Small Grants: Wakeboarding Proliferation


Guaremate.eth is requesting 0.4 Ethereum to do a custom paint job to a wakeboard.

Quick Background:
I live in Miami and usually wakeboard either in Miami Beach or at a local watersport complex lake. I would love to contribute to the exposure nouns get in the city by customizing my wakeboard.

Here’s a render of how it would look.

(yep, this is me)

The art for the bottom of the board is done, I just need the funding to pay for the supplies (epoxy, special paint, etc) and a payment for the artist painting the board.

Some numbers: My social presence is 4100 followers, the lake sees around 80 people a day that ski on it and around 150 people that gather around it to watch us. Photographers are also present in occasions, this increases even more the number of people that will see the nouns glasses on the board when they share the pics on their social platforms.

No intention of bragging but I am a high skilled wakeboarder, this makes me more prone to being photographed which equals more exposure for the brand. I have previously been asked to participate in shoots, Ex. summer 2021 for a middle eastern watersports company.

Time to complete: Around 3 weeks.

I have not presented this idea elsewhere nor will I need additional funding after its completed.

I’d love for this idea to pass and I’m looking forward to see what the community thinks!!!

Stay nounish ⌐◨-◨


I’d suggest checking out Gnars DAO :metal:


This is a gnarsDAO prop. We would be glad to vote on it!