Small Grants: Nouns Cycling Club (expenses)

We have started a Nouns Cycling Club to proliferate nouns through cycling and encourage fitness in the web3 space

So far we have created Nouns Cycling Clubs on and . Our Strava club has about 20 members so far and we are two weeks in and have amassed a cumulative distance of over 2,000 kilometers in real life and in virtual cycling (Zwift)

We will create a Nouns Cycling Club Dao on the Nouns builder and create a ado token based on our ‘racing Noggles’ which are an aerodynmaic iteration of Noggles. The dao token (one pair of Racing Noggles will be trustlessly auctioned every day, then less often, forever. By “less often” we mean auction length doubles every 7 auctions.


Dao Goals:

Nouns Cycling Club Dao will incentivize cycling through weekly (eth) rewards for distance on leaderboards.

Sponsor IRL cycling events.

Produce goods, including; cycling kits (jerseys, caps, bibs, socks, and water bottles) available for purchase by members and non-members alike.

Funds Breakdown for current expenditures:

Description Item Qty Ask

(USD) Ask

Domain Registration 1 $50.00 0.04
Website Hosting Annual fee 1 $276.00 .22
English to Japanese Translation Text/ Copy 1 $500.00 0.42

Total $826.00 .69
*ETH = USD1,500

A total ask of .69 ETH or USD826 equivalent


Love it ! I would love to see this funded.


Nice one! Love it.
This is a cool initiative


Thanks Phenmas. Very excited to round up cyclists and proliferate nouns through riding.


Thanks Masa. Appreciate the support.

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Wen not skating! cycling is the way to go… Would love to see this extended across the world!


Sounds cool. To be honest, I’m not a fan of cycling, but this initiative looks like something interesting. Do you have any success metrics? Why do you want to do it? What is the final goal? 10, 100, 1000 users? I fully support such initiatives, but I would like to know the exact numbers that you put into the project.

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Thanks. Totally Agree. I’m in Japan but so far the strava club (leaderboard) has members in Japan, Australia, USA, Germany, Azerbaijan, Ukraine but we are just getting started.
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Thank You. I understand, cycling is a niche especially road cycling but we will welcome all forms of cycling including mountain biking, track cycling and BMX.

Honestly have not thought about any specific limit on users but 1000 members would be a good start. Within a year, I’m sure we can far exceed that milestone.

We’d like to start minting a daily (dao) token on the nouns builder and reward cyclists for distance through our leaderboard as well fund cycling and art events, and effect social good, such as; trail building for mountain biking, cycling clinics for kids and more through our dao treasury.

We also plan to produce physical goods, such as cycling kits (jerseys, caps, water bottles) based on the nouns CC0 artwork and our own graphics.

This is important to me because it connects too things I love cycling and web3 culture and I believe the nouns eco-system is the most durable among all NFT projects because of its success as a dao. I’m collector of many of the nouns forks, (nomos, found nouns, skelenouns, etc). I encourage overall health, mental and physical through out web3 and proliferate nouns through cycling.

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Thanks for the detailed answer. I see that you really have an understanding of what you are doing. This can serve as a good side activity for the project. At the same time, a small grant in this case is fully justified. Good luck with your undertaking!


Thank you kindly. Really appreciate your time and thought considering this ask. Hope you will enjoy the holiday season !

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For such a small ask this seems like a no-brainer.
Now all we need is a nouns track club for running!


Thank You. I agree. Nouns Track Team also sounds great !


Sounds like an awesome way to make connections with others across the ecosystem. Have you gotten any traction with NSFW yet? If not, maybe try a prop house round. I feel like this would be a very competitive prop there.

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. Haven’t actually gotten much traction yet.
I’d be really glad to try a prop house round, how could I go about making that happen ?

Basically, you just need to wait for the next open round here: Prop House

They do them fairly regularly. I’d assume you’ll see one open up in the next few weeks. They have 5 winners of 1ETH each, and your idea is very solid in my opinion. If you can work on your budget and figure out what you could do with another .3 to make it even stronger, I think you’ll have a great chance to win.


Thanks again. Do I actually submit the prop myself during the next round on or just wait. RE: the budget of .3 difference, that will be use to deploy the collection or dao token, (leaning toward a small collection that gives back 10% directly from sales to nouns dao or other fork to build interest before creating a dao) also planning to produce some die-cut vinyl stickers of our ‘racing noggles’.

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You can submit the proposal as soon as the round opens. They seem to have been on a break for the holidays, but I would assume we’ll see one start shortly. If you want to ask specifics, you can pop in the prop house discord. They are very good about answering questions promptly. Prop House