Small Grants: Nouns race car

I have a few modern and vintage race cars that i race (amateur) in the north east area (mainly Lime Rock park 2 hours north of NYC). I’d love for one of these to be sponsored by nouns. I will cover all the costs to run the car, so just looking for Nouns to cover the graphics on the car. Here is an initial sketch:

I’m proposing 4 eth to be used as follows:
1 eth to my graphic designer
.5 eth for graphics on my helmet so the in dash footage properly shows the noun love (see in car footage here Qualifying session Lime Rock Porsche 356B July 2020 - YouTube)
2.5 eth to cover the cost to wrap the car

there should be a bit of eth left over which i’ll use to print nouns glasses stickers to give out to kids who come to the races.

I’m totally flexible on the final design and the car placement. I’m thinking it would look best on my ferrari 308 in the picture above, but this car just arrived in my shop so i’m not sure how competitive it will be this season. if people want other options, i have a 1963 porsche 356 (black), some miatas and a few more we can discuss.
please feel free to share thoughts and questions. i’d love for this to be a group effort and reflect the nouns collective wisdom.
thanks - Max Power

Looks sick, I flagged it for small grants and we’ll discuss

Personally I kinda like the idea of a yellow car / red glasses. But would love to hear others thoughts

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i’ll have my designer mock up yellow car. either is doable. the green is cool because of the car’s history and it pops with the glasses. but i’m cool with whatever nouns wants.

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I absolutely love this idea . VROOOM VROOOM I do think that the side panels would look better at an angle =)


I am not in the automotive accessories BIZ but I am in the merchandisable idea biz, here is one for you as a CCO =)

you can actually get these printed in small batches on demand

absolutely love the Vroom glasses on the side. i’ll mock that up for sure.

would love to get the glasses on the windshield, but that won’t pass tech inspection.

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This would be a printed shade screen that goes inside the car, I have a source to make them in runs of 50, for a very reasonable price maybe we should do that for fun

absolutely. i’ll take 10.

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here is mock up with yellow. i personally like the green to keep originality, but i’ll let the group decide. both look awesome.

I would flip them to go with the “flow” but I LOVE THIS!

let me get one of my guys n this ,

heck yeah! this is a fun proposal. only thing i’d add is to make sure that we create and share content of the car and races. feels like that can help the physical branding live in the digital realm.

few ideas for content:

  • videos, pictures, etc. of races and the car
  • updates on where the nouns car is at the in the standings.
  • story on the nouns driver. should have the goal of making them a fun community member/celeb :slight_smile:

lastly, if its possible for nouners in the area to get out to a race, that’d be epic too.

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it would be like the nounish version of the Oscar Meyer mobile LOL another perfect opportunity to hand out stickers and my FUnctional glasses =)

no problem. as long as i stay anon, i’ll make sure we have plenty of content on and off track