine:

Provide a quality, environmentally safe magazine that showcases the subcultures we love. Our magazine will feature in-depth stories and interviews with influential figures in hip-hop, surfing, skateboarding, and graffiti communities. We cover artists, musicians, photographers, and other creatives who are making waves in these communities.

  1. Art and Photography
  2. Event Coverage:
  3. Lifestyle Features:
  4. Social Media Integration:
  5. NFTs and Collectibles:
  6. Sponsored content:
  7. Partnership opportunities:
  8. NFT sales:
  9. Encourage community building:

The budget for a Nouns lifestyle magazine depends on several factors such as the frequency of publication, the size of the editorial team, the marketing and promotion strategy, and the distribution channels. Here is an expenses required for a quarterly publication:

  • Art director
  • Editorial team
  • Writers and contributors
  • Design and layout
  • Printing and distribution
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Social media advertising and promotion
  • Influencer marketing
  • Events and sponsorships
  • Email marketing and newsletter
  • Public relations

The ask:

The following Budget is for the First quarter which is the the proving time for all team members to showcase their work to the Nouns Community

Clothing Line


  • Designer/Artist Fees: 20,000
  • Materials and Supplies: 3,000
  • Marketing and Advertising: 3,000
  • Website and E-commerce - New Layout Launch: 8,000
  • Legal and Accounting: 1,000
  • Samples and Prototyping: 15,000
  • Salaries: 20,000

Total: 70,000



  • Nouns Riders: 25,000 (India), 25,000 (Nepal), 50,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Skate Competition: 10,000 (Total)
  • Tours and Travel: 10,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Skateboarding Community Events: 1,500 (Total)
  • Nouns Equipment Support: 2,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Social Media skateboarding: 2,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Video Production skateboarding: 15,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Photography skateboarding: 4,500 (Total)
  • Nouns Event Merchandise skateboarding: 1,000 (Total)
  • Influencer Marketing Skateboarding: 2,500 (Total)
    Total: 98500


  • Tours and Travel MTB: 10,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Photography MTB: 4,500 (Total)
  • Nouns Event Merchandise MTB: 1,000 (Total)
  • Influencer Marketing MTB: 1,500 (Total)
  • Nouns Biking Equipments: 10,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Riders MTB: 25,000 (Total)
  • Social Media Marketing: 1,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Video Production MTB: 15,000 (Total)
    Total: 68,000


  • Nouns Riders Motocross: 15,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Video Production Motocross: 13,000 (Total)
    Total: 28,000


  • Nouns Artists: 22,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Artist Manager: 10,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Travel Graffiti: 10,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Marketing Graffiti: 1,500 (Total)
  • Nouns Videography Graffiti: 12,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Photography Graffiti: 4,500 (Total)
  • Influencer Marketing: 1,500 (Total)
    Total: 61,500


  • Nouns Rider Surfing: 10,000 (Total)
  • Tours and Travel Surfing: 10,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Videography Surfing: 12,000 (Total)
  • Nouns Photography Surfing: 6,000 (Total)
    Total: 38,000

Podcast Subculture

  • 10 Episode Cost: 5,000
  • Equipment Cost: 12,000
    Total: 17,000


  • Nouns Artist Manager: 10000
  • Podcast Host: 10000
  • Executive Manager: 10000
  • Vinay Menon: 10000
  • Shyam Limbu: 10000
  • Milan Shah Thakuri: 10000

Total: 60000

Total Ask: 441,000

Full Team Details

Sushovit Chaudhury

Sushovit Chaudhury is the founder of Haul Apparel, Sushovit’s passion for subcultures and his love for surfing and skateboarding are an integral part of his identity as entrepreneur. By incorporating these elements into his work at Haul Apparel, he has created a brand that is stylish & reflective of his own values and interests.

Vinay Menon

Vinay Menon has been the driving force in building the Mountain Biking Scene in India. Through his efforts, he has helped create a community of passionate riders and has played a significant role in the development of several trails around India. Menon’s Commitment to the sport and his skill as a videographer have helped to showcase the beauty of mountain biking in India and have inspired others to take up the sport.

[DIRT NUGGETS - Mountain Biking in India on Ladakh’s untouched terrain :india:]

Shyam Limbu

Shyam Limbu is a renowned figure in the Nepali mountain biking community, known for organizing exciting and challenging events such as the Asian Enduro series. As an avid mountain biker himself, Shyam has a deep passion for the sport and a keen understanding of what riders need and enjoy. His events bring together riders from all over the world to experience the beauty and thrill of mountain biking in Nepal, showcasing the country’s stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Shyam’s dedication to the sport has helped to put Nepal on the map as a world-class mountain biking destination, and he continues to inspire and support aspiring riders in his community.

Harith Noah

Harith Noah is a professional motocross and supercross rider from India. He comes from a family of motorsports enthusiasts and has been passionate about riding since a young age. Harith has represented India in various international competitions and has achieved great success in the sport. He is known for his skills, speed, and fearlessness on the track, making him one of the top riders in the country. In Dakar Rally in 2021 he made history by finishing the rally in the 20th position in his first Dakar race.

TVS Racing - Harith Noah | Dakar 2020

Milan Shah Thakuri

Milan Shah Thakuri is multi-talented athlete who has contributed to the growth of the skateboarding scene in Nepal. He has organized skateboarding competitions in Nepal and is also a skateboarder, surfer, and snowboarder himself. His efforts to promote the sport have helped young people in Nepal to discover and develop their skills in skateboarding.

[Tattoo & Tricks - Pagalxoro’s New Video For Haul Apparel]

Sandip Thakuri

Sandip Thakuri is a passionate young skateboarder and Nepal skateboarding champion, full-stack developer, and solidity developer. His diverse skill set and innovative mindset make him a valuable asset to any team or project he is a part of.

[JUGAAD 2020 skate competition winner // SANDIP SHAH THAKURI // NEPAL]

Amar Thejas

Amar Thejas is a talented surf and skate photographer from India. His stunning visuals and unique perspective capture the essence of these sports and their culture. He has gained significant recognition in the online surf and skate community, and his work has been featured on many popular websites and social media platforms. Through his photography, Amar not only showcases the beauty and excitement of these sports but also inspires others to embrace them.

Cryptic Crew


Cryptic Crew, a skateboarding crew based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The crew is known for their unique style and creative approach to skateboarding, and they have been influential in promoting and growing the skateboarding scene in Nepal. Additionally, they have organized several skateboarding events and competitions, further supporting the development of the sport in their country.


Freeridermag India

Freeridermag India is a popular magazine dedicated to mountain biking in India. The magazine covers a range of topics related to the sport, including news, events, gear, and rider profiles. It aims to promote and showcase the diverse and growing mountain biking scene in India. Freeridermag India also features stunning photography and videos, providing readers with a visual experience of the sport. The magazine has gained a loyal following among mountain bikers in India and around the world, and has become a trusted source of information and inspiration for riders of all levels.

Haul Worldwide is a lifestyle brand dedicated to subcultures. We aim to express our style through apparel and create possibilities where none exist. Our clothing styles are highly encouraged by subcultures, and we strive to encourage and support the steady increase of subcultures and art. Our ultimate goal is to create possibilities for aspiring artists and athletes.




Founded by a group of mountain bikers who love nothing more than hitting the trails, GNARLY MTB NEPAL is dedicated to providing the best possible mountain biking experience in the Himalayas. Whether you’re looking for a guided tour, a chance to race, or a training session to improve your skills, we’ve got you covered.In addition to our tours and events in Nepal, we are also the founder of the Asia Enduro Series, a series of races that aims to connect the best trails in Asia

We can’t wait to share our passion for the trails with you.


Overall, we believe that our collaboration with Nouns DAO would be a win-win situation for both parties, as we would bring new assets and values to the Nouns DAO community while creating a unique line of streetwear that reflects the shared ownership and values of the community.

Looking forward for the response and feedback from the community

that’s really good good luck guys